Michael Cera and Director Sebastián Silva Talk CRYSTAL FAIRY, Filming a Realistic Portrayal of a Drug Trip, MAGIC MAGIC, Future Projects, and More

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Opening tomorrow in NYC, L.A., and other selected cities is director Sebastian Silva’s drug fueled comedy Crystal Fairy.  The film stars Michael Cera as an American expat who, while on a trip in Chile, sets out in search of the prized San Pedro cactus along with three Chilean brothers in order to reap its hallucinatory benefits.  The pic is one of two Michael Cera-led indies that Silva shot in Chile, with the other being the psychological horror pic Magic Magic.  Both premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year.  Crystal Fairy also stars Gaby Hoffman, Juan Andres Silva, Jose Miguel Silva, and Agustin Silva.

During the recent L.A. press day, I landed an exclusive interview with Cera and Silva.  They talked about how they started working together, filming a realistic portrayal of a drug trip, the shooting process, how much was improvised, did they make any changes since premiering at Sundance, Gaby Hoffman’s amazing performance, Magic Magic, future projects, and a lot more.  Hit the jump to watch and definitely check out Crystal Fairy.

First Trailer for Psychological Horror Film MAGIC MAGIC Starring Michael Cera and Juno Temple

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Sony Pictures has released the first trailer for writer/director Sebastian Silva’s psychological horror film Magic Magic.  The pic stars Juno Temple as a young girl who starts to lose her mind while vacationing with friends in Chile, with Michael Cera taking an incredibly dark turn as an acquaintance of Temple’s character who has a rather peculiar fascination with the girl.  The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year to mostly positive reviews, and while audiences sparked to the unsettling nature of the film, it’s not exactly a highly mainstream concept.  As such, Sony decided to go direct-to-DVD with the pic.  Nevertheless, this trailer is certainly tantalizing and the pic looks to be worth seeing for Cera’s performance alone.  Silva and Cera also have another collaboration that premiered at Sundance called Crystal Fairy, and that film is slated for a theatrical release later this year.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer for Magic Magic.  The film also stars Emily Browning, Catalina Sandino Moreno, and Agustin Silva

Sundance 2013: Images from New Additions MAGIC MAGIC, MUSCLE SHOALS and Robert Rodriguez’s EL MARIACHI “From the Collection” Screening

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The 2013 Sundance Film Festival recently announced some new additions to their screening line-up, so we put together some images from the following films:

  • Magic Magic – Written and directed by Sebastian Silva and starring Michael Cera, Juno Temple, Emily Browning, Catalina Sandino Moreno and Augustín Silva.
  • Muscle Shoals – A musical documentary from Greg “Freddy” Camalier, featuring Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Gregg Allman, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Alicia Keys, Bono and others.
  • El Mariachi (1993) – Directed by Robert Rodriguez and written by Rodriguez and Carlos Gallardo, El Mariachi stars Gallardo, Consuelo Gomez, Jaime De Hoyos, Peter Marquardt and Reinol Martinez.

Hit the jump to check out the images and synopses.  The 2013 Sundance Film Festival runs from January 17 – 27th.

Sundance 2013 Adds MAGIC MAGIC, MUSCLE SHOALS, WRONG COPS and Robert Rodriguez’s EL MARIACHI

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If the current line-up of screenings at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival wasn’t enough for you, these new additions might be enough to win you over:

  • The world premiere of Magic Magic, from writer/director Sebastian Silva (The Maid), starring Michael Cera, Juno Temple and Emily Browning.
  • The world premiere of Muscle Shoals, a documentary from Greg “Freddy” Camalier about the founding of FAME Studios, with appearances by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Gregg Allman and more.
  • Wrong Cops, from writer/director Quentin Dupieux (Rubber), starring Mark Burnham, Marilyn Manson, Steve Little and Eric Wareheim in 45 minutes of in-progress footage.
  • A screening of Robert Rodriguez’s 1993 film, El Mariachi, returning for it’s 20th anniversary of premiering at Sundance, now as part of the “From the Collection” series.

Hit the jump for more details.

Michael Cera Believes in MAGIC, MAGIC

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Absent from the silver screen since last summer’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Michael Cera has decided to follow-up that sparkling turn with the indie thriller Magic, Magic. Variety reports that Sebastian Silva will pull writing and directing duties on the project which tells the story of a young girl who begins to lose her mind while vacationing with friends in Chile. Details regarding Cera’s role are not released in the report. Candidates for the female lead are currently unknown as well. While I obviously don’t have a ton of details to go on right now, I have to say that I’m excited to see Cera take on a role in a “thriller.” I’ve always found him to be a talented comedic actor, but a little diversity never hurt anyone. For now, consider me interested Magic, Magic.

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