Exclusive First Look at Terry O’Quinn’s Character in PHINEAS AND FERB’s Upcoming LOST Episode

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Not only are Phineas and Ferb bringing back Shaun and Ed, they’re also bringing back Lost (in their own, unique way).  On September 29th, Disney XD will air the episode Lost in Danville, with a story by Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof himself.  Not only that, but Terry O’Quinn (who played John Locke on the show) will voice a character named Captain Mystery.  Rob Morrow and Jane Kaczmarek also guest star in the episode.

We have the official first look at O’Quinn’s Captain Mystery.  Hit the jump for a better look.  Phineas and Ferb’s Lost in Danville airs Monday, September 29th at 730PM.

Special LOST-Themed Episode of PHINEAS AND FERB to Air September 29th; First Look at a Polar Bear

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We learned a few days ago that the Disney XD original series Phineas and Ferb will be resurrecting Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s characters from Shaun of the Dead for a special Halloween episode, and now news comes that a Lost-themed episode will debut next month.  Titled “Lost in Danville”, the episode features a story by Lost co-creator/showrunner Damon Lindelof and a voice performance by John Locke himself Terry O’Quinn.  The story involves a mysterious locked capsule falling into Phineas and Ferb’s backyard, which may or may not contain a polar bear.  I’m not particularly familiar with Phineas and Ferb myself, but the one-two punch of the Shaun of the Dead and Lost news is making me rethinking my interest in the series.

Hit the jump to check out the first Phineas and Ferb Lost episode image.  It airs on Disney XD on Monday, September 29th at 7:30pm ET/PT.

Elizabeth Mitchell Talks REVOLUTION, What’s Coming up this Season, Optioning the Rights for DOLLS BEHAVING BADLY, and More at WonderCon

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Over the weekend, right before Elizabeth Mitchell took the WonderCon stage to promote NBC’s Revolution, I was able to participate in a group interview backstage.  She talked about what fans can look forward to on the last four episodes of Revolution, what she’d like to happen in season 3 if they get renewed, the experience of going to WonderCon and Comic-Con, being a life-long fan of sci-fi and fantasy, how the fanbases for Revolution and Lost compare, optioning the rights to the book Dolls Behaving Badly, and a lot more. Hit the jump to watch.

LOST Showrunners and Cast Talk Fan Theories, Favorite Easter Eggs, Deciding on the Final Outcome, and More at Paleyfest 2014

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For more than 30 years, PaleyFest has held panel sessions and screenings that connect the worldwide community of television fans with the casts and creators of their favorite TV shows.  One very special evening included a reunion with some of the cast and creative team behind Lost, one of the most talked about shows to ever be on television, which also currently happens to be celebrating its 10-year anniversary since it debuted.  Collider was there to attend the panel, and we’ve compiled some of the highlights.

During the evening, executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, as well as actors Josh Holloway (“Sawyer”), Yunjin Kim (“Sun”), Jorge Garcia (“Hurley”), Henry Ian Cusick (“Desmond”), Ian Somerhalder (“Boone”), Maggie Grace (“Shannon”) and Malcolm David Kelley (“Walt”), talked about what they took from the set, their favorite fan theories, what the auditioning process for the pilot was like, why they decided to withhold information from even the actors, why they decided not to kill Jack in the pilot, that the characters were not dead the entire time, how doing a limited-run series now would have changed the show, what their intention with the outrigger was, their favorite Easter eggs, an aspect of the show they wish had turned out differently, and how they decided on the afterlife in the finale.  Check out what they had to say at the Lost PaleyFest panel after the jump.

Damon Lindelof Talks THE LEFTOVERS, Looking Towards Future Seasons, Comparisons to LOST, Leaving Twitter, and More

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damon lindelof The Leftovers slice

Premiering in the summer, the HBO series The Leftovers, from showrunner Damon Lindelof and acclaimed novelist Tom Perrotta, tells the story of what happens after 2% of the world’s population abruptly disappears without explanation.  The pilot starts off by giving a glimpse into The Departure, but really focuses on the lives of who didn’t make the cut and were left behind, three years later.  Having attended a preview screening of the pilot, I can say that it’s intriguing, it’s edgy and it definitely pushes the envelope.

During the HBO portion of the TCA Winter Press Tour, Damon Lindelof talked about how you train an audience to not be waiting for absolute answers, why he won’t definitely say whether The Rapture will ever be explained, why the people populating this world even think it’s The Rapture, in the first place, how they’ll be moving past the ending of the book (whether they actually use the book’s ending or not) for the show, that he’s already thinking about how many possible seasons this story could be told over, how many episodes they’ll do per season, just how deeply populated this world is, and how it ended up working out that he left Twitter on the date of The Rapture.  Check out what he had to say after the jump, and be aware that there are some spoilers.

