Mondo Unveils PULP FICTION Poster for Timed Black Friday Sale; Variants to be Signed by Quentin Tarantino

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Black Friday is just a few days away now.  Better start prepping so you can take advantage of the best deals out there, like Mondo’s Black Friday sale for example.  Beginning on Friday, November 28th and wrapping up on 11:59PM CT on Monday, November 1st, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase a stunning new Pulp Fiction poster by Laurent Durieux for $60 as part of a timed sale (no beating the rush, they’ll sell as many as they sell) and then Mondo will donate 10% of the proceeds to the Sally Menke Fellowship.  Cue the salesman voice.  But wait!  There’s more!

Mondo also plans to announce the online sale information for a variant print at a future date, which will be signed by Pulp Fiction director Quentin Tarantino.  Mondo is donating 100% of the variant proceeds to the Sally Menke Fellowship.  Hit the jump for more on Mondo’s Black Friday plans and to check out that new Pulp Fiction print and variant.

Exclusive Look at Laurent Durieux’s THE GODFATHER Print for Odd City; On Sale November 17th

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We here at Collider are happy to give you an exclusive early look at artist Laurent Durieux’s limited edition screen print for one of the greatest films of all time, The Godfather.  The print was created for Odd City and will be on sale in three versions starting Monday, November 17th around 11am CST.  There’s the regular edition, which goes for $65, the variant edition for $100, and a wood edition for $300 with a limited run of 50.  A limited number of each version is available so you’ll have to act fast to get one of these on your hands, and after getting a look at the poster you’ll no doubt want to.  Take a look at both the regular and variant editions of the poster after the jump.

Over 60 Pictures from Laurent Durieux’s Mondo Gallery Show in Austin

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Laurent Durieux-mondo-gallery-show-slice

This month’s Mondo gallery showing of Laurent Durieux’s work was super popular with over 100 people waiting in line in the cold 37 degree weather, some of whom had been waiting since around 9:00 in the morning.  Laurent’s work has always captivated me since he seems to bring in such an enormous amount of depth while retaining a large amount of detail.  You really feel like you’re looking into the window of the world of the film when you look at one of his pieces of art.

My  favorites of the show were the original colored pencil pieces.  They had such imagination and depth in them, it was hard realizing that they were such tiny pieces of art that were barely the size of my hand.  At the same time, I really enjoyed the Back to the Future 1 and 2 pieces with their retro sci-fi tones.  I was disappointed when I did not see the third piece for the third film.  Hopefully someday Laurent will complete the trilogy.  Hit the jump to check out over 60 pictures from the show.

Exclusive: Check Out These Awesome Mondo Screenprints for THE BIRDS, VERTIGO and REAR WINDOW by Laurent Durieux

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Laurent Durieux-mondo-gallery-show-slice

Laurent Durieux is starting to piss me off.  I was all set to limit how much I wanted to spend at his first solo show at the Mondo gallery in Austin, but everything I’ve seen has been spectacular.  I’m starting to worry that my bank account is going to take a serious hit when the gallery opens tomorrow night.  If you’re not aware, Durieux has been creating amazing screenprints over the past few years, but his recent work has been on another level.

Thanks to our friends at Mondo, we’re happy to be able to premiere a few of Durieux’s screenprints that will go onsale tomorrow night.  We’ve got his posters for Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, Vertigo (regular and variant) and Rear Window (regular and variant).  Hit the jump for the images and info.

Top 10 Alternative Movie Posters of 2013 Featuring Artists Tyler Stout, Aaron Horkey, Ken Taylor, Gabz, Matt Taylor and More

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I know what you’re thinking – not another Top Ten list.  And yes, I know how you feel.  I’ve been looking at all these Top Ten lists everywhere, and as an alternative movie poster connoisseur – not in the pretentious way, mind you – I have been wondering to myself if anyone shared my opinion having seen this year’s expansive list of prints.  This year alone has been insane as far as silkscreen movie poster releases have gone.  Mondo has put out more prints than ever (just compare this with this), Gallery 1988 started stepping it up a bit once they saw how many new prints were being released, new movie poster galleries are getting into the game, and then you have private commissions.

