GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Mondo Posters on Sale Tomorrow from Artists Tyler Stout, Francesco Francavilla, and More

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Last weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, the good folks at Mondo unveiled a series of prints inspired by Marvel’s latest film, Guardians of the Galaxy.  A different artist took on each character with Tyler Stout handling the “group poster” duties, and the results were pretty fantastic.  A lucky few were able to nab the posters at Comic-Con, but now Mondo is giving the public at wide a shot to purchase the regular versions of the Guardians prints, as they’ll all go on sale tomorrow.  Whether you want Vance Kelly’s Gamora, Phantom City Creative’s Drax, Kevin Tong’s Rocket, Francesco Francavilla’s Star-Lord, or Stout’s full group poster, you’ll get your chance to nab it on Friday, August 1st.

Hit the jump to take a closer look at the Guardians of the Galaxy Mondo posters, and as always, follow Mondo on Twitter for the on-sale announcement at a random time tomorrow.  Guardians of the Galaxy opens in theaters at midnight tonight.

Over 40 Pictures from Mondo’s Martin Ansin and Kevin Tong Gallery Show in Austin

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Just another week after Mondo’s hit Disney gallery show Nothing’s Impossible where over 300 people were in line by the show’s opening, Mondo had another hit on their hands with the Martin Ansin/Kevin Tong show.  Around 150 people were in line before opening, but it was still just as amazing as the Disney show.  Hot properties such as Robocop, Scott Pilgrim versus the World, and Flash Gordon were all displayed and for sale.  Hit the jump for photos from inside the gallery.

Exclusive: Martin Ansin’s ROBOCOP Poster from His Mondo Gallery Show

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If you’re at SXSW or in the Austin area, I strongly suggest heading over to the Mondo Gallery at 4115 Guadalupe St.  That’s because Martin Ansin and Kevin Tong are opening their show tonight and it focuses on sci-fi, fantasy, and horror with a bent towards emulating classic movie posters.  From what I’ve seen, it’s going to be a great show and I’m sure fans are going to love it.

With the doors to the gallery about to open, Mondo has provided us with a great exclusive: Ansin’s posters for director Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop.  As usual, Ansin has done a great job bringing the classic movie to life and Mondo is offering a regular and variant version of the poster.  Hit the jump to check them out.

New MONDO Posters for PSYCHO, FLASH GORDON, ALIEN, and More by Kevin Tong and Martin Ansin

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Coming off the tremendous success of their Disney gallery, Mondo will be following it up with another big show.  This one will focus on sci-fi, fantasy, and horror with a bent towards emulating classic movie posters.  The artists handling the work will be two of my personal favorites, Kevin Tong and Martin Ansin.  The films they’ve chosen to do include Psycho, Flash Gordon, and Alien as well as more recent stuff such as Prometheus and a variant of the poster for Hannibal.  Unsurprisingly, these posters are gorgeous (I’m particularly enamored of Kevin Tong’s poster for Psycho) and will likely be snapped up in a heartbeat when the gallery opens on Friday.

Hit the jump to check out the posters that have been released so far.

Mondo Poster for Edgar Wright’s THE WORLD’S END by Kevin Tong

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I’ve got a lot of love for Mondo, but I’m a bit disheartened at how they do posters for new releases.  They’ve gotten in the habit of releasing a new poster the day the film is released, and I’m assuming the movie studios have a heavy hand in forcing that drop date.  But unless you go see a special late screening the night before, you’re chancing the purchase of a poster for a movie you may not end up liking.  Or, in the case of this new Mondo poster for The World’s End, you can trust critics (myself included) and assume that Edgar Wright‘s latest film is great.  It’s a good-looking poster with artist Kevin Tong almost doing a riff on Martin Ansin, and is definitely worth owning if you’re a fan of the movie.  And if you think you’ll be a fan of the movie, you should roll the dice and see if you can get one when it’s released tomorrow at a random time.  Follow @MondoNews for the on-sale announcement.

Hit the jump to check out the poster.  The World’s End opens tomorrow, and you should see it.

Comic-Con Poster Preview Including Prints from Mondo, Gallery 1988, and Gallery Nucleus

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With less than 24 hours left before the San Diego Comic-Con officially opens its doors, time is running out to plan out what to see and what to buy.  If limited pop culture art is what you are looking for, then you are going to be in for a treat this year.  With some of my favorite artists like Drew Struzan, Olly Moss, and Mark Englert in attendance, I really have to map out my day to make sure I am able to see them all.  Time is precious at Comic-Con, so I have put together a list to hopefully help you make a battle plan or stop by a booth you might have missed.  Check out what Mondo, Gallery 1988, Gallery Nucleus, and others are going to have for sale and when after the jump.

