Will Forte Talks LIFE OF CRIME, How THE BROTHERS SOLOMON Got Him the Job, LAST MAN ON EARTH, the MACGRUBER Sequel, and More

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Life of CrimeDaniel Schecter’s adaptation of the Elmore Leonard novel The Switch, is now playing on VOD and in theaters.  The film features younger versions of the Robert De Niro and Samuel L. Jackson characters from another Leonard adaptation, Jackie Brown, with John Hawkes and Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) filling the roles this time around.  The story features Hawkes and Bey kidnapping the trophy wife (Jennifer Aniston) of a wealthy man (Tim Robbins) only to find out he doesn’t actually want her back.  The film also stars Mark Boone JuniorIsla FisherWill Forte.  Life of Crime is loaded with juicy characters and great dialogue, and it’s definitely worth checking out.  For more on the movie, read Matt’s review or watch the trailer.

At the recent Los Angeles press day for the film I landed an exclusive video interview with Will Forte.  He talked about making Life of Crime, how quickly he said yes to the project, how The Brothers Solomon got him the job, his gigantic beard he’s growing for the Fox series Last Man on Earth, how he got Chris Miller and Phil Lord to direct the pilot, the MacGruber sequel, and more.  Hit the jump to watch.

MACGRUBER 2 Update: Will Forte Talks Script Progress and Promises, “If Somebody Will Let Us Do It, Then We’ll Do It”

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macgruber 2 will forte

Will Forte is asked about MacGruber 2 whenever he makes the press rounds to promote another movie.  Last we checked, Forte said he met with MacGruber director/co-writer Jorma Taccone and they hammered out “a really solid first act.”  At a junket for Forte’s new movie Life of Crime, Steve asked Forte straight up if the inquiries about a MacGruber sequel ever get old.  Forte responded graciously, saying “it is very exciting because it means that people liked the first MacGruber.”

Forte went on to provide a status update about where he and Taccone are in the script process and reiterated their commitment to making MacGruber 2—if somebody will fund it.  We’ll have the full Life of Crime interview up next week, but hit the jump for Forte’s  MacGruber 2 update.

Will Forte Talks NEBRASKA, Working with Bruce Dern and June Squibb, His Personal Takeaway from the Production, MACGRUBER 2, and More

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Will Forte is an incredibly charming actor, and while he’s known mostly for his comedic work, he turned in a subtle, moving performance in Alexander Payne‘s dramedy, Nebraska.  For those who haven’t seen the film, the story centers on Woody Grant (Bruce Dern), who believes he’s won a million dollars in a sweepstakes.  His son David (Forte), unable to convince his father that it’s a scam reluctantly drives with Woody to Nebraska to pick up the “winnings”.  It’s a wonderful picture, and because it was recently released on Blu-ray/DVD/digital download, I got the chance to talk about it with Forte.

During our conversation, Will Forte talked about getting comfortable working alongside his talented co-stars, the freedom to find the character, what he personally took away from working on the film, and more.  He also provided a brief update on the status of MacGruber 2.  Hit the jump to check out the interview.

Kristen Wiig Talks THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY, Working with Ben Stiller, How She Prepares for a Role, Future Projects, and More

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Now playing in theaters is Ben Stiller‘s latest directorial effort The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  In the film, Stiller stars as the eponymous LIFE Magazine negative asset manager who, incapable of standing up for himself in the real world, retreats to a fantasy where he becomes his poised, confident opposite.  On his quest, he seeks to find a missing image taken by a photographer played by Sean Penn.  The movie also stars Kristen Wiig as his love interest, and Adam ScottShirley MacLainePatton Oswalt, and Kathryn Hahn.  While Stiller is known for his great work behind the camera on Tropic Thunder and ZoolanderWalter Mitty is definitely his most adult effort to date and the film is a beautiful look at life.

At the New York City press day, I landed a video interview with Kristen Wiig.  She talked about working for Ben Stiller, how it was a cool project because it’s not just a comedy or a drama, how she prepares for a role, other projects like Anchorman 2, How to Train Your Dragon 2 and the possibility of a MacGruber sequel, and more.  Hit the jump to watch

Will Forte Talks NEBRASKA, His Greatest Fears During the Shoot, What he Learned from Bruce Dern, MACGRUBER 2, and More

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will forte slice

Will Forte, the comedic actor best known for his absurd SNL characters MacGruber and The Falconer, shows unforeseen dramatic range in Alexander Payne’s Nebraska.  Forte stars as David Grant, the youngest son to the mentally deteriorating Woody Grant (Bruce Dern).  When Woody mistakenly believes a Million Dollar Marketing Scam to be legitimate, his youngest son David obliges his father’s fantasy and takes him on a cross-state trip to collect the non-existent prize money.  Forte, who spends a vast majority of the film in one-on-one scenes with acting legend Dern, more than holds his own.  Forte ably imbues the pain and disappointment behind each kind act David does for his unreceptive father.  It’s an incredibly subtle and restrained performance from an actor renowned for the outlandish and the silly.