Private commissions are a somewhat new thing.  Groups of collectors form up, pool their cash together, email an artist, and then see what they can do.  Some of the prints that come out of the private commissions are good, and, to be blunt, most are bad.  But the ones that do work out are amazing.  As such, a few are in my Top Ten list.  I’ve had a finger on the pulse of the alternate movie poster world, and I will share with you what I have found.  After the jump, check out the Top Ten alternative movie posters of 2013.

Mondo Mystery Movie XI Returns to Los Angeles at The Crest Theater for DIE HARD

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Last weekend, Mondo returned to Los Angeles for another highly anticipated Mystery Movie.  You may recall when we interviewed Mondo CEO Justin Ishmael at SDCC, he mentioned they were finally going to put on an event that was years in the making.  The moment tickets went on sale the rumor mill went into overdrive guessing just about every major movie and possible scenario, and while there was just one movie that was not only the most predicted, but the most coveted.  That movie was Die Hard.  Well, Mondo did not disappoint and if you hit the jump you can check out images from the event and the poster that everyone went home with. 

Hero Complex Gallery Unveils “Arch Nemesis” Show Featuring Villain Art from Laurent Durieux, Craig Drake, and More

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Last night, Hero Complex Gallery opened their new show, “Arch Nemesis”, and the villains were out in force.  The walls were packed with a spectacular amount of art, from established artists such as Laurent Durieux and Craig Drake, to new artists like Tim Caballero and Lauren Morreale.  Check out pics from the show and find out how you can win a Durieux Peter Pan on wood after the jump.

Limited Paper: Hero Complex Gallery’s ARCH NEMESIS Opens Friday with New Art by Craig Drake, Laurent Durieux, Marko Manev, Tim Anderson and More

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Despite what Hero Complex Gallery’s name might lead you to believe, not every HCG show is superhero-related.  Often clever, generally awesome, and featuring a consistently talented pool of artists?  Yes, for sure.  Wall-to-wall prints featuring spandex-clad mutants, Kryptonian refugees, and/or unkillable Canadians with razor-sharp claws?  Not so much.

Their next show– Arch Nemesis, which opens this Friday at the gallery’s Los Angeles location—falls somewhere in-between.  Yes, you’ll get all the Batman, Fantastic Four, and Justice League posters you can handle…but they’ll be rubbing elbows with new prints based on geek-friendly properties like Predator, The Wizard of Oz, and Masters of The Universe.  Wanna see some preview images from the show (and find out how you can win one of two extremely rare variant prints)?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

Limited Paper: Mondo’s Second-Annual Oscar Night Poster Drop Featured 14 New Posters Including Tyler Stout’s DJANGO UNCHAINED & Durieux’s THE MASTER

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Last year, Mondo put together a fun little event for the 2012 Academy Awards:  a few days prior to that Oscar Sunday, Mondo announced that a series of brand-new posters (all of which were based on that year’s Oscar-nominated films) would be dropping throughout the Academy’s broadcast.  Everyone dug the idea, the whole thing went off without a hitch, and—most importantly—waiting on a drop gave all of us something to focus on whenever watching the Oscars became too much to bear.

And so, when the Mondo guys announced they’d be doing it all over again in 2013, we were pumped (as were many of you).  But once that excitement died down, we were left wondering which of 2012’s Oscar-nominated films would get the Mondo treatment…and which of the rumors we’d been hearing would turn out to be true.  Answers to those questions (and many more) await you after the jump, folks.

Mondo Unveils Oscar Posters for THE MASTER, LES MISERABLES, and PARANORMAN

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During the Academy Awards broadcast last year, the good folks at Mondo dropped a few gorgeous prints from films that were nominated.  They’re doing the same thing this year, and today they’ve unveiled the first three posters in their second annual Oscar series: Laurent Durieux’s The Master, Olly MossLes Miserables, and DKNG’s ParaNorman.  All three posters are unsurprisingly excellent, but I’m absolutely mesmerized by Durieux’s entrancing print for The Master.  It’s a stunning piece of work, and I’m sure many of you will be angling to nab a copy during Sunday’s ceremony.

Mondo says that many more posters will be unveiled during the awards show broadcast, when said prints will also go on sale.  Hit the jump to preview these first three prints, and start preparing to do some very fast typing on Sunday night.  As always, follow @MondoNews for the on-sale announcements.

