The Films of David Fincher: THE SOCIAL NETWORK

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[With the upcoming release of his new film Gone Girl, I’m taking a look back at the work of director David Fincher.  These articles contain spoilers.]

If The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a director and a screenwriter working at cross-purposes, then The Social Network are the two sides working in perfect harmony.  Fincher’s cold, austere tone was energized by Aaron Sorkin‘s fast-paced, witty dialogue, and Sorkin’s grandiloquent verbiage was grounded by Fincher’s realism.  In some ways, the movie is highly stylized and yet it’s indisputably honest when it comes to the characters, stakes, environment, and tension of the story.  The facts may be in dispute, but this much is true: The Social Network is one of the defining works of the 21st century.

International HORNS Trailer Ditches the Comedy and Puts Creepy Visuals and Suspense in Its Place

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It’s been a little tough getting used to Daniel Radcliffe as a guy with horns on his head, but ever since the trailers for Alexandre Aja’s adaptation of the Joe Hill novel, Horns, started hitting, it’s become easier and easier to take it for what it is and appreciate the fun and absurdity of the situation.

That last trailer was a major game changer courtesy of the surprising sense of humor and playful tone and now this new one does the same, but by taking a different approach.  There are no jokes here, but rather a very thoughtful representation of Ig’s love life followed by a far darker and horror-like summary of what goes down after his girlfriend (Juno Temple) is murdered and he winds up with horns on him.  Hit the jump to catch the latest Horns trailer yourself.  The film will arrive in theaters on October 31st and also stars Max Minghella, Joe Anderson, Kelli Garner and James Remar.

HORNS Trailer and Poster: Is Daniel Radcliffe the Devil?

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The first Horns trailer and poster have arrived for director Alexandre Aja’s (The Hills Have Eyes) adaptation of the Joe Hill novel.  The film stars Daniel Radcliffe as Ig Perrish, the main suspect in the rape and murder of his girlfriend (Juno Temple).  He wakes one morning to find horns growing from his head, appendages that have the ability to force confessions from strangers, which aid him in his quest to find the real killer and exact his revenge.  RADiUS-TWC is bringing the pic to Comic-Con next week, and it’s not hard to see why.  There’s an obvious genre bent here, but I’m really curious to see how Radcliffe fills the lead role.  We don’t see much of his performance in this teaser trailer, but hopefully we’ll find out more during the film’s Hall H panel next Friday.

Hit the jump to check out the first Horns trailer and poster, and be sure to check out Steve’s video interviews with Radcliffe & Temple and Aja from TIFF.  The film also stars Max Minghella, James Remar, Joe Anderson, and Kelli GarnerHorns opens in theaters and on VOD this Halloween.

Josh Gad, Jessica Szohr and Max Minghella Talk THE INTERNSHIP, Quidditch, Google Bacon, Future Projects, and More

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With director Shawn Levy’s The Internship opening this weekend, 20th Century Fox recently held a press junket at Google where we were able to speak with the cast.  If you’re not familiar with The Internship, the film re-teams Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn as two out-of-work salesmen who attempt to reinvent themselves by competing against young up-and-comers for an internship at Google.  The film also stars Rose Byrne, Dylan O’Brien, B.J. Novak, and John Goodman.  For more on the film, watch these clips.

During the interview, they talked about finding the right tone and how the movie is not dark or cynical, relationships, Quidditch, what they learned about Google that first surprised them, future projects, and more.  Hit the jump to watch.


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A film that feels like one long advertisement shouldn’t be much of a shock.  Advertising surrounds us (it even surrounds this review you’re reading), and while some companies will settle for product placement or marketing tie-ins, that’s small-time thinking.  Google is a portal to the Internet, and if it’s going to be in a movie, it’s going to be the movie.  If most reviews say that The Internship feels like one giant advertisement for Google, that’s only because it’s pretty much true.  Shawn Levy‘s comedy is filled with stock characters, lethargic storytelling, and slogs through a bloated runtime as stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson try to scrap together any laughs they can.  Even though Google dominates the picture, The Internship undermines the company by making it look like the most superficial and horrible place to work.

New Images from THE INTERNSHIP Starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn

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20th Century Fox has provided us with a number of new images from director Shawn Levy‘s The Internship, and a few of them are exclusive.  If you’re not familiar with The Internship, which opens June 7th, the film reteams Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn as two out-of-work salesmen who attempt to reinvent themselves by competing against young up-and-comers for an internship at Google.  The film also stars Max MinghellaRose ByrneDylan O’Brien, and Jessica Szohr.

Last year I got to visit the set when they were filming in Atlanta, and I watched the cast film a very funny scene featuring everyone getting to know one another.  In take after take, I saw the way Vaughn, Wilson and Levy would slightly adjust the dialogue and reactions so they’d have plenty of choices in the editing room.  In addition, it was great to see the cast and crew try and hold it together until Levy called cut.  As soon as he did, the room lit up with laughter.  Based on what I saw and learned on set, I think The Internship is going to be a winner.  Hit the jump for the images.

New Trailer for THE INTERNSHIP Starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson

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20th Century Fox has released a new trailer for director Shawn Levy’s comedy The Internship.  The film reteams Wedding Crashers stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson as two out-of-work salesmen who attempt to reinvent themselves by competing against young up-and-comers for an internship at Google.  This trailer delves a bit deeper into the film’s plot, as we learn that those competing for the internship at Google are split up into teams and Vaughn and Wilson find themselves in the “misfit” group.  There are a few new jokes here and there, but the highlight is the appearance of Book of Mormon star Josh Gad who has a nice bit in this trailer.

