Weekend Box Office – THE GREY the Clear Winner with $20 Million; ONE FOR THE MONEY in Third

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Newbie distributor Open Road Films has claimed its first number one opening with the wolf vs. man thriller The Grey.  From 3,185 locations, The Grey took in an estimated $20 million, or well above the mid-teens that was projected.  Second place was claimed by Underworld Awakening, pushing the adaptation of Janet Evanovich’s bestselling novel, One For the Money, into third.

Title Weekend Total
1 The Grey $20,000,000 $20
2 Underworld Awakening $12,500,000 $45.1
3 One For the Money $11,750,000 $11.7
4 Red Tails $10,400,000 $33.7
5 Man on a Ledge $8,250,000 $8.2
6 Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close $7,145,000 $21.1
7 The Descendants $6,550,000 $58.8
8 Contraband $6,532,200 $56.4
9 Beauty & the Beast 3D $5,345,000 $41.1
10 Haywire $4,000,000 $15.2

Warner Bros. Adds INCEPTION, LIFE AS WE KNOW IT, YOGI BEAR, and First Two HARRY POTTER Films to Facebook Rentals

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Less than a month after making The Dark Knight available for rental via Facebook, Warner Bros. has added five more of their movies to the social networking site.  The studio has announced via press release that Facebook users can now rent Inception, Life as We Know It, Yogi Bear, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  Make no mistake: other studios are watching this experiment closely and seeing how popular it becomes.  The real trick for Warner Bros. and for Facebook is working to get these movies out of browsers and onto other platforms like video game consoles, Roku, mobile devices, etc.

Hit the jump for the full press release.

LIFE AS WE KNOW IT Blu-ray Review

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Life As We Know It movie image Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel slice

What’s wrong with Katherine Heigl? The former TV star destroyed her Grey’s Anatomy career last season (seriously, what was the point of having Izzy survive cancer?), and bit by bit is ruining her chances at cinema stardom. A talented actress, Heigl has dissolved into the female equivalent of Matthew McConaughey, starring in dumb, predictable rom coms that offer little more than a few moments pleasure for bored housewives attempting to relive the “glory days” of falling in love.

Since her breakout hit, 2007’s Knocked Up, Heigl has starred in 27 Dresses, The Ugly Truth, Killers and now Life as We Know It. I’m cheering for the actress, I truly am; but her resume gives me little, if any, hope for the future, as each of her films has swiftly decreased in quality.  My review after the jump:

Weekend Box Office – SAW 3D Collects $24.2 Million on Tepid Halloween Weekend

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It’s Halloween, and you know what that means! Big rusty traps that split your jaw, crawling naked through broken glass and, of course, the fun of cutting off your own foot. You know. The classics. For the seventh year running a Saw movie has been submitted by Lionsgate for your approval. Through the magic of 3D, the franchise that gave us last year’s anemic Saw VI had a chance to redeem itself. And it kind of delivered.

Title Weekend Total
1 Saw 3D $24,200,000 $24.2
2 Paranormal Activity 2 $16,500,000 $65.7
3 Red $10,800,000 $58.9
4 Jackass 3D $8,500,000 $101.7
5 Hereafter $6,400,000 $22.2
6 Secretariat $5,000,000 $44.7
7 The Social Network $4,700,000 $79.7
8 Life as We Know It $4,200,000 $43.7
9 The Town $2,000,000 $87.6
10 Conviction $1,800,000 $2.4

Weekend Box Office – JACKASS 3D Sets Records with $50 Million Debut; RED Strong with $22.5 Million

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On Friday we told you that Jackass 3D had secured fall’s single-day debut record with over $21 million and that the sequel seemed destined to become one of the season’s all-time weekend champs with a projection of over $40 million. Turns out that the Jackass boys were destined for bigger things. With an estimated $50 million from 3,081 locations, the third installment in the franchise now holds both the October and the all-time fall weekend record – eclipsing Scary Movie 3’s $48.1 million set in 2003.

