Limited Paper: Mondo and WE BUY YOUR KIDS Team Up for TINA’S MOM’S BOYFRIEND; Awesome Weirdness Ensues

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Last night, the Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas threw open the doors on their final gallery show for 2012, and—as expected—it was about as fitting an end to the Mondo Gallery’s first year in operation as anyone could have imagined.  Tina’s Mom’s Boyfriend—a show composed entirely of creations from the mighty Australian-based team known as We Buy Your Kids—was a celebration of the bizarre, a colorful explosion of “WTF?!” that (from where Limited Paper’s standing) courageously refused to offer up anything even remotely obvious, safe, or easily-digested.

Infinitely stranger than this summer’s Adventure Time showcase and twice as inexplicably disturbing as Jay Shaw’s Don’t Go Out Tonight, Tina’s Mom’s Boyfriend is certain to be remembered for being the Mondo Gallery’s most divisive show (in 2012, anyway).  Wanna know what we thought, hear a few interesting tidbits about a few of the featured prints, and see a video walking tour of the entire show?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

Weeeknd Box Office – NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET Scares Up $32.2 Million

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Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street movie (1).jpg

Audiences welcomed Freddy Krueger back into their nightmares this weekend – a new and not necessarily improved version of the saber-clawed dream-killer that debuted back in 1984. Freddy’s latest incarnation in A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) earned an estimated $32.2 million over its first three days; an impressive debut second only, in the annals of horror movie remakes, to 2009′s Friday the 13th relaunch.

Title Weekend Total
1 Nightmare on Elm Street $32,200,000 $32.2
2 How to Train Your Dragon $10,825,000 $192.3
3 Date Night $7,600,000 $73.6
4 The Back-Up Plan $7,240,000 $22.9
5 Furry Vengeance $6,500,000 $6.5
6 The Losers $6,000,000 $18.1
7 Clash of the Titans $5,980,000 $154
8 Kick-Ass $4,450,000 $42.1
9 Death at a Funeral $4,000,000 $34.7
10 Oceans $2,600,000 $13.5

Friday Box Office – NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET Wakes Up To $15.9 Million

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Freddy Krueger, the last of the classic horror headliners to get the full-on reboot treatment, slashed his way back into theatres on Friday.  Nightmare on Elm Street launched in 3,332 locations and rang up an estimated $15.9 million. That includes $1.6 million the redux took in from Thursday-midnight previews – a new horror movie best. Midnight records will be the only ones smashed on this Elm Street, however. Friday’s total is well below the $19.2 million opening for 2009′s Friday the 13th, the last big horror reboot release. A three-day total of $35 million is expected – good enough for first place even with a big Saturday drop off. The weekend’s other newbie, Furry Vengeance, couldn’t crack the top five. The comedy landed at number six with $1.7 million on Friday from its 2,997 locations. Full weekend details when you check back tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 Nightmare on Elm Street $15,900,000 $15.9
2 How to Train Your Dragon $2,600,000 $184.1
3 Date Night $2,500,000 $68.5
4 The Back-Up Plan $2,400,000 $18.1
5 The Losers $2,000,000 $14.1


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Kick Ass standee slice.jpg

In a few days ShoWest starts up in Las Vegas.  If you haven’t heard of ShoWest, it’s a convention for theater owners and operators to see what’s new in their industry and be wined and dined by the Hollywood Studios. Basically, it’s Comic-Con for the people that make big decisions in the movie industry.

But the other reason ShoWest is cool is the studios send tons of movie posters and theater standees to the convention to pimp what they have coming.  And while the convention doesn’t begin till Monday, a friend of the site was there tonight and was able to snap a number of photos of what’s already on display.  So hit the jump for the posters for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Little Fockers, Get Low, Beastly, Charlie St. Cloud, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, a 75th Anniversary 20th Century Fox poster, Ramona and Beezus, Mercy, The A-Team, The Losers, Toy Story 3 and theater standees for Kick-Ass, Nightmare on Elm Street, Clash of the Titans, and a lot more!


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After Final Destination 3, the return of David R. Ellis to the director’s chair seemed like a welcome relief for The Final Destination, the fourth entry in the Final Destination franchise. James Wong directed the first and third, but Ellis directed the second, and it took a clever premise and turned what was once a moody dead teenager movie into a gore-comedy franchise. With an expertly directed opening car crash, the second film took special glee in killing its cast off in elaborate ways, and changed the tone into something resembling a comedy. Bobby Campo stars with Shantel VanSanten and Mykelti Williamson as accident survivors trying to beat death’s design in this effort, and the review of The Final Destination is after the jump.

Exclusive: Jackie Earle Haley Addresses GREEN LANTERN Sinestro Rumor

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Jackie Earle Haley Scream_Awards_2009.jpg

Just a few hours ago I was standing on the red carpet of Spike TV’s 2009 Scream Awards. They’re recording the show tonight and it airs Tuesday October 27th. Anyway, while on the red carpet I managed to get a number of interviews and one of them was with Jackie Earle Haley.

The reason getting to speak with Jackie was great is I was able to ask him directly about the rumor he’s going to play Sinestro in director Martin Cambell’s “Green Lantern”.  If you missed the story, click here. But according to Jackie, tonight is the first he’s heard of this rumor. Of course I tried to find out more by asking him if he’d screen tested for the part, but Jackie told me that wasn’t true. Exactly what he had to say after the jump:

Collider Goes to the Set of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET – Read a Preview and Check Out a Preview Video Blog!

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Nightmare on Elm Street movie logo (1).jpg

Everyone’s laughing. All the journalists invited to the Chicago set of Platinum Dunes “Nightmare on Elm Street” are having a good time. We’re all chatting with producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller when the room goes silent. To our right, we see Jackie Earle Haley in full Freddy make-up walking in to film a scene. He looks like a burn victim and it’s really a sight to behold.

A little over a month ago I attended the set visit for Platinum Dunes’ remake of “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and after the jump you can read a short preview and also watch a preview video blog that I did with Peter from /Film. Take a look:

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