Walt Disney Pictures Acquires Rights to Larry Brenner’s Pitch, LABYRINTH

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Walt Disney Pictures has obtained the rights to Labyrinth after a pitch from 2011’s Black List writer Larry Brenner.  According to Deadline, the action-adventure film, produced by Jim Whitaker (American Gangster), tells the story of a mythical princess’ journey to save her father by trekking through the dangerous and elaborate labyrinth.  Sound familiar?  That’s because the premise is very similar to Jim Henson’s 1986 film by the same name, although there’s no relation.

Brenner is a newly discovered screenwriter who go his start after being a finalist on Final Draft’s Big Break Screenwriting Contest in 2011.  His screenplay for Bethlehem – a story about a group of survivors who makes a deal with a vampire in exchange for protection during a zombie apocalypse – landed him on The Black List that same year.  Universal Pictures later acquired the rights to the project and it’s currently in development.

Limited Paper: One of Spoke Art’s New Posters Honor an 80’s Classic, Another Glows-in-the-Dark, and the Other…Well, That’s a Surprise

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So, it’s turning out to be quite the interesting week for the poster-collecting community, but we can help but feel that it’s gotta be even more interesting for frequent Limited Paper readers: not only did we see a long-awaited release from one of our favorite working artists (Mark Englert’s You  Are My Lucky Star variant) but we also saw the arrival of Mark’s first-ever collaboration with Mondo  (a pretty-damn-cool Back to The Future print).  And speaking of which:  tonight, we’ve got Mondo’s latest Gallery show to attend.  Yup, it’s been a jam-packed, fairly exciting week…

But it ain’t over yet, folks, and—as it turns out—our friends over at Spoke Art have several new posters headed your way this afternoon…and one of them is going to come as quite the surprise to anyone who’s been following along with Limited Paper over the past month.  Wanna see what’s dropping via Spoke Art in a few hours?  Sure ya do:  meet me after the jump, folks.

Official Synopsis and Images from LABYRINTH Mini-Series Adapted from the Kate Mosse Novel

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The first synopsis and official images have gone online for Ridley Scott and Tony Scott’s production Labyrinth, a four-hour mini-series adaptation of author Kate Mosse’s bestselling novel.  The story centers on two female protagonists separated by time but united by their shared destiny.  The mini-series stars Jessica Brown Findlay, Tom Felton, John Hurt, Sebastian Stan and Vanessa Kirby.  Hit the jump to check out the synopsis and images.

LABYRINTH Graphic Novel Prequel Explores Origins of David Bowie’s Goblin King

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Once upon a time, a fantasy movie debuted in theaters without much critical acclaim and even less box office success. Over the years, however, it became a cult classic; more than 25 years later, Jim Henson’s Labyrinth is still held as one of fantasy fans’ most beloved films. The story centered on Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) an imaginative young girl who, in a fit of frustration, wished the Goblin King would whisk her baby brother Toby (Toby Froud) away. Answering her prayers was Jareth (David Bowie), the Goblin King himself. While the rest of Labyrinth is a fantastic experience of sight and sound, blending puppetry and live human performance, one mystery that was never solved is the origin of the Goblin King. Now, a graphic novel by Archaia will seek to answer that question and expand upon Henson’s world. Hit the jump for much more, including Bowie’s rumored involvement with the project.

TV Casting Call: Marlon Wayans Developing Buddy Cop Comedy Series at ABC, Donal Logue Joins TNT’s GATEWAY, Tom Felton Enters LABYRINTH

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After teaming up with his brother Shawn Wayans as an undercover cop duo in White Chicks, comedian Marlon Wayans is developing a new comedy series at ABC about two sibling police officers. Deadline says the potential new series is a hybrid single/multi-camera series will follow a down on his luck police officer who moves in with his brother and his family. Marlon will play the married brother, and while it’s not clear who will play the other sibling, you would think Shawn would be an obvious choice, especially since he’s also producing the series along with Keenan Ivory Wayans. The brothers have been working together along with their brother Damon since the days of In Living Color on Fox, and have teamed for the Scary Movie franchise and a couple terrible comedies. Maybe heading back to TV can get them back on their game.

Details on Donal Logue joining Gateway, and Harry Potter cast member Tom Felton joining Labyrinth can be found after the jump.

John Hurt, Sebastian Stan and More to Star in Ridley and Tony Scott’s Mini-Series Adaptation of LABYRINTH

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Back in March we learned that Ridley and Tony Scott would be producing a mini-series adaptation of Kate Mosse’s best-selling novel Labyrinth, and now we finally have word on the cast coming together for the project. THR reports John Hurt (V for Vendetta) has just signed on to star in the project with Sebastian Stan of (Captain America: The First Avenger), Katie McGrath (Syfy’s Merlin) Emun Elliott (Game of Thrones) also signed on along with British actors Janet Suzman (Nicholas and Alexandria), Jessica Brown-Findlay (Downton Abbey), Vanessa Kirby (The Hour) and Italian actress Claudia Gerini (The Passion of the Christ). That’s an interesting assembly of talent for a mini-series that will likely get attention come Emmy time next year. The project is in the hands of director Christopher Smith (Black Death) working from a script by Primeval writer Adrian Hodges, and production is slated to begin in France next month. For a full synopsis of the novel, hit the jump.

Ridley and Tony Scott to Produce TV Miniseries Adaptation of Kate Mosse’s LABYRINTH Novel

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We just recently learned that the Emmy categories for TV miniseries and made-for-TV movies will be combined next year to allow for a little steeper competition. Now we have word on one of the projects that could end up getting a nomination in the combined category as Variety reports filmmaking brothers Ridley and Tony Scott are developing a TV miniseries adaptation of Kate Mosse’s best-selling novel Labyrinth. Scott Free last teamed up with Tandem Communications for The Pillars of the Earth, and the two are back together for this four-hour adaptation with Adrian Hodges (writer and producer of Primeval series) scripting. Hit the jump for the official synopsis of the book.


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For most people, just coming up with a cast of characters as wonderfully lovable as the Muppets – to say nothing of helping spearhead a pair of television classics as durable as The Muppet Show and Sesame Street – would be enough to justify an early and lucrative retirement. For Jim Henson, however, those feats only scratched the surface of his ambition, and by the early ’80s, the man who helped turn puppets from a sideshow trick into an art form was ready to try his hand at slightly more grown-up fare. The results were 1982′s The Dark Crystal and 1986′s Labyrinth, a pair of PG-rated fantasy films that connected the dots between The Muppet Movie and The Lord of the Rings. Neither film made much of an impression at the box office, but they’ve both acquired cult status over the years – and now they’ve both been given rather painstaking hi-def upgrades courtesy of Sony Pictures. My reviews after the jump:

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