LET ME IN Premiere Celebrity Images

     September 30, 2010

The highly anticipated American remake Let Me In, starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Kodi Smit-McPhee, had its Hollywood premiere at the Mann Bruin Theater in Westwood Village on September 27th. This version – which tells the story of a bullied …

Fantastic Fest: LET ME IN Review

     September 28, 2010

When a film that gathers an enormous following and a smattering of praise has an American remake announced the same year it is released, you would expect a few groans. That is exactly what happened with Matt Reeves’ Let Me …

Impressions from Fantastic Fest – Part 1

     September 28, 2010

While Germain and I have viewed quite a few films together, we aren’t always covering the same ones. So, as I furiously work to turn in interviews and full-length reviews, I will use this space to rapid fire impressions of …