Marvel Properties Itching for the Big Screen, Including THE YOUNG AVENGERS, DARKHAWK, MIDNIGHT SONS, HEROES FOR HIRE and More

by     Posted 1 year, 111 days ago


Marvel Studios has had quite the monumental track record over the past few years. Fresh on the heels of the recent success of Iron Man 3, and with the world-building Avengers franchise leading the way to guaranteed box office smashes in the upcoming Thor: Dark World and Captain America: Winter Soldier, the studio has decided to stretch its legs. Marvel is taking one of their lesser-known properties in Guardians of the Galaxy and running with it, as it’s already set for an August 1, 2014 release date.

Alongside the likes of Guardians of the Galaxy’s Rocket Raccoon and Drax the Destroyer, Marvel has a veritable treasure trove of properties over its 70 year history to draw from that few outside of the comic book world have heard of; we’ve compiled a select few that are already primed for the big screen and would make for solid feature film adaptations. Hit the jump for our rundown of Marvel’s hidden gems.

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