Chris Hemsworth Taps Into Cyber-Attack Fears in New BLACKHAT Trailer for Michael Mann’s Thriller

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Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures have released a new Blackhat trailer for the upcoming film from Heat and Collateral director Michael Mann.  The thriller stars Chris Hemsworth as a furloughed convict who is enlisted to hunt a high-level cybercrime network from Chicago to Los Angeles to Hong Kong to Jakarta.  This new trailer makes the movie look much more compelling than the previous one, which felt more like a generic thriller to me.  Additionally, given the recent devastating attack on Sony Pictures’ network, the cyber-attack aspect of the film feels especially relevant.  I’d be wary of the premise turning into just another Jason Statham actioner in the hands of a less interesting filmmaker, but I’m very curious to see what Mann does with the material.

Check out the new Blackhat trailer after the jump.  The film also stars Viola Davis, Tang Wei, and Wang LeehomBlackhat opens in theaters on January 16, 2015.

New BLACKHAT Trailer and Images Have Chris Hemsworth Going around the Globe to Stop Cybercrime in Michael Mann’s New Thriller

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Legendary and Universal have released the first trailer for Michael Mann‘s new film, BlackhatChris Hemsworth plays “a furloughed convict and his American and Chinese partners as they hunt a high-level cybercrime network,” and that brief logline is really all I can tell you after watching this trailer, which seems startling schizophrenic.  There are crime aspects, but there’s also globe-trotting action spectacle along with “serious” commentary on our digitally interconnected world.  I like how it’s trying to be scary about how “vulnerable” we all are even though that’s just life.  I’m really hoping this movie is more than sensationalism, and Mann has delivered something that’s on par with the thoughtful crime films we’ve seen from him in the past.

Hit the jump to check out the Blackhat trailer along with 10 new images.  The film opens January 16, 2015, and also stars Viola Davis, Tang Wei, and Wang Leehom.

Chris Moore Talks THE CHAIR, Choosing Shane Dawson and Anna Martemucci for the Competition, GOOD WILL HUNTING, SURVIVOR’S REMORSE and More

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Created by Chris Moore (Good Will Hunting, American Pie), the executive producer of Project Greenlight, the Starz original series The Chair is a filmmaking experience the follows two first-time directors who are given the opportunity to direct separate films adapted from the same screenplay.  From very different backgrounds, Shane Dawson is one of the biggest comedians on YouTube, with over 10 million subscribers, while Anna Martemucci co-wrote, produced and starred in the feature film Breakup at a Wedding.  But through this process, they both have the common goal of making a full-length feature that is uniquely them and something that that can be proud of, and then it’s up to the viewers to ultimately determine which director will be awarded $250,000.

During this exclusive interview with Collider, producer Chris Moore talked about what he was hoping to get from this experiment, how it’s turned out different from what he expected, why audiences have lost their appreciation for professional storytelling versus amateur storytelling, how they considered five different filmmakers before narrowing it down to the two currently in the competition, the challenges of low-budget filmmaking, whether he had to step in with either of the filmmakers, why final cut is such a big deal, what type of professional filmmakers he’d like to see go head-to-head in future seasons, his other Starz TV series Survivor’s Remorse, and the movie he’s currently trying to put together with Matt Damon.  He also talked about the time he spent working with Mel Gibson and Michael Mann, before finally deciding on Gus Van Sant to direct Good Will Hunting, and what their version of that film would have looked like.  Check out what he had to say after the jump.

BLACKHAT Comic-Con Panel Recap: First Look at Michael Mann’s Cybercrime Drama Starring Chris Hemsworth; Plus New Image and Logo

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Michael Mann knows his crime dramas.  Heat is one of the most celebrated crime flicks of all time.  He’s a director who wants to find that kind of drama in different kinds of criminal acts, periods, and settings.  Now he’s turning his attention to the world of cybercrime with Blackhat (formerly called Cyber).  It was a surprising part of Legendary’s Comic-Con presentation because it’s not a fantastical story.  It’s disturbingly close to reality.

Hit the jump for the Blackhat Comic-Con panel recap.

