SKULL ISLAND Will Star Tom Hiddleston; Jordan Vogt-Roberts to Direct King Kong Origin Story

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When Legendary Pictures unveiled their plans for Skull Island at Comic-Con in July everyone was caught off guard.  There was a release date for this King Kong reboot, but not much else besides a teaser trailer.  Now we know a lot more.  While early reports rumored Attack the Block director Joe Cornish to be in the mix to helm the picture, those duties will now fall to Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who previously directed The Kings of Summer.

The film also now has an über-charismatic star in Tom Hiddleston, who absolutely killed it earlier this year in Only Lovers Left Alive.  The film will apparently take place almost entirely on the island. Godzilla scribe Max Borenstein has been confirmed to write the script.  Skull Island opens on November 4th, 2016.  Hit the jump for more.

Legendary to Revive King Kong with SKULL ISLAND on November 4, 2016; Reveals Teaser at Comic-Con

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king kong skull island slice

A couple of years ago, Legendary Pictures surprised audiences at San Diego Comic-Con by revealing test footage of director Gareth EdwardsGodzilla.  The fan reaction to that surprise was a significant factor in Legendary and Warner Bros.’ decision to greenlight the film, and during the Legendary panel at Comic-Con earlier today, the studio didn’t leave without one more surprise.  Some fans were expecting a peek at Jurassic World, though given that Legendary isn’t the primary studio on that film it seemed unlikely.  Instead, we were shown an ominous teaser that concluded with the reveal of King Kong himself and the title Skull Island, which the studio intends to release in theaters on November 4, 2016.  More after the jump.

Limited Paper: Bottleneck Gallery’s GET A ROOM Opens This Friday With New Art by Godmachine, Cuyler Smith, Craig Drake, More

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There’s zero empirical evidence to back up the theory, but here at Limited Paper we tend to think that there aren’t a lot of hard-core collectors out there with big Valentine’s Day plans.  Quite frankly, when the vast majority of your spending money is being pushed towards one fancifully-colored 24x36” sheet of paper after another, there isn’t much budget left for schmoozing the ladies (or the gents, if that’s your thing).  Sure, you could’ve bought her that diamond-encrusted toaster she’s always wanted, but there’s something like 400 prints dropping this week:  one has to prioritize.

But what if you have a significant other…and they’re also into poster collecting?  Well, good news, buddy:  Bottleneck Gallery’s Get a Room (opening in NYC this Friday) is filled with a ton of romantic, movie-themed posters your guy or gal will be jazzed to have hanging on their wall, and we’ve got preview pics for you (including new work from Craig Drake, Godmachine, and Cuyler Smith) after the jump.

60 Pictures from Inside the Weta Cave Gift Shop in Auckland, New Zealand Featuring LORD OF THE RINGS Merchandise and Much More

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If you’re a fan of Lord of the RingsTintinKing KongMeet the FeeblesPeter Jackson, cool collectibles, and movie props, you’re going to dig this photo article.  When I visited the set of The Hobbit earlier this year in Auckland, New Zealand, I also got to visit the Weta Cave (Weta’s gift shop) and I snapped over 60 pictures.  As you can see in the pics, the store is a mixture of items for sale and props from the many films that Weta has been involved with.  Even though a lot of the merchandise is available online, it’s definitely a lot cooler to purchase a t-shirt/book/collectible from Weta while visiting New Zealand.

Hit the jump to check out the images.

WonderCon 2012: 40 Pictures from the Convention Floor Including Replica Costumes, an Original KING KONG Poster, STAR TREK, AVENGERS, and More

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Since most Collider readers won’t have the opportunity to attend this years WonderCon in Anaheim, California, I decided to do the next best thing: take a ton of pictures from the convention floor.   While WonderCon is still a small convention when compared to its sibling Comic-Con, I love being able to walk the floor with ease and I also cherish the abundance of indie dealers that haven’t (yet) been pushed out by Hollywood and the huge corporations.  However, if you like getting all the free swag that’s in abundance in San Diego every summer, WonderCon is not for you.  But if you love geek culture and live near Disneyland, I definitely suggest attending tomorrow or Sunday.