2014 PaleyFest Lineup Includes LOST 10th Anniversary Reunion, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Farewell, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, VEEP, and More

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The Paley Center has announced the initial lineup for the 31st Annual Paley Television Festival, which honors the best in television with enlightening and entertaining panels for various TV shows.  The headliner this year seems to be a 10th anniversary reunion panel for Lost, which is sure to be a fascinating watch.  Also part of the lineup is a farewell panel for How I Met Your Mother, a reunion for the cast of Veronica Mars, and panels for current series Orange Is the New Black, Mad Men, Parks and Recreation, Veep, Masters of Sex, Community, and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Hit the jump to check out the full lineup for PaleyFest 2014, which will be held in Los Angeles March 13-28th.  For ticketing information, click here.

TOP 5: THE INTERNSHIP, INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2, Set Images Galore from X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, THE PURGE, 101 Best Written TV Series of All Time

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For all of the uneasiness I felt watching The Internship play as a not so subtle promo for Google’s portfolio of services (what in the hell is Google Wallet?), the movie painted a dichotomy that I found interesting. While far from perfect, I thought the film did a nice job of contrasting the eternal optimism of a couple Gen X’ers with the often harsh practicality and cynicism I see embedded in myself and many of my fellow Millennials. Although this is hardly the platform from which to dive into a generational debate, The Internship at least introduced the idea that belonging to a generation that has had the wealth of the world’s knowledge at their fingertips for a good portion of their lives (not to mention video games and the lack of a military draft) faces a whole new set of unique challenges and insecurities. At the same time, it also sent an oft-overlooked truth that we (Millennials) don’t know it all, haven’t seen it all, and the “Culture of Meh” that we often embrace is cynical bullshit that I can only hope life experience will help pull us out of.

In addition to my “meh” soapbox, this week’s Top 5 offers The Internship interviews with Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, and Rose Byrne, the first trailer and a set visit recap for director James Wan‘s Insidious: Chapter 2, a truckload of set images from X-Men: Days of Future Past, The Purge interviews with Ethan Hawke and more, and a look at the WGA’s list of the “101 Best Written TV Series of All Time”. Check out a brief recap and link to each after the jump.

THE SOPRANOS Tops WGA’s List of the 101 Best Written TV Series of All Time

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What is the best written TV show of all time?  Well, according to the Writers Guild of America the answer is David Chase’s HBO drama series The Sopranos.  Members of the WGA took part in an online voting survey in order to determine a ranked list of the best written TV series in history, and Chase’s brilliant The Sopranos topped the list of 101 shows, followed by Seinfeld, The Twilight Zone, All in the Family, and M*A*S*H to round out the top five.  It’s tough to argue with The Sopranos taking the top honors, as the show is largely responsible for kicking off the new “Golden Age” of television that we’re currently living through and made for a markedly different kind of television viewing experiences than audiences were used to.

The complete list is filled with shows both new and old, with Mad Men, The Wire, and The West Wing taking the number 7, 9, and 10 spots, respectively, and comedies like Arrested Development, Friends, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart cracking the Top 25.  Hit the jump to read the full list and weigh in with your own thoughts in the comments section.

100 Pictures From Gallery1988′s BAD ROBOT Official Art Show in Los Angeles

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If you’re a fan of Bad Robot and live in Los Angeles area, it’s time to head over to the new Gallery1988 location at 7308 Melrose.  That’s because the gallery has teamed up with some great artists to create a new gallery show focused on the TV shows and movies produced by Bad Robot, like Fringe, Lost, Super 8, Person of Interest, Alias, Cloverfield, and Star Trek.  The show opens tonight and runs until May 18th, so you’ve got plenty of time to check it out.  However, since many of the items are very limited or original pieces of art, you probably want to head over soon if you want to buy anything.

Last night the gallery held a private reception for Bad Robot and I was able to stop by and take about 100 pictures of everything on display.  Hit the jump to see the pictures.

Matthew Fox Talks ALEX CROSS, Preparing for His Dark Role and Leaving the Character Behind, Getting Injured in a Fight Sequence and His Roles After LOST

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Alex Cross follows the homicide detective/psychologist from the best-selling novels by James Patterson, as he comes up against psychopathic serial killer Picasso (Matthew Fox).  This time, the story takes a younger version of Alex Cross (Tyler Perry) back to the origins of the character while the two men face off in a high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse that will push Cross to this edge of his moral limits.  From director Rob Cohen (The Fast and The Furious, xXx), the film also stars Edward Burns, Rachel Nichols, Cicely Tyson, Carmen Ejogo, Giancarlo Esposito, John C. McGinley and Jean Reno.

At the film’s press day, actor Matthew Fox talked about how he prepared for such a dark role, coming out of character once filming was done, getting injured while shooting the big fight sequence, the first thing he ate once he was done with the character, the roles he was offered after Lost, his experience shooting Alex Cross and World War Z at the same time, and playing General Bonner Fellers in the WWII historical drama Emperor.  Check out what he had to say after the jump.