Mondo’s Comic-Con Posters to Include PACIFIC RIM, Drew Struzan’s THE DARK TOWER, and Olly Moss’ SPIRITED AWAY and HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE

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This year at Comic-Con, Mondo will be unleashing some fresh madness, although they will be mediating some of it with a pre-sale.  In addition to the Martin AnsinConan the Barbarian poster we showed you earlier today, The Alamo Drafthouse’s art boutique has unveiled posters by multiple artists for Pacific Rim, a Drew Struzan poster for The Dark Tower, and Olly Moss posters for Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle.  Ansin, Moss, and Struzan will be in attendance at Comic-Con for autograph signings, and their posters will be available for pre-sale this Friday (follow @MondoNews for the announcement).  Those who pre-purchased a poster can pick it up at Comic-Con (and only the person who purchased it).  The Pacific Rim posters do not require a pre-order, and will be available on Preview Night (Wednesday, July 17th).  Please behave in a calm and orderly fashion.

Hit the jump to check out the posters, and click over to Mondo’s blog for some essential details regarding the pick-up of posters and autograph signing dates.  I also highly recommend picking up a sturdy mailing tube (e.g. Yazoo tube) to prevent your poster from getting damaged (the tubes from UPS and FedEx are very risky).

Over 100 Pictures From Gallery1988′s SPACE! Show Curated By Mike Mitchell

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One year ago, artist Mike Mitchell, had his “Just Like Us” solo show at Gallery 1988.  What started as something fun and readily obtainable quickly snowballed into some highly valuable and sought after art.  Mike has continued to reinvent himself over the past year, and Friday night, he returned to Gallery 1988 with a show he not only participated in, but curated.  With a monster lineup of artists, “SPACE!”, was an extremely impressive show that saw a welcome departure from the normal pop culture fare associated with Mike and some of the other artists involved.  Check out pics of the art and some of my impressions after the jump.

Limited Paper: Mondo Dropping Their Remaining WonderCon Posters Tomorrow, Including New Work From Kevin Tong, Richey Beckett, and Mike Mitchell

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A few weeks back, the Mondo crew traveled to this year’s WonderCon and unleashed a handful of new posters:  a Rear Window print from Kevin Tong, a striking Scarface piece from Mike Mitchell, Richey Beckett’s nightmare-inducing take on Shelob’s Lair from Lord of The Rings, and—last but certainly not least—a new Adventure Time poster from fan-favorite JJ Harrison.  This was all well and good for the thousands of WonderCon attendees, but what about the rest of the Mondo fanbase–would there be any prints left for them?

Turns out that, yes, there are, and tomorrow they’re all going on sale via the Mondo website.  Wanna see what they look like, what they’ll cost you, and how many of them are floating around out there?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

WonderCon: 50 Pictures From the Convention Floor Including Toys, Comic Books, Mondo Posters, Tom Cruise’s Ship from OBLIVION, and More

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Since most Collider readers won’t have the opportunity to attend this year’s WonderCon in Anaheim, California, I decided to do the next best thing: take a ton of pictures from the convention floor.   While WonderCon is still a small convention when compared to its sibling Comic-Con, I love being able to walk the floor with ease and I also cherish the abundance of indie dealers that haven’t (yet) been pushed out by Hollywood and the huge corporations.  If you like getting all the free swag that’s in abundance in San Diego every summer, WonderCon is not for you, but if you want to experience what Comic-Con was like before it became mainstream, WonderCon is great.  However, with the popularity of geek culture expanding every year, it’s only a matter of time before WonderCon becomes Comic-Con, just in a different city and earlier in the year.

Hit the jump to check out 50 images from the convention floor.  Some of the highlights include Tom Cruise‘s ship from Oblivion, the Mondo booth, tons of toys, Kevin Tong’s booth, comic books, costumes, and a lot more.  And one last thing…WonderCon just opened a few hours ago.  Over the next 48 hours we’ll be covering a number of the panels and conducting a lot of exclusive interviews.  Check back all weekend for constant updates.

