Hollywood! Adapt This: MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM

by     Posted 2 years, 23 days ago


I have suggested some goofy properties for Hollywood! Adapt This, I’ll admit that. Some of them probably have no business being adapted at all besides my own personal desire to see them realized in live action. It’s even difficult to justify rebooting an old movie or series because the remakes rarely come close to matching or exceeding the original. One case where this isn’t true? Battlestar Galactica. It’s not the spaceships and Cylons and exploration of far-off worlds that make the show so great, it’s the quality of the relationships between the characters. This is necessary to any good story, but is often overlooked in order to bring “cool” things to life on screen; Transformers, for example. So how can we combine the awesome visual experience of giant robots duking it out with the rich character relationships and plots that make a movie worthwhile? Hit the jump to find out. Hollywood! Adapt this: Mobile Suit Gundam

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