Check Out a Preview of Hero Complex Gallery’s RED Show; Opens in L.A. Tomorrow Night

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Hero Complex Gallery RED Show image slice

On Friday, July 5th, Hero Complex Gallery in L.A., along with Planet Pulp, will open their new gallery show “RED”.  As the name implies, the art will be done in the theme of the color.  With at least 50 artists contributing, there is going to be quite a bit of new art to take in.  So far, there seems to be quite a diverse interpretation of the theme, which should make for a very interesting show.  I am particularly interested to see Marie Bergeron’s Apocalypse Now piece in person.  J.P. Valderrama has two new Akira pieces, one for Kaneda and the other for Tetsuo, which are sure to be fan favorites.  Also, Marko Manev brings another great piece, this time for Dexter, just in time for the start of the final season.

Check out some previews after the jump.

Limited Paper: WORLD WAR Z Invades Poster World with New Artwork from Marko Manev, David Moscati, Matt Ferguson, Chris Garofalo and Marie Bergeron

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Like a lot of you guys, Limited Paper’s intrigued to get a look at Marc Forster’s World War Z, the  big-budget, epic-scale, Brad Pitt-starring adaptation of the beloved Max Brooks novel.  But whereas everyone else has been asking questions like “How’s the CGI on the zombies?” or “How faithful is the film to the book?”, our primary concern is this:  “Will there be World War Z posters?”

There will, in fact, be World War Z posters, and we’ve got the images and specs direct from the people at Paramount to prove it.  Wanna see the prints that artists Marko Manev, David Moscati, Marie Bergeron, Matt Ferguson, and Chris Garofolo created in anticipation of the film’s June 21st release?  Wanna know where to get ‘em, and how some very cool World War Z fan are is involved?  Answers await you after the jump, folks.

Check Out Some Fan-Made Posters for WORLD WAR Z

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I was unimpressed by the Super Bowl spot for World War Z, and the behind-the-scenes disasters don’t give me much hope for the flick, but eight artists are keeping the hope alive, or at least they care enough to make some great posters.  It’s fascinating to see how different artists have approached a movie they haven’t seen, although I assume that at least some of the artists have Max Brooks‘ novel.  I don’t know if Paramount is legally allowed to purchase these posters for their marketing materials, but the studio should at least take note of the kind of styles that are available to them.

Hit the jump to check out the posters.  The film stars Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, Matthew Fox, James Badge Dale, and David MorseWorld War Z opens on June 21st.

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