Dwayne Johnson Talks DC Superhero He’s Going to Play; Reveals 3 Clues Including That the Character Has Never Been on Screen

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Steve is currently at CinemaCon, which is a convention where studios push their upcoming films by showing promo materials, new footage, and providing interviews with the stars.  Paramount is promoting Hercules, so Dwayne Johnson was on hand to talk about the movie as well as some of his other projects.

During a group interview, Johnson talked more about the DC character he’d like to play, and while he wouldn’t say who, he did provide some clues.  Johnson said the character has never been on screen before, and combined with his other clues, likely candidates include Black Adam (the nemesis of the superhero Shazam) and Lobo (an a biker-style alien anti-hero who works as a bounty hunter/mercenary).  However, Johnson also notes that they’re still looking for a writer, so don’t expect this one any time soon.  Hit the jump for Dwayne Johnson’s full quotes, and sound off in the comments for who you think he’s talking about and/or a DC character you’d like to see him play.

Dwayne Johnson Says He’s No Longer Attached to Play LOBO

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It appears that we may have to wait a bit longer to see The Rock take on a comic book character.  Early last year, rumors surfaced that Dwayne Johnson was circling the starring role in Warner Bros. adaptation of the DC Comic Lobo.  It seemed like pitch perfect casting, as the rather intimidating Lobo is an anti-hero character that was created initially as an indictment of the hero prototype of the Punisher and Wolverine, and who became known for his violent tendencies.

Johnson himself confirmed the rumors last summer, saying it “could be fun” to play the character for director Brad Peyton (Journey 2: The Mysterious Island), but now it appears that nothing ever solidified, as the actor has revealed that the project “went away.”  Hit the jump for more.

Dwayne Johnson Says There’s Truth to the Rumors of Possibly Playing LOBO

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In May, we reported that Dwayne Johnson might be in the running to star in the DC superhero movie, Lobo.  The rumor began when a fan tweeted to Johnson that he’d like to see the star in the role, and Johnson responded, “Funny U say that…”  Today, he has added a bit more fuel to the fire, by tweeting about the rumor he started:

“Rumors of me possibly playing LOBO are true. [Producer] Joel Silver and [director] Brad Peyton working on it now. That could be fun…”

I’m sure if Warner Bros. wanted to go forward on a character like Lobo, who’s mostly unknown outside of comic book fans, they would do well to have a star like Johnson on board, especially since he’s one of the few major actors who can match Lobo’s physique.  Hit the jump for more background on Lobo.

Will Dwayne Johnson Play LOBO in the Warner Bros. Adaptation of the DC Comic?

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Last week, a random Twitter user mentioned her desire to see The Rock as a DC superhero.  Dwayne Johnson, forever in touch with his fans, tweeted in response, “Funny U say that…“  That obviously sparked fervent speculation.  Bleeding Cool followed up with an interesting possibility: the antihero biker Lobo.  Bleeding Cool admits their source is untested, one who purportedly overheard Johnson boasting at a party that he will play Lobo.  But the rumor is a good fit.  There is a Lobo adaptation in development.  Brad Peyton, the director of Johnson’s last movie Journey 2: The Center of the Earth, is steering the ship.  And no actor really has that Lobo physique other than The Rock.  So all the pieces fit—we’re just missing the important ones that spell “O-f-f-i-c-i-a-l” across the top.  We’ll put a pin in this for now.  In the meantime, hit the jump for background on Lobo.

JOURNEY 2 Director Brad Peyton to Write and Helm Comic Adaptation LOBO

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The long-in-development feature film adaptation of the DC Comic Lobo now has new life.  Deadline reports that Journey 2: The Mysterious Island director Brad Peyton has been set by Warner Bros. to rewrite and direct an adaptation of the alien bounty hunter character.  Guy Ritchie was previously attached to direct the project, but subsequently fell out.  The character is an anti-hero who was created by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen “as an indictment of the Punisher, Wolverine, hero prototype” but ironically became popular for his violent tendencies.

One could see Guy Ritchie making a fairly entertaining adaptation of the character, but choosing the guy who made Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore to direct is just baffling.  It’s slightly possible that his take could be just as raw and edgy as the comic calls for, but I’m doubtful.  Whatever the case, WB must have taken a liking to Peyton’s pitch as he’ll be handling a rewrite of the script himself.  First up, though, Peyton has a third installment of the Journey franchise to direct.

