Matt Live-Blogs the 86th Academy Awards

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This year, our awards coverage was more extensive than ever, and Adam, our Oscar expert, laid his predictions out over three articles.  However, the humble task of sitting through the ceremony and poking fun at it for over three hours falls to me.  To be fair, there are a few exciting races this year, especially Best Picture.  But when it comes to the actual program, I think we’re going to be rolling our eyes together as the Academy salutes “heroes”, whatever the hell that means.

My live-blogging will kick in around 8:00pm (EST) and then just keep refreshing the page for my latest thoughts on the 86th Academy Awards.  I’ll also be tweeting (why only mock the Oscars on one platform?), and you can follow me on Twitter at @MattGoldberg.  The 2014 awards race is almost over.  Let’s pull each other across the finish line with jokes, faux-outrage, and perhaps, if we’re lucky, genuine happiness towards a deserving winner.  The ceremony begins at 8:30pm (EST)

Seth MacFarlane Confirms He Won’t Be Hosting the Oscars Again

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seth macfarlane oscars

Seth MacFarlane will not be returning to host the Oscars, at least not next year.  While the Family Guy creator earned mixed reviews for his hosting duties earlier this year, producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron nevertheless reached out to MacFarlane to see if he’d want to come back and host again in 2014.  While the very busy MacFarlane seems like he was up to the task, scheduling issues have forced him to decline via a statement on his Twitter:

“Traumatized critics exhale: I’m unable to do the Oscars again. Tried to make it work schedule-wise, but I need sleep. However, I highly recommend the job, as Zadan and Meron are two of the most talented producers in the business. My suggestion for host is Joaquin Phoenix.”

MacFarlane is currently filming and starring in his second feature directorial effort, A Million Ways to Die in the West, and he’s expected to shoot the Ted sequel later this year, which would account for the scheduling difficulties.  With MacFarlane now out, who do you think should be at the helm of next year’s Oscars? My vote is for Neil Patrick Harris or Hugh Jackman.

Matt Live-Blogs the 85th Academy Awards

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You’ve read our predictions, you’ve read all of our Oscar coverage, and tonight the winners of the 85th Academy Awards will be announced.  As I’ve done in past years, I will be live-blogging the ceremony and some of the red carpet.  Seth MacFarlane is hosting this year’s ceremony, and I’ve got a good feeling that he’ll do a solid job.  Of course, it’s the Oscars so there will be plenty of silliness both intended and unintended, and I’ll be providing my thoughts on all of it throughout the night.

My live-blogging will kick in around 8:00pm (EST) and then just keep refreshing the page for my latest thoughts on the 85th Academy Awards.  I’ll also be tweeting (cross-platform mockery!), and you can follow me on Twitter at @MattGoldberg.  We’re almost at the finish line of the 2013 awards race.  Let’s brave Hollywood’s self-congratulatory ceremony together.  The ceremony begins at 8:30pm (EST).

Adam and Matt Predict the 85th Academy Awards

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Adam and I briefly talked about our predictions on the latest episode of The Collision, but we know your Oscar pool needs more guidance.  It’s a rough year, and a lot of Oscar ballots are going to go down in flames.  Last year, I played the wild card on my Oscar predictions and lost big, but this year I’m going to try and be a bit savvier.  However, I’m going up against Collider’s Oscar guru, so if you’re going to copy one of our cheat-sheets, it’s probably best to cheat off Adam.

Hit the jump for who we think deserves to win and who we think will win at the 85th Academy Awards.  Be sure to come back Sunday night when I’ll be live-blogging the ceremony.  Adam and I will also be tweeting the Oscars, so be sure to follow us @AdamChitwood and @MattGoldberg, respectively.

THE COLLISION: Episode 38 – The 85th Academy Awards

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On this special mid-week episode of The Collision, we will be talking about the 85th Academy Awards.  We wanted to bring this one to you a little early, so you’ll have time to listen to it before the ceremony Sunday night.  We’ll be talking about the surprise nominations, the awards race since the nominations were announced, our predictions, and more.  As always, we’ll be finishing up with our recommendations.