Title Weekend Total
1 Jackass 3D $50,000,000 $50
2 Red $22,500,000 $22.5
3 The Social Network $11,000,000 $63.1
4 Secretariat $9,500,000 $27.5
5 Life as We Know It $9,200,000 $28.8
6 Legend of the Guardians $4,325,000 $46
7 The Town $4,040,000 $80.5
8 My Soul to Take $3,160,000 $11.9
9 Easy A $2,650,000 $52.3
10 Wall Street 2 $$2,350,000 $47.8

Greg Berlanti Video Interview LIFE AS WE KNOW IT

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About a week ago I posted part of my video interview with director Greg Berlanti where he talked about Clash of the Titans 2, Green Lantern 2, and his ABC show No Ordinary Family.  With his movie Life As We Know It now playing in theaters, it’s time for the other part of the interview where he talked about making the movie.

During the interview we talked about the test screening process, how the movie is more grounded than typical romcoms that are filled with crazy Hollywood moments, the 25 or so minutes of deleted scenes that will be on the eventual DVD/Blu-ray release, and what has the last year been like for him juggling so many projects.  Hit the jump to watch:

Weekend Box Office – THE SOCIAL NETWORK Stays On Top; LIFE AS WE KNOW IT Second; SECRETARIAT Third

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With some of the lowest totals I’ve seen since, um, Labor Day; Columbus Day 2010 got off to a weak start at the box office. Sure, The Social Network made a good showing in its second week, falling just 31% to push Life as We Know It into second place – but those two films combined could not match last year’s single debut Couple’s Retreat. Meanwhile Disney’s Secretariat stumbled badly, coming in a distant third in a race they hoped to win.

Title Weekend Total
1 The Social Network $15,500,000 $46
2 Life as We Know It $14,600,000 $14.6
3 Secretariat $12,600,000 $12.6
4 Legends $7,015,000 $39.4
5 My Soul to Take 3D $6,900,000 $6.9
6 The Town $6,350,000 $73.7
7 Wall Street 2 $4,625,000 $43.6
8 Easy A $4,200,000 $48.1
9 Case 39 $2,630,000 $9.6
10 You Again $2,470,000 $20.7

Friday Box Office – LIFE AS WE KNOW IT Number One with $5.2 Million; THE SOCIAL NETWORK Still in the Running as SECRETARIAT Limps

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Life As We Know It movie image Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel slice

As fall movies go, this weekend’s crop of new pictures was never the most interesting. Disney’s Secretariat, Warner Brothers’ Life as We Know It and the 3D horror release My Soul to Take all made modest starts on Friday; and with three days to go in this four-day Columbus Day Weekend it looks like the most fascinating aspect of the box office may be how close a race it will be between our top three contenders. That, of course, includes last weekend’s number one movie The Social Network, which placed second on Friday with an estimated $4.9 million. The natural front-runner for weekend winner, Secretariat, left the gate with $4 million – a fairly big disappointment for a heart-warming sports movie from Disney. That leaves the Katherine Heigl/Josh Duhamel baby dramedy Life as We Know It as Friday’s number one film with $5.2 million from 3,150 locations. With the horse movie running under and My Soul to Take not even on the same track, the weekend looks like a two-way race between the Facebook movie and the remake of Three Men and a Baby – neither of which is expected to make much more than $15 million by Sunday.

Title Friday Total
1 Life as We Know It $5,200,000 $5.2
2 The Social Network $4,900,000 $35.4
3 Secretariat $4,000,000 $4
4 My Soul to Take $2,700,000 $2.5
5 The Town $1,800,000 $69.2

Producer Paul Brooks Exclusive Video Interview LIFE AS WE KNOW IT; Plus Updates on ATM and THE HAUNTING IN GEORGIA

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Opening today is director Greg Berlanti’s Life As We Know It and it stars Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel, Josh Lucas, Christina Hendricks and Hayes MacArthur.  The movie is about two single adults that become caregivers to an orphaned girl when their mutual best friends die in an accident. (synopsis via IMDb)

At the press junket for the film, I was able to sit down with producer Paul Brooks for an in depth conversation. At first we talked about how he got into producing, segwayed into how Life As We Know It got made, and then we got to talking about how dramatically the movie industry has changed over the past two years and how it’s affected everybody.  Finally, we talked about two of his upcoming projects: ATM and The Haunting in Georgia.  Hit the jump to watch the interview.  As usual, I’ve time indexed our conversation so you can watch the parts that interest you.