Guy Ritchie Drops LOBO and Picks Up SHERLOCK HOLMES 2

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It looks like director Guy Ritchie would rather solve another case with Sherlock and Watson than pal around with a DC Comics anti-hero.  Hero Complex reports that Ritchie has dropped his planned adaptation of Lobo in favor of heading back to Baker Street with the next installment of the Sherlock Holmes franchise.  From a career standpoint, it’s a smart move and a safe bet for Ritchie.  Holmes has already raked in $389 million worldwide and still has yet to open in Germany, Japan, France and other countries that would like to see some sweet homo-erotic tension in 19th century England.  Ritchie has a fertile franchise with Sherlock Holmes and Lobo’s a riskier bet because he’s a mostly-unknown character, he’s got a weird look, and he’ll probably end up looking like a Wolverine-clone instead of a Wolverine-parody, which was the intent of the character in the 90s.

With Downey hopping off Jon Favreau’s Cowboys & Aliens earlier this month, we now have two major players of the franchise who seem to be interested in doing something else with their time; solving crimes, perhaps.  Of course, there’s no official word yet on Downey’s return and nothing’s been said about Jude Law’s plans, but the writing is on the wall.  The writing says: “They’re about to make Sherlock Holmes 2.

Hit the jump to learn about what will happen to Lobo and difficulties in casting Sherlock 2‘s baddie, Moriarty.


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With Warner Bros. Ninja Assassin set for release next week, the studio held a press day this afternoon here in Los Angeles.  While I’ll have plenty of video interviews for you to watch over the next few days, the first one I’d like to share is with producer Joel Silver.  Also, since Silver is producing tons of other projects like Sherlock Holmes, The Losers, Sgt. Rock, Lobo, Unknown White Male, and The Book of Eli, I figure his interview is the first one I should post.

While I didn’t get any major scoops, I did find out what’s up with Lobo and what does he think of Jeffrey Dean Morgan for the role.  Also, we talked about how Francis Lawrence landed the directing job on Sgt. Rock and does he think it might get made next year.  Of course many other subjects were talked about so watch the interview after the jump:

A Fistful of News

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We missed some stories this past week.  We’re sorry.  But we did not forget them.  We never forget.  We’re like elephants and people who hold grudges.  With that in mind, here are some stories that are a little late but they’re still great.  You can enjoy them all after the jump.

Akiva Goldsman talks LOBO, SWAMP THING and Says He Might Direct WINTER’S TALE

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Akiva Goldsman talks LOBO, SWAMP THING and Says He Might Direct WINTERS TALE.jpg

Akiva Goldsman is a very busy man. He’s also someone that fandom has never been happy with. That’s because as the producer or screenwriter of films like “Batman Forever”, “Lost in Space”, “The Da Vinci Code”, “I Am Legend”, “Angels & Demons”, and “Hancock”, he’s easily pointed at for problems with the adaptations. But no matter what fandom thinks, the films he’s involved with make tons of money, so he’s not going anywhere.

Anyway, he’s currently developing movie versions of “Lobo” and “Swamp Thing”, and he might direct his first feature and it’s looking like it’ll be “Winter’s Tale”, which is Mark Helprin’s 1983 fantasy about an alternate-history New York, a thief and flying white horse. So if you’re curious about any of the projects, hit the jump to read what he had to say:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Says He Wants to Play LOBO, He Might Be In the RED DAWN Reboot, and SUPERNATURAL News

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan -- slice.jpg

Last week I was with a small group of people and we talked with Jeffrey Dean Morgan for a decent amount of time. While I can’t say where I was yet, when the embargo lifts, you can expect a great write-up.

Anyway, while speaking to Jeffrey, he let it slip that he’d like to play Lobo in the just announced feature film! He also talked about whether or not he’d do more episodes of “Supernatural” and the future of the show. Oh, and he told us he might be in the “Red Dawn” movie! Exactly what he said is after the jump:

Guy Ritchie Sets His Sights on a PG-13 LOBO

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Guy Ritchie and Lobo.jpg

With all the hubbub surrounding the Marvel and Disney deal, it’s easy to forget the deft moves Warner Brothers have been making with DC’s comics properties. After the unprecedented success the company had with Chris Nolan’s films “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight”, WB seems to taking a much more serious stance in its selection of filmmakers for these comic franchises. We have Martin Campbell, director of the two best modern Bond flicks, helming “The Green Lantern”, Guillermo del Toro producing “Deadman”, and now we can add to that list the king of Brit grit, Guy Ritchie, who’s set to take on a live action, big screen adaption of DC comics’ resident bad ass bounty hunter, “Lobo”. Hop on your space cycle and hit the jump for more.

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