Matthew Fox Talks EMPEROR, SPEED RACER, The Wachowskis, ALEX CROSS, LOST, WORLD WAR Z and Comic Book Movies

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One of the many films to premiere at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival was Peter Webber’s (Girl with a Pearl Earring) historical drama Emperor. The film takes place during the days following the Japanese surrender at the end of World War II and stars Tommy Lee Jones as General Douglas MacArthur, the de facto ruler of Japan as Supreme Commander of the occupying forces.  Matthew Fox plays a leading Japanese expert on the staff of MacArthur who is tasked with deciding whether or not Emperor Hirohito should be tried as a war criminal.  Fox’s mission becomes more complicated as he searches for a school teacher (Eriko Hatsune) who first drew him to Japan years before the war.  For more on the film, here’s a clip and some images.

Shortly before the world premiere, I sat down with Matthew Fox for an exclusive interview.  We talked about why he wanted to do Emperor, how the finished film compares to the original script, how he prepares for a role, if he prefers a few takes or a lot, and more.  In addition, we also talked about Speed Racer (a film I love), his physical transformation for Alex Cross, World War Z, the reshoots, Lost, would he ever do a comic book movie, and a lot more.  Hit the jump to either read or listen to the interview.

2012 TCA Award Nominations – BREAKING BAD, GAME OF THRONES, HOMELAND, MAD MEN, and DOWNTON ABBEY Vie for Program of the Year

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Yesterday we brought you the Critics’ Choice Award nominees.  Tonight belongs to the Television Critics Association.  Homeland tops the list with 4 nominations.  While it got the extra boost over established veterans in the Outstanding New Program category, the taut thriller earned its spots in Best Drama and Program of the Year as well as the nod to Claire Danes for her stellar performance.  The critics understandably still love Breaking Bad and Bryan Cranston, Mad Men and Jon Hamm, Louie and Louis C.K., Game of Thrones and Peter Dinklage, Parks and Recreation and Amy Poehler.  Creator/star Lena Dunham is the freshest face in the bunch, representing in both Individual Achievement in Comedy and Outstanding New Program with Girls.  But as always, there are a few head-scratchers.  Jessica Lange for American Horror Story is a legacy vote, and while her scenery-chewing was very entertaining—for Individual Achievement in Drama?  No.  And Smash somehow sneaked into Outstanding New Program rather than, say, Veep or Awake.

Still, the TCA always gets more right than they do wrong, especially with their neat Heritage Award.  (This year’s eclectic contenders are Cheers, Lost, Saturday Night Live, Star Trek, and Twin Peaks.)  Read the full list after the jump.

Damon Lindelof Talks at Length about the Ending of LOST

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Lost ended almost two years ago, and the finale was predictably controversial and divisive.  After the finale, show-runners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse understandably went radio-silent, so the ending could sink in.  The duo also didn’t return to Comic-Con that summer because it wouldn’t have been a conversation with fans but an inquisition (although I would have liked to seen the room erupt in a massive conflict between people who liked the ending and those who disliked it).  While Lindelof eventually did open up regarding some of the fan questions, I haven’t seen a one-on-one interview where he has a civil conversation about the ending rather than an interrogation.

Today, a one-on-one interview has gone online, and it features Lindelof talking about the reactions to the ending, his intent, and providing a little clarification on some vague points, but never clearing up the ambiguity of the show’s final scenes.  Hit the jump to check out the interview and my reaction to it.


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As I’ve said again and again,  Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon‘s The Cabin in the Woods is one of the best “horror” movies I’ve ever seen, and it’s easily one of my favorite films this year.  While many of you might love the horror genre, I find it repetitive and stale.  It seems like the genre is stuck in neutral, and no one is making any progress forward.  But that all changed after I saw Cabin in the Woods.  Without spoiling anything, let’s just say the film turns “horror” on its head, and I loved every second of it.  For more on the film, here’s Matt’s glowing review and interviews with Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford as well as Anna Hutchison, Jesse Williams & Kristen Connolly.

Right before this year’s SXSW, I sat down with co-writer and director Drew Goddard for an extended video interview. Since we both didn’t want to spoil any of the twists and turns of the movie, our conversation is spoiler free.  During the wide ranging conversation we talked about making The Cabin in the Woods, the status of the Cloverfield sequel, Alias, Buffy, Angel, Lost, (he was a writer on all four series) Steven Spielberg‘s Robopocalypse (which he’s writing), his reaction to seeing The Avengers, and a lot more.  Hit the jump to watch.


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MTV’s dark comedy series Death Valley follows the cops of the newly formed Undead Task Force, who dedicate their lives to capturing the zombies, vampires and werewolves that mysteriously descended upon the streets of California’s San Fernando Valley a year ago. Documenting each case, as well as their horrific yet comedic exploits is a daring camera crew that are as much in danger as the cops bent on keeping the streets safe from the presence of the paranormal.

During a recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, actress Tania Raymonde (who played Alex Rousseau on Lost) talked about how much she enjoys playing the kick-ass Officer Carla Rinaldi, how fun all the hardcore gore of the show is, the difficulty in keeping a straight face while filming with such funny actors, and that she would definitely love to explore the character more, for a second season. She also talked about her role in the upcoming The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D, that she was a fan of the original film, and how cool it was to get to work with some of the original cast members, who return for the first time in the history of the franchise. Check out what she had to say after the jump.

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