FAST & FURIOUS 7, JURASSIC WORLD, WARCRAFT, and More from Universal and Legendary Set for IMAX Release

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It’s also pro-forma at this point that a gigantic blockbuster will be released in IMAX, but new partners Universal Pictures and Legendary Entertaniment have recently signed a deal to make sure their movies keep getting the extra-large-format treatment.  IMAX has sent out a press release announcing that fifteen of the studios’ blockbuster titles will be released in IMAX through 2017.  Fast & Furious 7, Dracula Untold, Seventh Son, Jurassic World, Everest, Crimson Peak, and Warcraft are among the movies that will be released in IMAX.  Keep in mind that most of the films Universal/Legendary will release in IMAX weren’t actually shot in IMAX, but that doesn’t mean they won’t look good.  They just won’t be true-IMAX.

Hit the jump for the press release.

PACIFIC RIM Scores Record-Breaking Opening in China; Sequel Looks Likely

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There’s hope for a Pacific Rim sequel yet!  Though Guillermo del Toro’s original tentpole scored a respectable—if underwhelming—$37 million opening domestically, the effects-heavy pic is unlikely to hit the $100 million benchmark here in the states.  However, given its international cast and the universal language of “monsters and robots beating the ever-living shit out of each other,” the long-game for Pacific Rim always hinged on it playing well overseas—and indeed it has.  The pic’s foreign box office total currently stands at $140 million, and the film just opened in China to a record-breaking $9 million on Wednesday.  That’s the highest debut ever for a Warner Bros. film in China, and Deadline reports that the result of the performance is that Pacific Rim will “likely have a sequel.”  Hit the jump for more.

Frank Darabont to Do Final Rewrite on Script for GODZILLA Reboot; Producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee Fighting to Stay on Board

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Gareth Edwards‘ reboot of Godzilla just got a monster screenwriting boost, but there could be a rampage behind the scenes.  First, the good news: Deadline reports that Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption) has come on board to do a final rewrite on the script, which was previously written by Max Borenstein (Seventh Son).  That’s not intended to slight Borenstein’s script (which I haven’t read), but I have faith in Darabont even though he seemed to struggle with The Walking Dead in its first season.  Nevertheless, the guy has a great track record with Shawshank, The Green Mile, and The Mist.  I assume that his involvement in Godzilla means the entire movie will be about the importance of hope or else monsters will obliterate everything you know and love.

While Darabont is working on bringing drama to the screen, drama is already brewing behind the scenes between Legendary Pictures and producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee.  Hit the jump for more.  Godzilla opens in 3D on May 16, 2014.

Producer Dan Lin Gives GODZILLA Update; Says Production Will Likely Take Place in Vancouver

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One of the most pleasant surprises from this past summer’s Comic-Con was a test reel of footage from director Gareth Edwards’ reboot of Godzilla.  The crowd went nuts for Edwards’ grounded take on the material, and development on the film picked up shortly thereafter, with filming now set to get underway in the spring.  Steve recently interviewed producer Dan Lin in anticipation of the upcoming crime drama Gangster Squad, and Lin also briefly gave an update on Godzilla.  He talked about Edwards’ realistic approach to the story, when and where they’re filming, and how Edwards went all-out when presenting his take to the studio.  Hit the jump to read Lin’s comments.

Legendary Entertainment Sets Guillermo del Toro and Travis Beacham to Write PACIFIC RIM Sequel

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In a not exactly shocking move, Legendary Entertainment is already putting the wheels in motion on a sequel to Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming monsters vs. robots movie Pacific Rim.  For those unaware, the story finds humans towards the end of a losing battle against giant monsters called Kaiju.  In order to combat the creatures, humans have developed their own giant human-controlled robots called Jaegers.  Del Toro recently told Steve that he had been tossing around ideas for a follow-up with Legendary and he and screenwriter Travis Beacham had been writing a proposal of ideas, and now the studio has commissioned a script for the sequel.  Hit the jump for more details.

Guillermo del Toro Talks PACIFIC RIM & PACIFIC RIM 2; Discusses the First Trailer, 3D Conversion, the Sequel, and More

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Director Guillermo del Toro’s “monsters vs. robots movie” Pacific Rim is surely one of the most anticipated titles set to hit theaters in 2013, and fans were treated to a tease of what’s to come at this summer’s Comic-Con.  The gist of the presentation was the word “massive,” as everything we saw told us that this is a story that’s truly being displayed on an epic scale.  For those unaware, the story finds humans towards the end of a losing battle against giant monsters called Kaiju.  In order to combat the creatures, humans have developed their own giant human-controlled robots called Jaegers.

Steve recently spoke with del Toro during a phone interview in anticipation of DreamWorks Animation’s upcoming film Rise of the Guardians, on which del Toro served as an executive producer (read Steve’s thoughts on the film here).  During the interview, del Toro also discussed when we’ll see the first trailer for Pacific Rim, his ideas for Pacific Rim 2, how does 3D looks, whether he would make the sequel immediately after Pacific Rim, and more.  Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

IRON MAN 3 Scribe Drew Pearce to “Age Up” Characters in GODZILLA with Pre-Casting Rewrite

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One of the great surprises at Comic-Con this summer was an unannounced look at director Gareth Edwards’ reboot of Godzilla.  Legendary unveiled a teaser reel of footage that Edwards put together to pitch his vision for the film, and the result was a chilling, grounded, destruction-filled world in which the monstrous beast had wreaked havoc on everything in sight.  The overwhelmingly positive response put the project on the fast track, and just a few weeks ago a May 2014 release date was announced.

Though the project has three credited screenwriters—David Callaham (The Expendables films), David S. Goyer (Batman Begins) and Max Borenstein (The Seventh Son)—word now comes that Legendary has brought in Iron Man 3 scribe Drew Pearce for yet another rewrite.  Hit the jump for more.

BLOOD DIAMOND’s Charles Leavitt to Rewrite WORLD OF WARCRAFT

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Though we recently learned that Sam Raimi is no longer involved with the World of Warcraft film, Legendary Entertainment is still very much moving full speed ahead with the project.  Variety reports that Blood Diamond screenwriter Charles Leavitt has been brought in to rewrite the script, which was originally drafted by Robert Rodat (Saving Private Ryan).  Apparently the studio was keen on Leavitt’s take on the material, “which could move the project forward in the coming months.”  Raimi had to vacate the director’s chair due to his commitments to Oz the Great and Powerful, but it’s clear that Legendary is eager to finally get this thing in front of cameras.  With Leavitt on the script, the search now turns to finding a director.

Leavitt recently wrote the upcoming fantasy pic The Seventh Son, starring Jeff Bridges, for Legendary so he has a relationship with the studio.  He also penned K-PAX and The Mighty.  Still no word on exactly how Legendary plans on adapting the massive game for the big screen, but their upcoming slate of Pacific Rim, Man of Steel, and the Godzilla remake inspires hope that they’ve got a quality tentpole on their hands.

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