Blu-ray/DVD Deal: Studio Ghibli Films 55% Off Including SPIRITED AWAY, PONYO, CASTLE IN THE SKY, and More

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Today’s deal on Amazon is great for fans of Studio Ghibli.  Many of the studio’s animated features are 55% off right now on Blu-ray and DVD, including Kiki’s Delivery Service, Spirited Away, Castle in the Sky, Princess Mononoke, Ponyo, The Secret World of Arrietty, and many many more.  If you’re missing a couple for your collection or have yet to start snatching these up, now’s the perfect time.  Click here to check out the deals.

Shimizu Takashi Confirmed to Direct Live-Action KIKI’S DELIVERY SERVICE

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After much speculation about whether horror-genre director Shimizu Takashi (The Grudge, Ju-on) would be the one to helm a live-action adaptation of Eiko Kadono’s children’s fantasy novel Kiki’s Delivery Service, Japanese newspapers Sports Nippon and Sports Hochi shed some light on the rumors.  The publications announced today that Takashi is indeed taking the reigns of the project and a live action version of Kiki’s Delivery Service is in the works.  Sixteen-year-old Japanese figure skater Fuka Koshiba is reportedly set for the starring role of Kiki.  The novel follows a young witch, who must use her flying abilities to make a living, while she spends a year on her own in a town without any other witches.  Hit the jump for more. 

KIKI’S DELIVERY SERVICE 2-Disc Special Edition DVD Review

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Deceptively simple and sweet, Hayao Miyazaki’s Kiki’s Delivery Service has still managed to linger in the hearts of movie lovers, and now it’s finally gotten the proper DVD treatment it deserves from Disney and Studio Ghibli.

Kiki, voiced by a young Kirsten Dunst in this Western version of the story, is a 13-year-old witch who – as is the custom – is sent to live away from her parents for a year to figure out what her talent is. Kiki eventually settles on  Koriko, which resembles a seaside European village in the 1950s, and sets up her titular delivery service.

Hit the jump to find out why I still think the first Ghibli/Disney collaboration is the best one, and what kind of extras make this special edition worth buying.

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