Limited Paper: Mondo Dropping Their Two Latest LOONEY TUNES Posters Tomorrow Morning!

by     Posted 2 years, 12 days ago

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When Mondo announces a new series, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be focusing solely on that series until it wraps.  Instead, Mondo seems to like keeping us on our toes by having about half a dozen different series in play at any given time.  Some of ‘em wrap quickly, while others keep going for quite a while.  Take their Looney Tunes series: Tom Whalen kicked off that license with a Duck Dodgers print all the way back in March (at the opening of the Mondo Gallery).

He’s handled each of the Looney Tunes print that followed, and most expected him to see the series through to its conclusion.  But today Mondo announced something surprising: not only are they dropping two new Looney Tunes posters tomorrow…but neither of them was created by Tom Whalen.  Surprised?  Wanna see who is handling the next two prints in this series?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

Limited Paper: Spoke Art’s Third-Annual BAD DADS Show (Based on the Films of Wes Anderson) Opens, Prints on Sale Today!

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The folks at Spoke Art have an annual tradition, one that celebrates one of our greatest living entertainers by hiring dozens of artists to produce pieces of art based around that entertainer’s most cherished works.  We’re speaking, of course, about Spoke Art’s long-running Forever The Boss:  The Filmography of Tony Danza Retold Via Knitted Sweaters.  As you might expect, this series hasn’t sold a single piece since its 1988 inception.  It is the art world’s biggest ongoing catastrophic failure, truly one for the books.

Thank God, then, that the Spoke Art guys have another annual show that’s proved to be far more popular:  Bad Dads, an annual showcase of screenprints, paintings, and other works of art based around the filmography of Wes Anderson.  They just opened their third Bad Dads show:  wanna see some of the artwork from that show, and find out where you can buy some of those prints?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

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