Josh Duhamel Video Interview LIFE AS WE KNOW IT

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Opening this weekend is director Greg Berlanti’s Life As We Know It and it stars Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel, Josh Lucas, Christina Hendricks and Hayes MacArthur.  The romantic dramedy is about two people (Heigl and Duhamel) that only have one thing in common: their dislike for each other and their love for their goddaughter, Sophie.  But when they suddenly become all Sophie has in the world, they’re forced to put their differences aside and live under one roof.

At the recent NYC press day for the film, I was able to interview Josh Duhamel.  While only scheduled for a print interview, Duhamel was kind enough to let me use my flip camera, so after the jump you can watch video of our conversation.  During the interview we talked about how the year has been going for him as he’s had a number of projects, what it’s like being the leading man in a big Hollywood release, what is he thinking about for future projects, and a lot more.  Hit the jump to watch:


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We’re always running tons of interviews here at Collider, but this past week has been especially crazy.  When you pair all the interviews Steve did during his visit to the sets of The Thing and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, coupled with the number of interviews we run on a daily basis, there’s probably some stuff you may have missed.  With this in mind, we’ve created a handy catch-all recap article that contains links to every interview we’ve posted over the last week.  Here’s some of them, but hit the jump for the rest:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows On Set Interviews

The Thing On Set Interviews

Exclusive: Writer-Director Greg Berlanti on NO ORDINARY FAMILY, CLASH OF THE TITANS 2 and GREEN LANTERN 2

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Greg Berlanti is having a good year.  Not only does his movie Life As We Know It get released this weekend, he has a series (No Ordinary Family) that just premiered on ABC, and he’s also working on The Flash, Green Lantern 2 and Clash of the Titans 2.  As you might imagine, when I found out I was going to be able to speak with him at the Life As We Know It press junket, I had a lot of questions.

Since we covered so many subjects, I decided to break up the interview into two parts.  For today’s part, Berlanti talks about No Ordinary Family, Green Lantern 2 and Clash of the Titans 2. Hit the jump for more:


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We can separate today’s collection of posters neatly into “romantic comedy” and “numerical,” starting with the latter.  Director Géla Babluani assembled Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, 50 Cent, Alexander Skarsgård, and Ray Winstone (among others) to remake his own French thriller 13 Tzameti, with the sparse new title 13.  A bit lower on the number line, documentarian Alex Gibney (Casino Jack) was inspired by our nation’s most mischevious governor of late for Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer

After the jump, you can likewise check out new posters for a pair of rom-coms: the Gael García Bernal/Kate Hudson-led A Little Bit of Heaven (formerly Earthbound), and Life as We Know It, headlined by Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel.


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We have four new posters for you today, for:

  • the musical Burlesque, which stars Christina Aguilera as a burlesque singer in club owned by Cher
  • the Katherine Heigl/Josh Duhamel romantic comedy, Life As We Know It
  • the upcoming comedic Latina version of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility titled From Prada to Nad
  • NoNAMES, a small town drama led by James Badge Dale (Rubicon) and Gillian Jacobs (Community)

Hit the jump to check out all the posters along with a plot synopsis for each film.

LIFE AS WE KNOW IT Trailer Starring Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel, Josh Lucas, and Christina Hendricks

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Life As We Know It movie image Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel slice

Warner Bros. has finally released the first trailer for director Greg Berlanti’s Life As We Know It.  Starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel, the film is about two people that only have one thing in common: their dislike for each other and their love for their goddaughter, Sophie. But when Sophie’s parents die, they’re forced to put their differences aside and take care of the one thing that really matters.

I actually saw the trailer back at ShoWest and was very surprised by how much I liked it.  While the premise sounds a bit sketchy, the trailer has plenty of funny and touching moments.  Also, even though I’m not a big Katherine Heigl fan, for some reason I liked her in this.  I know they’ve done some test screenings of the film and the word on the street is the film is quite good.  Judge for yourself after the jump:

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