Hit the jump to watch the new trailer.  The film also stars Rose Byrne, Aasif Mandvi, Max Minghella, Dylan O’Brien, and Jessica SzohrThe Internship opens on June 7th.

First Trailer for THE INTERNSHIP Starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson

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The first trailer for director Shawn Levy’s upcoming comedy The Internship has been released online.  The film stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson as two old school salesmen who haven’t kept up with the digital age.  When they suddenly become unemployed, they attempt to remake themselves by interning at a major tech company.  The trailer shows that the chemistry between Vaughn and Wilson is still strong and there are plenty of one-liners and laughs to be found without giving the whole movie away.  A very promising start for The Internship.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  The film also stars Max Minghella, Rose Byrne, Dylan O’Brien, and Jessica SzohrThe Internship opens on June 7th.

Aubrey Plaza and John C. Reilly to Lead LIFE AFTER BETH; Oscar Isaac and Max Minghella Join MEMORIAL DAY

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We’ve got a couple of casting stories to share this morning.  First up, the most-excellent Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) and the always-reliable John C. Reilly have been set to star in the zombie comedy Life After Beth.  Per a report in The Guardian (via The Playlist), Jeff Baena (I Heart Huckabees) will write and direct.  Though plot details on the original script are hard to come by at the moment, Plaza describes it as “a really fucked-up movie.”

Plaza has been killing it in smaller comedic roles over the past few years, not to mention her fantastic work on NBC’s stellar comedy Parks and Recreation, but she proved her talent in the drama realm as well with this year’s Sundance hit Safety Not Guaranteed.  The pairing of Plaza and Reilly sounds like a great match, and production on Life After Beth is reportedly set to start this spring.  Hit the jump for casting news concerning the crime drama Memorial Day

First Look at Daniel Radcliffe in HORNS

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Daniel Radcliffe has traded in his Harry Potter scar for some more obvious prosthetics in Hornsa new film from director Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes).  Adapted by Keith Bunin from the Joe Hill novel of the same name, Horns centers on Ignatius “Ig” Perrish (Radcliffe), a young man who wakes up to find himself accused of the violent rape and murder of his girlfriend.  Oh, and he has horns growing out of his forehead that seem to come with the bonus powers of forcing people to confess their sins and getting them to give in to their darkest impulses.  Horns also stars Juno Temple, Max Minghella, James Remar and Kelli Garner.  Hit the jump to see the horns and to read what Radcliffe had to say about the much darker role.

Paddy Considine Reteams with Edgar Wright for THE WORLD’S END; Max Minghella Eyes HORNS Opposite Daniel Radcliffe

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We’ve got a couple of casting stories to share this afternoon.  First up, Hot Fuzz scene-stealer Paddy Considine is set to reteam with director Edgar Wright and stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost for the comedy The World’s End.  The plot centers on five childhood friends going through an epic pub crawl in order to reach the fabled pub, The World’s End.  But as they make their way to the pub, they discover that the fate of humankind is on the line.  Rosamund Pike is set as the film’s female lead, a woman who shares a romantic past with Pegg’s character, and Variety reports that Considine will play “a former ladies man and musician who has grown up to be a divorced architect.”

Considine has appeared in Submarine and The Bourne Ultimatum and made his directorial debut to much acclaim with last year’s Tyrannosaur.  Production on The World’s End begins next month.  Hit the jump for casting news concerning The Social Network’s Max Minghella teaming up with Daniel Radcliffe for a truly crazy-sounding fantasy thriller.

First Trailer for 10 YEARS Starring Channing Tatum, Rosario Dawson and Chris Pratt

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We’ve got the first trailer for 10 Years, an ensemble comedy centering on a group of friends at their high school reunion.  The directorial debut of Jamie Linden (Dear John), 10 Years stars Channing Tatum as Jake, who is ready to propose to his girlfriend (Jenna Dewan-Tatum) until he runs into his old flame (Rosario Dawson) at the reunion.  The film also stars Chris Pratt, Justin Long, Max Minghella, Kate Mara, Oscar Isaac, Ari Graynor and Lynn Collins.  Hit the jump to watch the trailer.

Stephen Moyer Joins DEVIL’S KNOT, Rose Byrne Takes THE INTERNSHIP

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More casting additions for you today.  Here they are in brief:

  • Stephen Moyer (True Blood) is set to join director Atom Egoyan’s Devil’s Knot, a feature starring Colin Firth and Reese Witherspoon based on the true life tale of the West Memphis Three.
  • Rose Byrne (X-Men: First Class) will star in Shawn Levy’s The Internship, which reunites Wedding Crashers comics, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

Hit the jump for more on each picture.

Casting Call: Max Minghella May Take THE INTERNSHIP, Taylor Schilling to STAY and Brie Larson Joins THE SPECTACULAR NOW

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Here are a few recent casting notes at a glance:

Hit the jump for more on each film.


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Computer generated imagery has revolutionized movies, of which there’s no doubt, but one of the side effects it that it’s made spectacle boring. You can destroy anything, create fantastical creatures, and combine different takes into one without audiences noticing at the click of a button. The one thing you can’t create with a computer is a compelling story, which is why The Darkest Hour is such a dull slog. Emile Hirsch, Olivia Thirlby, and Max Minghella lead a pack of Americans who are stuck in Russia when an alien invasion hits. Our review of the Blu-ray follows after the jump.

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