Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirms He’ll Play a Terminator in TERMINATOR 5; Shooting Begins in January

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We’re inundated with reboots, but if there’s a franchise that could actually use one, it’s Terminator.  The idea of killer robots bringing on the apocalypse is an evergreen concept (we’re going to see it later this year in The World’s End), but the current trajectory of the franchise has run out of steam.  Terminator Salvation was a dud, but now we’re soldiering on with Terminator 5Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to return, and since that was the case, fans hoped it would be as a human character (somehow not Sergeant Candy) because why would Skynet churn out old, saggy terminators?  However, Schwarzenegger has revealed that he will indeed be the Terminator in the fifth installment, and shooting is set to begin in January.

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Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier to Pen New TERMINATOR Movie

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The new Terminator film has taken another step forward closer to production.  Last month we learned that Megan Ellison’s brother, David Ellison, had come aboard the project to co-produce the next installment of the franchise through his Skydance Pictures banner alongside Megan’s Annapurna Pictures, and now the producers have tapped a couple of writers to start work on the script.  Deadline reports that Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier will write the script for the new Terminator film, though further details are understandably being kept under wraps.

Kalogridis previously penned the scripts for Shutter Island and Alexander, as well as the pilot for the TV series Bionic Woman.  Lussier, meanwhile, was responsible for writing 2011’s Drive Angry and received a “story by” credit on Dracula 2000, which he also directed.  As I mentioned, we know next to nothing about where this new Terminator stands in relation to the previous films, but Megan Ellison has confirmed that it will indeed be rated R.  With screenwriters now firmly onboard, expect to hear more news regarding the next Terminator sooner rather than later.

Warner Bros. Developing a Prequel to THE SHINING

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the shining jack nicholson

Warner Bros. is reportedly “quietly exploring the possibility” of a prequel to The Shining.  A WB spokeswoman told the LA Times that the project is at a very early stage and not even formally in development.  But now that the report is published, it will be difficult for the studio to explore the idea quietly, and it is hard to believe that you all will react positively to the news.  At first glance, it sounds like a terrible idea.  The Shining is about a relatively normal writer who takes his family to an isolated hotel and slowly descends into madness.  The prequel will be set before this character journey begins, and so will tell the story of… what, exactly?  To be fair, the presence of a psychic son should offer some plot possibilities.  [Edit: A commenter brings up a possibility that I stupidly overlooked: the movie follows other characters during their stay at the Overlook Hotel rather than the Torrance family.  That is indeed a more viable premise.]

The bright spot is the team in charge of development: writer/producers Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island) and James Vanderbilt (Zodiac) with their producing partner Bradley Fischer (Black Swan).  There are solid psychological horror credits in those parentheses, so if there is a story to be told, they’ll find it.  More after the jump.

CBS Reviving 1950s Western TV Series THE RIFLEMAN; Chris Columbus Will Direct and Produce

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CBS is developing a remake of The Rifleman, the classic Western series that ran from 1958-1963.  In keeping with the legacy of Rifleman creator Sam Peckinpah, the new series is in the hands of a trio of interesting talents from the feature world.  Variety reports Chris Columbus (Percy Jackson & the Olympians), Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry), and Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island) are on board as executive producers.  Columbus is attached to direct, while Lussier and Klogridis will handle the script.

Hit the jump for more on the original series, which centers on “a skilled gunman and widowed Civil War hero (Chuck Connors) who moves to uncharted New Mexico territory to raise his young son and gets recruited by the sheriff to help protect the unruly town.”

Shawn Levy to Direct 3D Remake of FANTASTIC VOYAGE for James Cameron and Fox

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Last May, we reported that Bourne Ultimatum director Paul Greengrass was circling a 3D remake of the 1966 sci-fi film Fantastic Voyage which would be produced by James Cameron.  Sadly, Greengrass passed on the project and more-sadly, they have now signed Night at the Museum director Shawn Levy to the project. For those unfamiliar with the original, the story centers on a group of scientists who shrink themselves in order to enter a colleague’s body and save him from a blood clot.  The remake was penned by Shane Salerno (Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem) with a polish by Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island).  According to Deadline, the film will be almost exclusively CGI once the scientists enter the body.