Hit the jump for all the images including posters for Total Recall, The Amazing Spider-Man, Game of Thrones, Resident Evil 5, an original King Kong poster that’s being sold for ten thousand dollars, replica costumes from Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek and The Avengers, replicas lightsabers, Before Watchmen stuff, and a ton of random cool stuff.

Amazing Posters from David O’Daniel for JAWS, NORTH BY NORTHWEST, CHARADE, and More

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We’ve showcased some of the amazing screenprints by artist David O’Daniel in the past and now he’s released a whole new batch to drain your wallet.  There’s a King Kong 3-poster set that’s limited to an edition of 300 and costs $60.  Each poster in the set measures 18 x 24 inches. There are 250 posters for 2001: A Space Odyssey. The posters for True Grit (2010), Jaws, Bullitt, and Vertigo are each limited to an edition of 200.  The posters for Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The Searchers, Il Fuoco, and North by Northwest are limited to an edition of 150.  There are only 75 posters for The Great White Silence. All of the posters measure 18 x 24 inches except for Il Fuoco (19 x 25) and The Searchers (26 x 17).  Except for King Kong, the posters cost $35 each plus $9 shipping U.S. and $15 shipping international (it’s a flat shipping cost no matter how many posters you buy).

Once again, I can vouch for these.  I’ve bought four posters in the past from Mr. O’Daniel and I’m about purchase the one for North by Northwest.  Hit the jump to check out all the posters.

KING KONG (1933) and THREE KINGS Blu-ray Reviews

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Warners has done a sturdy – if uneventful – job in upgrading their catalog titles to Blu-ray. In comparison to Fox, it’s great to see them include all the previous supplements from their earlier DVD special editions, but they also haven’t offered much more than a new transfer to hook those who want to upgrade. To be fair, the quality of the upgrade in both Three Kings and King Kong is noticeable, but not so extreme that someone who doesn’t have an HDTV would notice. That may be the point. It’s great to have these films on Blu-ray, but it’s the transfer you’re buying. King Kong stars Fay Wray and Robert Armstrong in the story of a monkey who dared to dream, while Three Kings stars George Clooney, Ice Cube, Mark Wahlberg and Spike Jonze as soldiers in the first Iraq war who’ve got a plan to steal some Iraqi gold. My review of both King Kong and Three Kings after the jump.

Universal Studios Press Conference: Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steven Spielberg, Universal Studios President Ron Meyer, More

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steven Spielberg, Universal Studios President Ron Meyer slice universal

Earlier today I got to visit Universal Studios in Hollywood as the studio was finally reopening the New York Street backlot locations after the June 2008 fire.  In attendance at today’s ceremonies were Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steven Spielberg, Universal Studios President Ron Meyer, L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Chief Deputy Daryl Osby, Ret. Fire Chief Doug Barry, and a number of other actors and Universal Studios representatives.

Since many of you might want to see what everyone had to say during the ceremony, I recorded the entire 20 minute press conference and you can watch it after the jump. I’ve also posted the press release which details what happened in 2008 and what today’s ceremony were all about.  Look for more interviews from the event and images soon:

King Kong Returns to Universal Studios Hollywood for New 3D Ride Created by Peter Jackson

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There’s been a noticeable absence among the attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood ever since the great ape of Skull Island vanished from the premises.  Nineteen months later, however, King Kong is ready to climb buildings and fight off biplanes once more.  According to the LA Times, Peter Jackson (who remade the classic 1933 film) and a team of FX wizards (from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Visual Effects Animation) have put together a “more realistic” 3D experience after the original Kong was sadly destroyed in a fire on the theme park’s back lot in June 2008.

Universal began work on the attraction almost immediately after the original seven-ton, 30-foot-tall Kong was destroyed.  Since technology had moved faster than animatronics, it was decided that the new Kong would be digital.  It will also be entirely around the attendee thus giving the attraction the name King Kong 360 3-D, Created by Peter Jackson.

Hit the jump for the inevitable Avatar comparison and a preview of a moment from the ride that will have you buying tickets now.

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