Rumor: Could a NAMOR Movie Be Universal and Legendary’s Secret Project? [Updated: Is GODZILLA Screenwriter Max Borenstein Working on the Script?]

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Just yesterday, Universal Pictures announced they would be releasing the Legendary Pictures Untitled 2016 Event Project on Friday, November 4, 2016.  Pretty innocuous, right?  That is until you start to scroll through the lists of superhero properties that belong to certain studios but have yet to see the big screen.  Surprise, surprise!  Universal has managed to survive the mergers and acquisitions wars with one lone Marvel property intact: Namor the Sub-Mariner.  Now, Universal’s got plenty of their own IP to worry about, what with their monstrous reboots on the way, but their recent deal with Legendary suggests a superhero launch could be just over the horizon.  Hit the jump for more. [Update: We've added a comment from Godzilla screenwriter Max Borenstein, who could be scripting the secret project.]

Chris Hemsworth Talks Michael Mann’s CYBER; Says “It’s This Sort of Cat-and-Mouse International Heist-Thriller”

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While doing the press rounds for his new film Rush, star Chris Hemsworth talked about Cyber, his upcoming movie directed by Michael Mann.  Previous details on the plot were thin beyond the story centering on cyber-theft and cyber-attacks.  Hemsworth went into far more detail, saying this character had previously written a code that could hack into a major stock market.  When the code is used by someone else, Hemsworth’s character, who’s currently in prison for a separate cyber crime, is offered a deal if he joins a joint task force to bring down the criminal who used the code.  The story will also span the globe going from Chicago to Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong and Jakarta.  “It’s this sort of cat-and-mouse international heist-thriller.”  When putting the words “heist” and “Michael Mann” together, it’s best to be positive and think of Heat rather than Public Enemies.

Hit the jump for some more details but beware of minor spoilers.  Cyber is set for a 2014 release.

Production Starts on Michael Mann’s Untitled Project Starring Chris Hemsworth and Viola Davis

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Production on Michael Mann’s untitled thriller starring Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Viola Davis (The Help) has officially begun.  Co-written by Mann and Morgan Davis Foehl, the picture will center on cyber-theft and cyber-attacks.  The Legendary Pictures production, also starring Lust, Caution’s Tang Wei and Wang Leehom, is slated for a 2014 release.  Hit the jump to read the full press release.

Spike Lee on Board as GOLD Director

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It’s been a while since we reported on the status of Gold, which previously had Michael Mann (Heat) attached to direct.  Mann left the picture back in March of 2012 and now  Spike Lee (Red Hook Summer) has taken control of the helm.  The rags-to-riches tale written by Patrick Massett and John Zinman is based on a true story: set in the 90s, it follows an old-fashioned prospector who happens to stumble upon one of the world’s largest gold mines.  The Wrap reports that producers are hoping that Gold may be Lee’s next film.  Lee is currently in post-production on his Oldboy remake and should be available to start production on Gold this fall, depending on the schedule of their lead, which has yet to be cast.

Mann had departed the picture to focus his efforts on Big Tuna, a biopic of Chicago crime lord Tony Accardo and his young protege Sam Giancana, who eventually replaced him.  Mann is prepping the untitled cyber-thriller starring Chris Hemsworth, which goes into production next month.  

Chris Pine Joins Joe Carnahan’s STRETCH, Mandy Patinkin Set for Zach Braff’s WISH I WAS HERE, Wei Tang and Leehom Wang Board Michael Mann Thriller

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A few casting stories to share this afternoon.  Briefly:

  • Chris Pine will be reuniting with his Smokin Aces director Joe Carnahan on the low-budget comedic thriller Stretch opposite Patrick Wilson.
  • Homeland star and Broadway veteran Mandy Patinkin has been set in the role of Zach Braff’s father in Braff’s partially Kickstarter-funded directorial effort Wish I Was Here.
  • Lust, Caution stars Wei Tang and Leehom Wang have boarded Michael Mann’s untitled cyber thriller starring Chris Hemsworth.

Hit the jump for more on the aforementioned projects.