Click here to listen to the new episode of The Collision, click here for the previous episode (“The Die Hard Franchise, Legacy, and A Good Day to Die Hard), click here to add the podcast to your RSS, and click here to find us on iTunes. To keep up to date with The Collision, you can follow us on Twitter at @MattGoldberg, @AdamChitwood, and @DrClawMD (Dave Trumbore). Hit the jump to check out the trailers for this week’s recommendations.

Puppies Predict the 85th Academy Awards

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This is one of the toughest Academy Awards in recent memory when it comes to predictions.  Usually, prediction ballots live or die based on the shorts section coupled with a few surprises.  But a number of major categories are up for grabs this year including Best Director and Best Supporting Actor.  It looks like Argo is the favorite to nab Best Picture, but even some prognosticators are sticking with Lincoln and Silver Linings Playbook.  So who can we turn to when it comes to making an accurate prediction?  Puppies, of course.  On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, five puppies had the option of nine bowls of kibble, each labeled with a different Best Picture nominee.  It’s a highly scientific method of predicting the winner, and I wish that the puppies could vote.  They’d probably do a better job than this moron of an Academy voter.

Hit the jump to check out the video, and click here to read Adam’s “The Road to Oscar” series.  The 85th Academy Awards will be held this Sunday at 7pm EST on ABC.

2012 Oscar-Nominated Live-Action Shorts Review

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While the Oscar-nominated animated shorts take a little time to pick up some momentum, most of these live-action nominees find a way to grab you immediately by introducing a mystery of some kind.  One begins with a suicide attempt, another starts with a kidnapping, one features a man with a mysterious camera that can record shadows, and another opens with the striking image of children casually carrying around AK-47s.  More than animated films, live-action short movies can provide a notice to audiences and studios that these are talented filmmakers worth putting on your radar.

Hit the jump for my reviews of the 2012 Oscar-nominated live-action short films: Henry, Asad, Death of a Shadow, Curfew, and Buzkashi Boys.

Check Out Olly Moss’ Incredible Poster for the 85th Academy Awards

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Even if you hate the Oscars, you’ll love what artist Olly Moss has done for the official 85 Years of Oscar poster.  We previously showed you individual posters by various artists for this year’s Best Picture nominees, but Moss’ work outshines them all.  He’s taken every single Best Picture winner and tried to fit them into the Oscar statue in one image.  Some of these are particularly brilliant (it took me a few moments to figure out how he represented 2001′s winner, A Beautiful Mind), and it’s a fun game to try and guess the each year’s Best Picture winner from Moss’ poster alone.

We know that Gallery1988 is teaming up with the Academy for something big this Thursday through Sunday.  They are giving away 100 of each of the Best Picture nominee posters, and it will be interesting to see if they do anything special with the Moss poster.  More details should be announced in the next day or so.  Hit the jump to check out Moss’ 85 Years of Oscar poster and find out how you can buy it now.  The 85th Academy Awards will be held on February 24th at 7pm EST on ABC.

85th Academy Awards to Pay Tribute to James Bond

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Last year was James Bond’s 50th anniversary, but Hollywood isn’t quite finished celebrating 007.  The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced that this year’s Oscar ceremony will pay tribute to the film franchise by including a “special sequence”.  It would be very cool if producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron could get all six Bond actors onto the stage, but I get a feeling that Sean Connery would want no part of it.

I also wonder if this tribute dashes any hopes of Skyfall picking up a Best Picture nomination.  Yes, genre movies are always a long shot, but the Academy can nominate up to films for Best Picture, and Skyfall was a critical and box office success.  We’ll have to wait and see how much love Bond gets when nominations are announced on Thursday, January 10th at 5:30am PST.  The Oscars will be held on Feburary 24th.  Hit the jump for the press release.

AMOUR, THE INTOUCHABLES and 7 Other Foreign Films Make Oscar Shortlist

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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have reduced the number of eligible foreign films to nine.  For those who don’t know how the Best Foreign Language Film category works, every foreign country can submit one movie for consideration.  That list has now been whittled down to nine movies, and five of these nine will get Oscar nominations.  The films on the shortlist are Amour (Austria), War Witch (Canada), No (Chile), A Royal Affair (Denmark), The Intouchables (France), The Deep (Iceland), Kon-Tiki (Norway), Beyond the Hills (Romania), and Sister (Switzerland).

