Bill Hader’s Top 10 Criterion Double-Features

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Bill Hader isn’t just a great comedian—he’s also a film buff.  In June, he’ll be hosting The Essentials Jr. on Turner Classic Movies with a great line-up of The Adventures of Robin Hood, The General, Stagecoach, and Singin’ in the Rain.  He also recently stopped by Criterion Collection headquarters, dug through their magic DVD closet, and gave them a top 10 list of double-features from their library.  Usually, when people give Criterion a Top 10, it’s only ten films, but Hader explains, “I couldn’t pick ten . . . sorry. So I programmed Criterion double features, which is what I tend to do on Sunday nights anyway.”

Hit the jump for some of his double-feature pairings and comments on some of the films he picked.

AFM Debuts First Photos and Synopses from 6 Upcoming Movies Including MANOLETE, MONA LISA, SMALL TOWN SATURDAY NIGHT and THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY

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Small Town Saturday Night, The Long Good Friday, Manolete.jpg

When it comes to the first photos and synopsis from upcoming films, Collider has reaped great rewards from this year’s American Film Market (AFM).  For those who don’t know, AFM is where film buyers from around the world come once a year to buy movies and also pre-buy films in development.  Simply put, this is where a lot of money changes hands in the film industry and it’s where many decisions about what you and I get to see are made.  In an effort to try and raise a film’s profile or attract film buyers, many of the studios distribute full synopses and still images for their movies.

With that in mind, we have grabbed some of those synopses and images for Manolete (starring Adrien Brody and Penelope Cruz), Mona Lisa, PearblossomSmall Town Saturday Night (starring Chris Pine), and The Long Good Friday.  Hit the jump to check it all out.  Please note that the synopses are copied down exactly as printed.  I have made no editorial changes.  Furthermore, some of these synopses are complete as describe the entire film.  For those wary of spoilers, read carefully.

Mickey Rourke Meets MONA LISA

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mickey_rourke_golden_globe_01.jpgYou can’t stop Mickey Rourke and you don’t want to stop Mickey Rourke.  Wouldn’t it be really, really depressing if his performance in “The Wrestler” turned out to be a fluke and he just decided to phone it in from here on out?  Boy, we’d all feel reeeeal stupid for cheering him on.

But right now, we can cheer on Rourke with impunity (we’ll just forget “The Informers”) and our cheering continues as Variety is reporting that Rourke has signed on to star in Larry Clark’s (“Kids”, “Wassup Rockers”) remake of Neil Jordan’s 1986 British gangster flick, “Mona Lisa”.  In the film, Rourke would play an ex-con who takes a job as a chauffeur for a high-class escort.  Eva Green is in negotiations to play the part of the escort and we all hope she gets it not only because I can buy her as an expensive prostitute, but because contrary to popular belief, the public always welcomes a fresh opportunity to see Eva Green naked and we all wore out our copies of “The Dreamers”.

As for Rourke, the guy is about to be everywhere as he’s got roles in “The Expendables”, “Iron Man 2″, “St. Vincent”, “Eleven Minutes”, “Broken Horses”, and “Passion Plays”.  After being dormant for so long, it’s clear that Rourke is making up for lost time.  Every time I see “The Wrestler”, I’m immensely glad for his insane work ethic.

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