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James Franco’s movie about Tommy Wiseau is really happening, and he’s enlisted two unlikely screenwriters to pen the script.  Franco is set to direct and star in The Disaster Artist, which revolves around eccentric The Room writer/director/producer/star Tommy Wiseau, and now The Wrap reports that The Fault in Our Stars and The Spectacular Now screenwriters Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber have been hired to pen the script.  They will be adapting the book of the same name by The Room actor Greg Sestero and journalist Tom Bissell, and Dave Franco is already attached to play Sestero in the film.

Franco describes his take as a “funny, heartfelt story about trying to make your dreams come true,” and I’m rather curious to see how he navigates the line between parody and earnestness in his chronicle of Wiseau’s path to making The Room—truly one of the most entertaining bad movies ever made.  More on The Disaster Artist movie after the jump.

Nancy Meyers to Direct Untitled UK-Set Comedy for Sony

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Writer/director Nancy Meyers is going across the pond for her next film.  The director behind Something’s Gotta Give, The Holiday, and It’s Complicated has closed a deal with Sony Pictures to direct an untitled comedy that takes place in the UK.  The story centers on an American woman whose life “gets turned upside down when she begins dating a very unlikely man.”  Per Deadline, the pic will feature an entirely British cast save for the female lead, and was originally written by (500) Days of Summer scribes Michael Weber and Scott Neustadter.  Meyers rewrote the screenplay and will also produce alongside Matt Tolmach.

Though the premise seems simple enough, Meyers has a knack for turning out interesting character dynamics.  Meyers is also attached to direct two other projects for Paramount—The Intern with Tina Fey and The Chelsea with Felicity Jones—but we haven’t heard much about those films since last spring. Though no further details are known with regards to this new untitled project, one assumes the film will have a ridiculously nice kitchen.

THE SPECTACULAR NOW Scribes Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber to Tackle RULES OF CIVILITY

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The screenwriting duo behind (500) Days of Summer and The Spectacular Now are set to tackle another adaptation.  Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber will pen Lionsgate’s production of Amor Towles’ Rules of Civility.  The novel centers on a young woman living in Greenwich Village in 1937 who is thrust into New York’s high society after a chance encounter that grows into a year-long journey.  Published in 2011, Rules of Civility quickly drew comparisons to F. Scott Fitzgerald and Truman Capote for its similar themes.  Hit the jump for more.

Thomas McDonnell to Star in Producer Shawn Levy’s THE SPECTACULAR NOW; 500 DAYS OF SUMMER Writing Team to Adapt

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Actor Thomas McDonnell (The Forbidden Kingdom, Prom) has been tapped to play the lead in director Lee Toland Krieger’s (The Vicious Kind) adaptation of Tim Tharp’s novel The Spectacular Now. The project has been gestating for a few years, with Summer helmer Marc Webb working on it before he went off to work on the Spider-Man reboot.  Variety reports that Shawn Levy (Real Steel) will produce, with the script being written by the writing team behind (500) Days of Summer, Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber. The story revolves around a wild, hard-drinking hard-partying high-school senior who starts dating a shy, insecure girl who ends up changing his life. Hit the jump to read the synopsis of the novel.

Shawn Levy to Produce Revisionist Romeo and Juliet Story from (500) DAYS OF SUMMER Scribes

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It’s been a few years since we’ve seen a “hip” take on a Shakespeare classic, so we were due.  Shawn Levy, director/producer of Date Night and the upcoming Real Steel, has made a deal with Fox 2000 to produce an update of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, adapted from the novel Rosaline by Rebecca Serle .  Deadline reports that “this is a contemporary version set in a high school, and the famed story is told from the vantage point of Rosaline, the jilted ex-girlfriend of Romeo.” Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber will be writing the screenplay for the film.

Neustadter and Weber also wrote the refreshingly original (500) Days of Summer, as well as the less than refreshingly original Pink Panther 2.  Levy recently wrapped filming the Steven Spielberg-produced action/sci-fi flick Real Steel, with Hugh Jackman playing the lead.  Hit the jump for a bit more on the film.

(500) DAYS OF SUMMER Blu-ray Review

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(500) Days of Summer is both a movie and a statement on the current independent film movement. The film stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel as a couple who begin the film at the end of their relationship. It’s mostly over but there’s some slivers of hope, but then the film shows how they came together as it shows the end of the road. It’s a charming “quirky” low budget romantic comedy that found an audience over the summer of 2009, and my review of (500) Days of Summer is after the jump.


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Sometimes it feels like I open ABC’s home page, and there’s a new show there to greet me, or more often than not, two. Well, now there are two new shows, and they’re not “Defying Gravity” or “Flash Forward.” Variety reports that ABC is toying around with pilots for Jerry Bruckheimer’s drama “Hopscotch” and David Dobkins (“Wedding Crashers”) comedy “Friends With Benefits.” More on the two shows and the various names attached to them after the jump.

(500) DAYS OF SUMMER Review

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As the narrator of “(500) Days of Summer” tells us in its opening, “This is not a love story.”  That may be but it’s certainly one that’s in love with its own storytelling.  The biggest frustration is that while that storytelling is phenomenal, the story it’s telling is thin, unemotional, and isn’t worthy of Marc Webb’s brilliant direction.

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