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Life isn’t fair, and that should piss us the hell off.  But as we grow older, we learn to accept that the world doesn’t owe us anything, and that some people get more rough breaks than others.  What we should never accept is allowing unfairness to come from our own selfishness.  George Tillman Jr.‘s The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete puts a friendship based on mutual survival at its center as an unfair and selfish world closes in on its helpless main characters, Mister (Skylan Brooks) and Pete (Ethan Dizon).  Brooks and Dizon’s tremendous performances keep Inevitable Defeat from the overwrought melodrama Tillman and screenwriter Michael Starrbury try to bring down on the picture.  Unfortunately, the filmmakers end up coming off as more uncaring than the world they want to depict.

MACGRUBER Director Jorma Taccone to Helm Action Comedy THE GREAT UNKNOWN

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Though it wasn’t exactly a commercial success, the 2010 comedy MacGruber has become a sort of cult hit as of late. Its absurdity is only matched by its hilarity, and I find myself liking the movie more and more with each viewing.   As such, it comes as great news that MacGruber director (and The Lonely Island member) Jorma Taccone is attached to direct a new action-comedy for New Line based on the Image comic The Great Unknown, written by Duncan Rouleau. Rouleau is a part of Man of Action Studios, the group behind the Ben 10 empire and Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man animated series.  Michael Starrbury will pen the script for the pic, which centers on “a slacker with delusions of grandeur who believes his so-called great ideas are popping up elsewhere.”  Since no one believes that his ideas are being stolen, he sets out on a quest to “solve the mystery behind the idea thefts.” Hit the jump for more.

Comedy Central Ordering a Pilot from PINEAPPLE EXPRESS Director David Gordon Green

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We just saw a brand new raunchy trailer for his epic, medieval comedy Your Highness, but director David Gordon Green looks to be getting back to television again soon. He’s found success and a producer and director on Danny McBride’s hilarious HBO series Eastbound & Down, but now Deadline reports he’s heading to Comedy Central with a new pilot called Black Jack. Green wrote the pilot with Michael Starrbury which follows Black Jack who, after 20 years as the most kick-ass special ops agent the US government has had on its payroll, finally goes too far and suffers being de-commissioned.  He’s sent home to begin the most treacherous mission he’s ever faced – normal life.

Apparently the official order of the pilot is cast-contingent on who takes the title character. It doesn’t sounds like Danny McBride will take the part (though he’d be perfect for it), but he’s still executive producing through his Rough House production banner formed with Jody Hill and Matt Reilly.

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