Indie Spotlight: Cinzia Angelini’s Animated Short Film, MILA

by     Posted 1 year, 111 days ago


The atrocities of war are an all too common occurrence throughout human history that continue to this day, leaving not only physical devastation in their wake but emotional and spiritual scarring as well.  While governments squabble over the political pros and cons of engaging in warfare and military personnel prepare for the worst, civilians bear the brunt of the casualties no matter how vile or righteous the reasoning is behind the violence.  One such animator touched by the horrors of war is Cinzia Angelini, who hopes to bring to life the stories of her mother and grandmother, and those of the children who suffered as a result of the conflicts of World War II.  While destruction can be a global effort, so too can creation as Angelini has gathered a host of talented artists and animators from around the world for her largely volunteer-based effort, Mila.  Hit the jump for more.

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