Duncan Jones Interview SOURCE CODE

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Director Duncan Jones recently did a press tour for his new film Source Code and I was lucky that one of the stops on his tour was Atlanta.  With Source Code and his previous film Moon, Jones is quickly emerging as one of Hollywood’s strongest directors for intelligent sci-fi.  I, along with several other outlets, sat down with Jones to talk about Source Code, his pet project Mute, another sci-fi project he’s working on that he calls “Like Mute but makable”, and a host of other topics.  We also discussed the ending of Source Code and since there are obviously spoilers, I’ve highlighted those portions in red.

Hit the jump to check out the interview and click here to see Steve’s video interview with Jones.  Also, thanks to Ben Garman for providing the transcription.  Source Code is in theaters now and you can click here to read my review.

Duncan Jones Plans to Turn MUTE into a Graphic Novel

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When we last reported on Duncan Jones’ Mute, the project was in limbo.  The script is reportedly takes cues from Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner and centers on a mute bartender in 2046 Berlin who must go against the city’s gangsters in order to find his girlfriend.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t translate well to a collector’s cup so the project is having trouble finding funding.  Jones, whose new film Source Code opens April 1st, says that he’s going to adapt the story in to a graphic novel and hope that makes the property more attractive to investors.  Speaking to Gordon and the Whale, Jones explains:

Although, I can sort of tell you that I’ve been talking to my producer today and we have decided that we’re going to release MUTE as a graphic novel. Because we’ve had so many problems trying to get this film made, you know? The people who are involved with financing films have just been…shy…shy of making the script. So what we decided to do is we’re going to make a graphic novel of it, prove it…prove it to an audience that this works and maybe in the future get the chance to come back and make it.

In the meantime, Jones is working on an untitled project that he hopes will fulfill his need to make a Blade Runner­-like “city-based, futuristic sci-fi film.”

Duncan Jones Talks Upcoming Projects; MUTE in “Limbo”; Working on Another Sci-Fi Project

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Last month, we reported that Moon director Duncan Jones was possibly moving forward with his sci-fi future noir Mute as his follow-up to his new film Source Code (which opens April 1st).  Unfortunately, that appears to no longer be the case.  Speaking to We Got This Covered, Jones says Mute “is in a bit of limbo.”  He says that Mute is more of a “futurist” film than a sci-fi film since it doesn’t revolve around a sci-fi hook.  For those unfamiliar with the project, the film is reportedly inspired by Blade Runner and centers on a mute bartender in 2046 Berlin who must go against the city’s gangsters in order to find his girlfriend.  Jones says the film is a tough sell because it’s quite dark, but the budget is in between Moon and Source Code.

Hit the jump for more of what Jones had to say about Mute and another sci-fi project that might have his attention.

Duncan Jones No Longer Attached To ESCAPE FROM THE DEEP; MUTE May Be Next

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I love Twitter. There are countless interesting people to follow for any movie geek and one of my absolute favorites is Duncan Jones (follow him here), director of the instant sci-fi classic Moon, one of my favorite movies from the last couple years and the upcoming (and great looking) Source Code. Jones is one of the most down to earth, genuine people on Twitter and he regularly responds to tweets directed at him, so today I took a chance and asked him when we will hear about his next picture and if would be the previously announced Escape From The Deep or his intriguing original script Mute, a future noir in the style of Blade Runner.  Jones was kind enough to reply:

“not on the sub movie anymore, but trying hard to get one of two things made next. Mute is one of those 2”.

Continue reading for a refresher on Mute. Make sure to follow myself and Mr. Jones, he’s truly a fun guy to follow.

Director Duncan Jones Cracks THE SOURCE CODE with Jake Gyllenhaal; Jones Also Puts MOON Props and Costumes Up for Auction

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For the moment, it looks like “Moon” writer-director Duncan Jones is hitting the pause button on development for his upcoming film, “Mute”.  The film is currently struggling through the financial phase because it’s going to be a sci-fi film with a higher budget than the critically acclaimed “Moon” and since it’s an original idea that may not appeal to every single demographic, “Mute” is in a holding pattern.  Thankfully, we won’t have to wait for Jones to make a return to directing as he’s signed on to helm “The Source Code” written by Ben Ripley, revisions by Billy Ray, and starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

In addition to this great news, Jones has announced that he will auction off around 70 items from “Moon” starting tomorrow at noon Eastern/9am Pacific.  Hit the jump for details on both endeavors.

Duncan Jones’ MOON Lands at Sitges and Nabs 3 Awards Before Heading Back to the Stars. Plus Other Winners

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Did you happen to see Duncan Jones’ quiet little sci-fi picture “Moon” when it played in limited release over the summer?  Did you love it? Did you hope it won some awards when you walked out (little gold men even)?  Well, it still might.  However, it did receive handsome kudos from the Sitges Film Festival taking home the prizes for film, best actor for Sam Rockwell, and the screenplay award for Nathan Parker.   More of the “Moon” accomplishments after the jump, one of which is the conclusive evidence that there is no cheese on its surface.

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