Amour is the frontrunner for the win based on critical acclaim, but I’ll put my money on The Intouchables since I think the Academy will go with the feel-good caretaker movie as opposed to the remind-us-of-our-fragile-mortality caretaker movie.


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There were some quality nominees for this year’s Best Animated Short Oscar, but none of them came close to the winner, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.  The short is filled with clever visuals, vibrant colors, and a lot of heart.  At first, it almost seems like it’s going to be the intro for Reading Rainbow if the intro took up half the show.  But as the short develops, you see how stories (symbolized by books) shape and enrich our lives especially once we tell our own.  And it does all of this without dialogue.  The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore made me tear up by the end, and after watching the short, I hope you’ll understand and share my reaction.

Hit the jump to watch The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.

Winners of the 84th Academy Awards; THE ARTIST Wins 5 Including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor

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The Oscars are finally over.  The front-runner, The Artist, won the awards race by picking up Best Picture, Best Director (Michael Hazanavicius), Best Actor (Jean Dujardin), Best Costume Design, and Best Score.  There were also some big upsets as “locks” like The Tree of Life for Best Cinematography and Rise of the Planet of the Apes for Best Visual Effects were no match for Hugo, which ended up taking those categories and three more (Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, and Art Direction).  As for nice surprises…not really (unless you loved Hugo).

It was a forgettable year for the Oscars, and Billy Crystal, turning in his safe, predictable, and family-friendly routine was the perfect fit for a year that screamed “Don’t rock the boat!”  Last year’s Oscars took a chance on pairing Anne Hathaway and James Franco, and the show was a mess.  This year, they played it safe and the ceremony was still dull.  Quite simply, there was no films to root for and the “upsets” were for the establishment.  It was also funny to have the show and actors celebrate the theater when audiences are moving to OnDemand services, and studios are trying to make the theatrical release window even shorter.   Hit the jump for a full list of the winners, click here for mine and Adam Chitwood’s Oscar predictions (he did way better than me), and click here for my live-blog of the ceremony.

Matt Live-Blogs the 84th Academy Awards

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We’re here at last.  The seemingly endless award season has reached its zenith/nadir.  I have never been less enthusiastic for the Oscars.  And I used to love the Oscars.  I loved the competition, I loved seeing the films and actors I loved get recognized with Hollywood’s highest honor, and this year I hardly have anything or anyone to root for.  This year, it’s mostly “Yeah, I can live with that.”  I know the awards don’t really matter, I know that the voting body is old white men, and I know my Oscar predictions are probably going to go down in flames (if you’re still trying to figure out your Oscar ballot, go with Adam’s picks; I’m playing the odds).

But this live-blog will keep me sane.  Sharing my frustrations and mockery with you fine people will help me get through this charade.  My live-blogging will kick in around 8:00pm (EST) and then just keep refreshing the page for my latest thoughts on the 84th Academy Awards.  I’ll also be live-tweeting (cross-platform mocking!) and you can follow me on Twitter at @MattGoldberg.  Together, we will survive.  The ceremony begins at 8:30pm (EST).

Infographic: Oscar Fashion Throughout the Years

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Don’t lie: you mute the insipid Oscar red carpet banter and check out the dresses.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  The dresses are one of the finer points of the evening, and you get to see which actresses found the right mix between elegance and originality, and which actresses found what the designer’s fever dream looked like in gown-form.  The people at Dish Network, when not trying to convince us that satellite dish signals can’t be blown out by a gentle breeze, have put together a fun infographic about the dresses worn by the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress nominees from the past 22 years.

Hit the jump to check out the infographic.  The 84th Academy Awards air live this Sunday at 7pm EST on ABC.

Mike Myers Schools Kevin Kline on Oscar Etiquette in Funny-or-Die-Produced Promo

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The 2011 Oscar race will finally be over this Sunday night, but winners need to know the proper way to accept the award.  To this end, Funny or Die has produced a promo on behalf of the Academy Awards starring Oscar-winner Kevin Kline (Best Supporting Actor for A Fish Called Wanda) and Sir Cecil Worthington (Mike Myers).  The sketch is meant to poke fun at the importance of the statue, but Worthington is really more of a reminder of the Academy’s largest voting block: old white men who have never won an Oscar.

Hit the jump to check out the promo.  The 84th Academy Awards air live this Sunday on ABC at 7pm EST.

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