Video Game Deals: Xbox 360 E 250GB with Kinect Holiday Value Console for $239.99 (40% Off)

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Amazon has a crazy Gold Box Deal of the Day today.  For today only and until supplies run out, they’re selling the Xbox 360 E 250 GB with Kinect Holiday Value Console for $239.99, which is 40% off it’s regular price of $399.99.  This console version contains not only the new Series E model, but also Kinect, and three games: Kinect Sports: Season Two, Kinect Adventures, and Forza Horizon.  Today only, this is cheaper than a 360 version that doesn’t have Kinect or three free games.  This is crazy because consoles rarely have deals.  They usually stick to their set price, and they stay there with maybe the exception of Black Friday.  If you’ve been waiting to get an Xbox 360 or upgrade your previous model, today is your day.  Click here to buy.

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XBox One Announced and Will Be Released Later This Year; Specs Revealed; Will Include Next Generation Kinect

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Microsoft just wrapped their presentation for their next-generation console, XBox One.  The name comes from being an “All-in-One System” that will be at the center of your home entertainment system in a way that’s never been quite this intimate/creepy.  There was a lot of information during the presentation, but I took copious notes in between mocking the presentation on Twitter.  In all seriousness, Xbox seems to have taken a real next step as opposed to Nintendo (new controller!) and Sony (better graphics!), but let us not get into a console flame war.  The verdict is far from in, but the Xbox One does look promising albeit with some serious reservations.

Hit the jump for my recap of the presentation, and click here for the news regarding Xbox’s live-action Halo series produced by Steven Spielberg.


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E3 2010 slice image

I alley-ooped with Kobe Bryant, shot spells as Harry Potter, rode a light cycle inside Tron and danced like a monkey in a bubble. Yes, E3 must be upon us.

E3, the Electronics Entertainment Expo, is like San Diego Comic Con with more interaction and less people. This industry only event is the most important video game conference in the world because everyone who works with video games not only gets to see what everyone in the business is doing, but get a hands on test of the goods. E3 continues through Thursday at the Los Angeles Convention Center in California.

Collider will be at E3 each day giving you an idea of what exactly goes on behind those closed doors. Hit the jump to read all about Tuesday at E3 and check back to read about more throughout the week.

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