In the following interview with Will Forte, he discusses his greatest fears during the film shoot, the dynamic on set with Bruce Dern and what acting lessons Dern offered to him. In addition, Forte also touched upon how far along he is into writing MacGruber 2. For the full interview, hit the jump. 

Will Forte Says He’s Locking Himself in a Room on June 10th to Write MACGRUBER 2

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Kristen Wiig Ryan Phillippe MacGruber slice

I’ve come to the conclusion that MacGruber 2 is the new Anchorman 2.  It’s the sequel we’ll want for years and years, but the studio will keep waiting to see if the cult fanbase is big enough to warrant a greenlight (or if there’s an empty spot in their calendar).  It’s also worth noting that Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy made waaaaaay more money than MacGruber.  But Will Forte can look forward to being asked about MacGruber 2 every time he does an interview, and he still seems fairly optimistic about the possibility.  In April, he said “there will be some form” of the sequel, and now he tells Rolling Stone, “June 10th my writing partners John Solomon, Jorma Taccone, and I are locking ourselves in a room and writing it.”  Forte also told Rolling Stone there have been discussions about bringing back Kristen Wiig and Ryan Phillippe.  Of course, last June, Forte said he would be writing the script in the next six months, so he could just be messing with us.

Even if we hold out hope for a MacGruber 2, we shouldn’t expect it for years unless Forte rockets to the A-list.  If he receives enough critical acclaim and attention for his performance in Alexander Payne‘s new drama, Nebraska, that might not be out of the realm of possibility.  In the meantime, just keep chanting “KFBR392″.

Will Forte Says “There Will Be Some Form of MACGRUBER 2″

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MacGruber has had an interesting journey from an easily dismissed adaptation to box office flop to cult hit.  It continues to rack up devotees who happily quote it and know what “KFBR392″ means.  But despite these fans, MacGruber 2 looks highly unlikely.  Last June, star and co-writer Will Forte said he didn’t think any sane person would fund it, but he added that they were definitely writing the script within the next six months.  Forte can always look forward to fans asking about a sequel, and he recently provided an update while doing press for his upcoming drama, Run and Jump.

Hit the jump for what Forte had to say about MacGruber 2.  Forte will next be voicing a new character in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, and he’s playing the lead in Nebraska, the new film from Alexander Payne (The Descendants).

THE COLLISION: Episode 39 – The VERONICA MARS Movie Kickstarter

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This week on The Collision, we debate about the Veronica Mars Kickstarter, although our debate eventually turns to concerns that go beyond the points I brought up in my recent editorial.  We talk about if fans are investors, the consequences of lacking details at this point in the film’s development, and more.  As always, we finish up with our recommendations.

Click here to listen to the new episode of The Collision, click here for the previous episode (“The 85th Academy Awards”), click here to add the podcast to your RSS, and click here to find us on iTunes. To keep up to date with The Collision, you can follow us on Twitter at @MattGoldberg, @AdamChitwood, and @DrClawMD (Dave Trumbore). Hit the jump to check out the trailers for this week’s recommendations.

Will Forte Doesn’t Think Any Sane Person Would Fund MACGRUBER 2 (Update: Forte Confirms 100% Chance of a MACGRUBER 2 Script in the Next Six Months)

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Kristen Wiig Ryan Phillippe MacGruber slice

Last week, MacGruber director Jorma Taccone had to go and fuck with us by getting our hopes up for a sequel to his cult hit comedy.  Taccone says when he gets together with Will Forte and co-writer John Solomon, they kick around ideas like wanting the film to take place on Christmas (like Die Hard) and even had a title planned.  In all fairness, he didn’t say any studio was interested, but it was still nice to think that the creators hadn’t cast the world’s worst special agent aside.

However, Forte has now provided us with a reality check.  Hit the jump for more. (Update: Forte commented further on MacGruber 2. Hit the jump to see what he had to say.)

Director Jorma Taccone Confirms He’s Working on MACGRUBER 2 with Will Forte

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In the pantheon of feature films born out of SNL skits, there’s a big hit-and-miss factor; for every Wayne’s World, there’s three It’s Pat’s.  A film version of MacGruber hit theaters in 2010 and any way you slice it, the movie was a disaster at the box office.  Against a budget of $10 million, the film grossed a total of $9.2 million worldwide.  I wasn’t a huge fan of Will Forte’s MacGruber sketch to begin with, so I wasn’t about to go sit through a 90-minute version in theaters.  However, the film hit DVD and I started hearing from trustworthy friends that it was actually good.

After being commanded to watch it multiple times, I finally relented and watched MacGruber myself.  It turns out that the film is actually pretty fantastic.  The jokes are ridiculously out-there, and Forte and director Jorme Taccone got away with making an insane comedy within the studio system.  So it’s with great enthusiasm that I greeted the news today that Taccone and Forte are working on a follow-up to MacGruber that may or may not come to fruition.  Hit the jump for more.

Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim and Will Forte Talk TIM & ERIC’S BILLION DOLLAR MOVIE

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One of the many films to premiere at this year’s Sundance Film Festival was Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie (which is now playing on VOD and in theaters March 2).  The pic marks the first feature-length film from the comedy duo of Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim and it stars Zach Galifianakis, John C. Reilly, Will Ferrell, Will Forte and Jeff Goldblum.   It’s pretty much what you’re expecting from the oddball team.  For more on the film, here’s the red band and the green band trailer.

During Sundance I was able to sit down with Heidecker, Wareheim and Forte for an extended interview.  We talked about premiering at Sundance, how the project came together, is the movie more scripted than their TV work, their thoughts on VOD, what will be on the DVD/Blu-ray, financing, what’s coming up for the three of them, and a lot more.  Hit the jump to watch.

Weekend Box Office – MEGAMIND Leads Strong Weekend with $47.7 Million; DUE DATE Second with $33.5 Million

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Hollywood finally got some box office results worth celebrating as all three of this weekend’s major new releases performed at or above industry projections. The combined grosses of Megamind, Due Date and For Colored Girls made this the most lucrative early November frame since 2003 and promises studios glad tidings for the 2010 holiday season to come.

Title Weekend Total
1 Megamind $47,700,000 $47.7
2 Due Date $33,500,000 $33.5
3 For Colored Girls $20,100,000 $20.1
4 Red $8,850,000 $71.9
5 Saw 3D $8,200,000 $38.8
6 Paranormal Activity 2 $7,290,000 $77.2
7 Jackass 3D $5,000,000 $110.8
8 Hereafter $4,020,000 $28.7
9 Secretariat $4,000,000 $50.9
10 The Social Network $3,600,000 $85


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Kristen Wiig Ryan Phillippe MacGruber slice

When it was first announced, MacGruber seemed like the most dubious Saturday Night Live movie since It’s Pat!. Unlike previous films based upon the late night sketch show’s characters, MacGruber could not even carry five minutes of screen time. Instead, it managed only one to two, always punctuated by the exact same Aeon Flux-esque closing gag in which all of the protagonists meet an untimely end.

Expectations rose when Lonely Island member Jorma Taccone was placed in the director’s chair backed by the legitimate A-list talents of Ryan Phillipe and Val Kilmer. Suddenly, what had once sounded like the single worst idea for a movie in a great many years had a chance to be the next Wayne’s World, or at least the next Night at the Roxbury.

Is it? No. Not really. But it is very funny. Sometimes. More after the jump:

Friday Box Office – DESPICABLE ME On Top With $21.7 million, ECLIPSE Falls To Second; PREDATORS Stalks Third

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After opening at number one on Friday, Despicable Me is now on track to become Universal’s first bona fide hit since the summer of 2008. No kidding. The 3D animated film brought in an estimated $21.7 million yesterday, and as only 44% percent of the 3,476 locations screening the family film are 3D equipped, that qualifies as a BIG win for the studio that, earlier this summer, brought you MacGruber. With a Saturday boost factored in for the PG flick, Despicable Me could hit a three day total of $55 million. That would keep last week’s headline-whore Eclipse in second place after earning $11 million on its second Friday. Robert Rodriguez’s Predators took third with an estimated $10.5 million from its 2,661 locations. That puts the reboot on track for a weekend in the $30 million neighborhood – basically the same neighborhood that Alien Vs. Predator inhabited in the summer of 2004. Full weekend results await when when you check back here tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 Despicable Me $21,700,000 $21.7
2 Twilight Saga: Eclipse $11,000,000 $214.6
3 Predators $10.500,000 $10.5
4 Toy Story 3 $6,500,000 $323.4
5 The Last Airbender $5.200,000 $88.2

Friday Box Office – TOY STORY 3 Opens BIG With $41 Million

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Taking the guesswork out of my job completely, Pixar extended its run of impressive box office performances on Friday with the release of Toy Story 3. Debuting in 4,028 theatres, including a record-setting 2,463 3D venues, Buzz and Woody took in an estimated $41 million – nearly double the previous first day record for a Pixar release. With overwhelmingly glowing reviews to match the film’s built-in, um… buzz, Toy Story 3 will easily top The Incredibles’ $70.5 million opening weekend record and may even surpass Shrek the Third to claim the all-time animated opening record of $121.6 million by this time Monday. And then there’s Jonah Hex. The weekend’s other major release notched a puny $2 million on Friday from its 2,825 locations on its way to a weekend in the $6 million range – only slightly better than MacGruber. Full details on this weekend’s highs and lows when you check back tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 Toy Story 3 $41,000,000 $41
2 The Karate Kid $8,900,000 $86.1
3 The A-Team $3,900,000 $39.9
4 Shrek 4 $2,500,000 $219.9
5 Jonah Hex $2,000,000 $2
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