Patrick J. Adams Talks SUITS, His Early Career, Upcoming Episodes, Season Three, Sundance, THE COME UP, and Possible USA Crossovers

by     Posted 1 year, 304 days ago


With the USA Network hit drama series Suits airing it’s season finale Thursday night, I recently got on the phone with Patrick J. Adams (who plays Mike Ross) to talk about the second season and director Kirk Sullivan’s short film The Come Up.  In the short, Adams plays an ambitious production assistant who attempts to “pull off a daring heist on a Hollywood film set in a scheme right out of the movies, all to impress the industry’s biggest producer while (of course) pitching his screenplay in the process.”  The short also stars Adams’ real life girlfriend Troian Bellisario.

During the extended interview Adams talked about his early career, getting cast on Suits, his early TV work, what lawyers always want to talk to him about, the importance of a great antagonist, season 3, Tim Hortons, and more.  In addition, we also talked about this year’s Sundance, how he got involved with Sullivan’s short film The Come Up, the stunts, and a lot more.  Hit the jump to watch the short film and read the interview.

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