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AVATAR Executive Producer Laeta Kalogridis Reunites with James Cameron to Rewrite FANTASTIC VOYAGE

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In the latest “movies about people being miniaturized and sent into another human being’s body through a tiny submarine” news, Laeta Kalogridis, who helped out on the script for James Cameron’s Avatar, has been hired to rewrite the script for the Fantastic Voyage remake.  Cameron is producing the film, which is a remake of the 1966 sci-fi flick. Heat Vision reports that Kalogridis, who wrote the fantastic Shutter Island, as well as the less than fantastic Alexander, will be joining Shane Salerno (the Shaft remake) and Cormac and Marianne Wibberly (the National Treasure films) on a growing list of writers who have attempted to tackle this script.

The original Voyage centers on a group of scientists who are shrunk down to miniscule size and sent inside the body of another scientist in order to save his life.  As we previously reported, Paul Greengrass (the last two Bourne films) considered directing for a while, but eventually dropped out.  Currently, the film is without a director.  For more on the project, hit the jump.

Screenwriter Marti Noxon Talks FRIGHT NIGHT, I AM NUMBER FOUR, MAD MEN, DR. HORRIBLE, Comic-Con, Joss Whedon, DEFENDERS

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Marti Noxon image slice

One of the more interesting panels at this year’s Comic-Con is the “Girls Gone Genre” panel on Friday at 5-6pm in room 24ABC.  That’s because the panel features a few of the women that have made it in an industry statistically dominated by men.  Included on the panel are Felicia Day, Kathryn Immonen, Laeta Kalogridis, Melissa Rosenberg, Gail Simone, and Marti Noxon.  All of them are writers, and some are writer/producers.

Anyway, to help promote the panel, I got to speak with Marti Noxon yesterday.  As the screenwriter of the upcoming Fright Night remake and the currently shooting D.J. Caruso movie I Am Number Four, we covered how she got involved in both projects and what fans can expect with the remake of Fright Night.

Of course, we also talked about the other things she’s worked on like Dr. Horrible, Mad Men, the Comic-Con panel, and she also told me what it’s like to go around Comic-Con with Joss Whedon.  If you’re interested in any of the projects I mentioned or just want to hear some great stories, hit the jump:

Fake Trailer Sends TECHNOTISE to the Big Screen

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Never underestimate the power of an effective trailer, especially if it’s for a film that doesn’t exist yet.  Heat Vision Blog reports that Legendary Pictures has picked up a pitch for a live-action version of the Serbian animated film Technotise: Edit & I.  Set in Belgrade in the year 2074, Technotise centers on “a failing art student who decides to get a chip implant to circumvent studying but gets more than she bargained for.” Last year, producers Scott Glassgold and Raymond Brothers bought the rights to the remake the film.  They were then tipped off to Texas-based media director Jacob Pitts who had created a popular fan-made trailer casting Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern.  Glassgold and Brothers commissioned Pitts to cut together a live-action trailer to help pitch Technotise.  It went viral in February, caught studio interest, Legendary bought a pitch by screenwriter Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island), and here we are.

Technotise is only the latest Internet short to ignite studio interest in a project.  In the past few months, the short films Pixels and Carl Rinsch’s The Gift have been picked up for feature adaptations.  Hit the jump to see trailer for the animated Technotise, Pitts’ live-action trailer for the film, and Pitts’ fan-made Green Lantern trailer.


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SPIKE TV has premiered a 2nd trailer for director Martin Scorsese’s “Shutter Island”.  Unfortunately, the new trailer is more or less the same as the first one, except it’s 45 seconds shorter and it’s missing some of the dialogue.  Of course there are a few new shots mixed in, but if you were hoping to see a lot of new footage, you’re in the wrong place.  Saying that, if you haven’t seen any footage from “Shutter Island”, you should check it out as it’s Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese. Those names deserve your time.  Also, the movie looks nothing like you’d expect…

DreamWorks Developing Live-Action 3-D GHOST IN THE SHELL

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Ghost in the Shell movie image - slice (1).jpg

“Ghost in the Shell” is one of those films that I saw at just the right age.  The film blew me away and it still holds a special place since it was one of the first films to introduce me to anime .  Having said that, I’m not mad that DreamWorks is planning on remaking the film.  As unnecessary as it is, I actually really like the idea of a live-action 3-D remake and I’m happy to see that the project move forward with Laeta Kalogridis (“Shutter Island”) writing the film.  More after the jump:

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