Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko & Vincent Cassel Gain MOMENTUM; Rupert Grint & Charles Dance Brew Up Macbeth Adaptation; Ryan Kwanten in NORTHMEN

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Here’s the first of what promises to be a lot of casting news over the next few days:

Hit the jump for more on each project.

Berenice Marlohe Joins Terrence Malick’s Untitled Music Project; Elijah Wood and Sasha Grey to Lead Nacho Vigalondo’s OPEN WINDOWS

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We’ve got a couple casting stories coming your way.  First up, new Bond girl Berenice Marlohe (who’s quite good in Skyfall) has joined Terrence Malick‘s untitled Austin-based music project, which isn’t to be confused with his other film, Knight of Cups, even though both films share actors such as Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, and Natalie PortmanTHR has no details on Marlohe’s character, which isn’t surprising since there are almost no details on the movie other than it’s a story of “sexual obsession and betrayal” involving two intersecting love triangles.  Marlohe will shoot the film concurrently while doing press for Skyfall.

Hit the jump for casting on Timecrimes director Nacho Vigalondo‘s intriguing next picture, Open Windows.

First Trailer for British Heist Film WASTELAND Starring Luke Treadaway, Timothy Spall, and Iwan Rheon

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wasteland luke treadaway

The only thing better than a heist movie is a heist movie told in a thick British accent.  By that admittedly shallow yardstick, the TIFF 2012 selection Wasteland delivers.  The story is framed by an interrogation between Harvey Miller (Luke Treadaway) and Detective Inspector West (Timothy Spall).  Harvey fully confesses to his part in a foiled robbery and attempted murder of local busnessman Steven Roper, but there is more to his tale than pure criminality: “As the story unfolds, we discover that a malevolent and unjust act perpetrated by Roper put Harvey in prison and now he has a score to settle.”

I cannot claim to understand too much of the dialogue, but the first trailer signals that writer/director Rowan Athale has assembled a slick thriller.  Iwan Rheon, Gerard Kearns, Matthew Lewis, Vanessa Kirby, and Neil Maskell co-star.  Watch the trailer after the jump.

First Trailer for British Horror Thriller KILL LIST

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The first trailer for the horror thriller Kill List has gone online. The film premiered at South by Southwest to an overwhelmingly positive reception, and screened at the Toronto Film Festival to an equally positive reaction. Furthermore, star Michael Smiley recently won Best Supporting Actor at the British Independent Film Awards. Directed by Ben Wheatley, the story centers on a British soldier (Neil Maskell) who returns home to his family and joins an old friend (Smiley) as contract killers. The trailer is a bit confusing and doesn’t give away too much of the story (which is a good thing), but it looks intense as hell. Phil caught the film at TIFF and said the pic makes you feel like you’ve been “chatted up and punched in the face.” It’s safe to say I’m looking forward to this one.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer. Kill List opens February 3rd, 2012.

TIFF 2011: KILL LIST Review

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There are horror movies that jump out at you from the first scene and grab you by the short and curlies before the title even hits the screen. Then there are the horror movies that sneak up to you, deliberately lulling you into a false sense of security before pulling the rug out from under you, so that while the overall scare count is lower, the big moments cut deeper (think Audition or the original version of The Wicker Man). Kill List falls into the latter category and the blood thirsty viewers at The Toronto Film Festival’s Midnight Madness program are sure to find themselves coddled and devastating, leaving the theater feeling like they’ve been chatted up and punched in the face. It’s a good flick, one that should find itself a healthy cult audience upon theatrical release. Hit the jump for the review.

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