Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone Set Up Three New Projects: MICHELLE DARNELL, COUSIN IRV FROM MARS, and JUST DO IT

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Bridesmaids breakout Melissa McCarthy is set to make her feature debut as a leading lady this weekend with the release of the comedy Identity Thief, but the actress and her husband Ben Falcone are already setting up three more upcoming projects with their newly-formed On the Day production banner.  Briefly:

  • Michelle Darnell – McCarthy will star in and produce this comedy for Universal based on an original character of her creation and a story idea hatched by McCarthy and Falcone.  Falcone will produce and write the script alongside McCarthy and Groundlings member Steve Mallory.
  • Cousin Irv From Mars – This adaptation of the upcoming book by Bruce Eric Kaplan (Girls) will be developed by On the Day at Universal, with Kaplan writing the script.  The story centers on a boy and his weird cousin who happens to be from Mars.
  • Just Do It – McCarthy and Falcone board this Fox adaptation of the sex-help book of the same name by Douglas Brown.  The duo will produce and take a pass on the existing script by Michael Aguilar (The Departed), and McCarthy is attached to appear in the film.

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Alan Yang Hits the JACKPOT at 20th Century Fox

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Alan Yang, who worked as a consultant on South Park before his latest stint as a writer for Parks and Recreations, has just sold his film pitch for Jackpot to 20th Century Fox. Variety describes the film as a teen version of the Kevin Spacey-headlined 21 and centers on a group of friends who win the lottery while they are still in high school. Jackpot will be produced by Michael Aguilar (Semi-Pro, What Happened in Vegas) through his newly formed, Fox-based Dos Tontos production company. The film will probably not garner the same critical recognition as Danny Boyle’s similarly themed Millions but it is always nice to see a writer break through and secure that first movie deal.

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