THE INSIDER Blu-ray Review

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The line between opinion and truth on news outlets has been getting awfully blurry lately.  As corporations dictate the commentaries and presumptions delivered by major media outlets, journalistic integrity seems like a thing of the past.  It’s amidst this cloudy backdrop of subjective news sources that Touchstone releases the Blu-ray of Michael Mann’s critically-acclaimed 1999 drama The Insider – a film that examines the perils of allowing corporations to control the news.  The film, which was nominated for seven Academy Awards, resonates today more than ever as it pulls back the curtain on contemporary journalism and the sleaziness of the tobacco industry.  More on Touchstone’s Blu-ray of The Insider after the jump.

Legendary Pictures CEO Thomas Tull Talks Duncan Jones’ WORLD OF WARCRAFT Movie, and Other Future Projects

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Will there ever be a great movie based on a video game?* I have my doubts.  The problem is two-fold: if you stray too far from the material, fans get upset.  If you’re too faithful, then you’ve basically recreated the game except the interactive aspect has been removed.  But it’s important to keep in mind that most of the videogame movies we’ve seen so far are protagonist-based: Mario, Lara Croft, the Prince of Persia, etc.  And then there are movies like Silent Hill and Wing Commander that just aren’t very good.  But what if you took a talented director like Duncan Jones (Moon) and let him build a story out of a gigantic video game world?  Legendary Pictures plans to do just that by having him adapt World of Warcraft.

Steve recently interviewed Legendary Pictures CEO Thomas Tull, who explained how WoW is going to be a successful video game movie.  He also talked about the studio’s other upcoming projects including movies from Michael Mann and the directors of Kon-Tiki.  Hit the jump for more, and click on the respective links for what Tull had to say about Man of Steel and Pacific Rim/Godzilla.

Michael Mann to Direct Untitled Thriller for Legendary Starring Chris Hemsworth

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Though Chris Hemsworth was geared up and ready to shoot Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi pic Robopocalypse as his next film, The Beard’s recent decision to postpone that project for a few months left a hole in the actor’s schedule.  It appears that that hole has now been filled, as director Michael Mann has boarded an untitled thriller at Legendary Pictures with Hemsworth attached to star.  Plot details are thin, but the story apparently takes place in the world of cyber threats and attacks.  Hit the jump for more.

HBO Orders BUDA BRIDGE Pilot From BULLHEAD Director Michael Roskam

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HBO is bringing together a triple powerhouse of talent to head up its pilot script for Buda Bridge.  At the center of the it all is Michael Roskam, who received an Oscar nom in Best Foreign-Language Film for his Belgian production Bullhead.  Roskam is set to write and direct the pilot, as well as executive produce.  Sharing the producer credit is Michael Mann, who partnered up with David Milch last year for the fantastic (but belegured) horse racing series Luck (also on HBO).  Finishing out the trio is Mark Johnson, an executive producer on Breaking Bad.  That credit speaks for itself.

Buda Bridge is a Belgian-set crime story set in a Brussels of the near future.  A woman is found dead on Buda Bridge, which leads to violent crimes and oddities that unleashes mayhem on the capital city.  Twin Peaks: Europe?  For more background on the project and the trailer for Bullhead, hit the jump.

HBO Cancels LUCK after Third Horse Death

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HBO has canceled David Milch and Michael Mann‘s horse-racing drama Luck after the third death of a horse this season.  The show had been picked up for a second season and filming was underway, but on Tuesday a horse was injured when she “reared, flipped over backwards, and struck her head on the ground.”  The on-set veterinarian determined that humane euthanasia was appropriate.  Two horses were injured and euthanized during the first season, so apparently HBO was operating on the “Three Dead Horses and You’re Out” rule.

While HBO probably renewed Luck due to its cost and star prestige (the show stars Dustin Hoffman), it wasn’t turning into a breakout hit the size of Boardwalk Empire or Game of Thrones.  This isn’t to say that HBO would have gone on in spite of the horse deaths had Luck been a bigger hit, but I don’t think any of the network executives are going to be upset at losing an expensive show that had soft ratings.  Hit the jump for a statement from the network.

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