Sundance 2013: WHO IS DAYANI CRISTAL? Review

by     Posted 1 year, 338 days ago


We can accept poverty as long as it doesn’t have a face, a name, a family, an identity.  We know that illegal immigration is a “problem”, and yet we often consider it a solution.  It’s a cheap workforce that does menial labor.  We don’t want them gone; we just don’t want to look them in the eye because we know how they got here and how they’re treated.  We’ve thrown up a barrier both emotional and physical.  Marc Silver and Gael Garcia Bernal attempt to tear down the physical wall by breaking down the emotional one.  By exploring the life of a single immigrant who died trying to find a better life, Silver and Bernal have taken a fresh approach to a familiar issue.  Their film only falters when they try to present a perfect face rather than a human one.

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