Limited Paper Video: Walking Tour of Mondo’s IN PROGRESS Gallery Show [Updated With Pics]

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Before Mondo opened up the doors on In Progress (its first Mondo Gallery show of 2013), no one wondered about which movies would be covered by the show’s artists:  every piece of In Progress was based on previously-released Mondo works, so there’d be no surprises (or so we thought).  And no one was wondering about the quality of the artists themselves, because any lineup that includes Martin Ansin, Ken Taylor, Laurent Durieux, Jock, Jay Ryan, and Aaron Horkey is a lineup worth paying attention to.

Indeed, In Progress sounded awesome.  But there was one lingering question that seemed to be on everyone’s mind:  how much were these pieces going to cost?  Find out the answer to that question—and any other lingering questions you might have—after the jump.

Update: We’ve added some pictures from the show after the videos.

Limited Paper Preview: Mondo’s IN PROGRESS Gallery Show Opens Tonight, Features Aaron Horkey, Jock, Martin Ansin, and More

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Today’s the day, folks!  After much speculation and anticipation, the Mondo Gallery will finally open the doors on its first show of 2013.  In Progress is a collection of sketches, line drawings, and other pre-finalized-poster artwork from artists like Jock, Aaron Horkey, Martin Ansin, Laurent Durieux, and many more.  Wanna see some preview images from tonight’s show and hear what you can expect from Limited Paper in terms of coverage?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

Limited Paper: Mondo Announces Brand New E.T. and JAWS Posters from Mike Mitchell and Laurent Durieux, Craig Drake Does THE THING

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Earlier today, the word started spreading, and soon enough we were all paying attention:  “sometime soon”, a Mondo-related announcement was going to drop via our friends over at Ain’t It Cool News, and…well, and nothing:  that was pretty much all we got by way of a hint.  Mercifully, the wait for AICN’s announcement didn’t last long, and now we all know what the big secret was:  this week, Mondo will drop a Steven Spielberg double-header—a poster based on Jaws (by Laurent Durieux) and another based on E.T. The Extraterrestrial (by Mike Mitchell).

Wanna see these new prints, find out where they’re dropping, when, and what each one’s gonna cost ya?  Meet me on the other side, folks.

Over 60 Pictures from Hero Complex’s Weapon of Choice Gallery Show in Los Angeles

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Hero Complex Weapon of Choice Gallery image slice

Last night, the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles premiered their new exhibition “Weapon of Choice” and it was loaded with cool artwork “inspired by prominent characters of fiction, historical reference, or pop culture, and their relationship with their iconic weapon.”   Last week, Scott wrote a preview of the exhibition in Limited Paper, but with the show opening, I decided to stop by and take pictures of everything on display and it’s definitely worth checking out.  In addition, later today Hero Complex will be “dropping” what’s still available on their website, so if you see something you like you can pick it up.  Keep in mind, everything for sale is very limited, so don’t wait too long to purchase.  Hit the jump for the pics.

Limited Paper: Time to Play “Who Wants to Look at New Artwork From Hero Complex Gallery’s WEAPON OF CHOICE and Win a New Print by Laurent Durieux?”

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The end of 2012 has—mercifully—come and gone, taking with it all the Wal-Mart based tramplings and eggnog-soaked regrets of yet another holiday season.  December also marked the end of a banner year for the many collectors, artists, and galleries that make up the imaginary place we like to call “Poster World”:  as print-collecting grew in popularity, a record number of poster drops, gallery openings, and new artists popped up to meet demand.  One has to wonder if things will slow down for a breather in 2013. Not likely! We’re only a week into 2013 and already the good folks at Hero Complex Gallery are ready to unveil an impressive-looking new show.

That’s right:  on January 11th, Weapon of Choice will open at Hero Complex’s Los Angeles-based Gallery, and will feature new work from Laurent Durieux, Josh Budich, Ian Glaubinger, and a ton of other Limited Paper regulars.  Wanna win a free print from 2013’s first big showcase, find out what Weapon of Choice is all about, and see some of the exclusive images sent over by the Hero Complex Gallery guys?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

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