Jessica Chastain and Colin Farrell Are Playing with Fire in New MISS JULIE Trailer

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The U.S. trailer for director Liv Ullmann’s adaptation of the August Strindberg stage play Miss Julie has been released online.  The film stars Jessica Chastain as a daring young woman who strikes up a flirtation with an overwhelmed valet (Colin Farrell) right under the nose of his fiancée (Samantha Morton).  Ullmann’s adaptation is simplistic in nature, as it merely revolves around these three characters and the emotions at play.  The film premiered at TIFF to a so-so response, but it looks to be a swell acting showcase for this trio of incredibly talented performers.

Check out the new Miss Julie trailer after the jump, and be sure to check out Steve’s video interviews with Chastain and Ullmann from TIFF.  Miss Julie opens in theaters on December 5th.

Jessica Chastain and Colin Farrell to Star in Liv Ullmann’s MISS JULIE

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Though Jessica Chastain may or may not find herself an Oscar winner by month’s end, she’s certainly going to continue taking on interesting and challenging roles.  Variety reports that Chastain and Colin Farrell have been set to star in writer/director Liv Ullmann’s adaptation of the August Strindberg stage play Miss Julie.  The story takes place in 1874 and concerns a young woman “attempting to escape an existence cramped by social mores,” who strikes up a relationship with a senior servant.  The play explores issues of power through social class, gender, and family, and I’m interested to see how the dialogue-heavy source material is adapted to the screen.

Chastain will be taking on the lead, and one assumes Farrell will be playing the servant character but his role is not specified.  Samantha Morton is also set to co-star.  Chastain is currently starring in the Broadway play The Heiress and Farrell recently wrapped up roles in the fantasy Winter’s Tale and the Walt Disney/Mary Poppins film Saving Mr. Banks. This marks Chastain’s first commitment to a project since she landed a Best Actress nomination, and she’s said to be weighing and vetting several offers carefully to plot out her 2013 schedule.  As well she should.

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