A Preview of Kevin Tong’s ‘Sights Unseen’ Phone Booth Gallery Show

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There is something very special about Kevin Tong’s new solo art show, “Sights Unseen,” which opens tonight (March 9th) at the Phone Booth Gallery in Long Beach, CA.  Tong has been very tight-lipped about revealing any information about it and I was completely surprised walking through the doors.  It was not at all what I was expecting, in the best way possible.  In Kevin’s own words, “It isn’t so much a show as it is more of an installation”.  I am not allowed to say much, as Kevin wants it to be a surprise for everyone who attends the opening, but I will say, you should definitely attend if you are able.

With over a hundred available pieces for sale, including a gorgeous new 8 color screen print, it was all almost too much to take in for the few hours I was there.  Every time I looked again, I found something I’d missed before.  What was almost as amazing as the work on display, was how affordable everything was.  The prices were shockingly modest and there really shouldn’t be a reason that everyone who comes doesn’t walk away with a piece.  More after the jump.

Limited Paper: Mondo Releases Bryan Lee O’Malley and Kevin Tong’s BATTLE ROYALE Poster Tomorrow

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Last weekend, the Mondo crew headed to Houston, Texas for a very special screening of Kinji Fukasaku’s 2000 masterpiece, Battle Royale.  The screening (which initially seemed to be the latest Mondo Mystery Movie, but…er, wasn’t) was apparently quite the success:  everyone we spoke with who attended had a grand old time, and all involved seemed very happy with the Bryan Lee O’Malley/Kevin Tong screenprint that resulted from the event.  But what about everyone else, all the people who couldn’t be in Houston for Mondo’s latest screening/poster party?  Good news awaits 425 of those people after the jump!

Limited Paper: Mondo and Screening BATTLE ROYALE in Houston; Ticket Includes Poster by Kevin Tong and Bryan Lee O’Malley

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Last week a post on the Alamo Drafthouse blog revealed that the Mondo crew would be hosting a special screening at a Houston-area Drafthouse on February 16th.  The setup was familiar to anyone who’s ever attended a Mondo Mystery Movie:  buy a ticket, show up, find out what movie you’re there to see, watch said movie, and then collect a limited-edition screenprint based on that film on your way out the door.  Based on this description, many believed that next weekend’s screening actually was the next Mondo Mystery Movie.

Turns out, it’s not!  On Feb. 16th Mondo will screen Battle Royale in Houston, and every ticket sold includes a special poster created by the dynamic duo of Kevin Tong and Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley.  Wanna know everything else we know at the moment?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

Super Sized Limited Paper: Kevin Tong Does TRANSFORMERS, Bottleneck Gallery’s THE GANG’S ALL HERE Gets Teased, and Our Next Giveaway Revealed!

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As we head into the final stretch of 2012, things aren’t slowing down in the slightest:  gallery shows are still coming fast and furious (our friends at Ltd Art Gallery just opened their latest show, and another open next week via our friends at Bottleneck Gallery), Mondo’s still churning out new stuff (an entire line of Uni Monsters prints designed by Jay Shaw was released earlier this week), and—meanwhile, closer to homebase—we’ve had more artists and galleries contacting us about doing giveaways through Limited Paper than ever before.  Indeed, if anything might be said about the current state of affairs in Poster World, it’s that things are only getting crazier.

Today, we’ve got news on a new Transformers piece from Kevin Tong, show you where you can still purchase one of Craig Drake’s The Hunger posters, and—last but not least—announce our latest giveaway (and offering clues on next week’s).  Ready to digest all that?  It’s all after the break in today’s super-sized Limited Paper, folks.

Limited Paper: Mondo Releases the Next Wave of UNIVERSAL MONSTER Posters from Their Gallery Show, MASS EFFECT 2 Gets a Sweet Poster and More!

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Although things were quiet on the Limited Paper front this week, one shouldn’t assume that it’s been quiet all over in Poster World:  in truth, things are just as busy as they were throughout October…it’s just that many things have been going down behind the scenes.  Indeed, there’s reason to believe—whether you’re a casual collector, a frothing-at-the-mouth true believer who feel s compelled  to buy everything, or if you’re just now making the decision to get into the absurdly entertaining hobby of print-collecting—that the rest of 2012 is gonna be (to quote former first lady Nancy Reagan) “absotively redonkulous up in hurr, bitches”.

But let’s not dwell on what may or may not be happening in the weeks ahead:  instead, let’s focus on what’s happening in the immediate future.   Wanna know when you can get a crack at the remaining prints that didn’t sell out at Mondo’s Universal Monsters Gallery show?  Are you a Mass Effect fan looking to prove your love for that franchise via the purchase and display of fancy-colored paper?  Wanna another head’s up regarding Limited Paper’s next giveaway?  It’s all after the jump, folks.

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