PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 Gets a Title and March 13, 2015 Release Date

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The Paranormal Activity 5 release date has been pushed yet again, but Paramount has also given a title to the found footage sequel, which likely signals this release date will (hopefully) stick.  The follow-up will be titled Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension and will now open in theaters on March 13, 2015 instead of October 25th of this year (which didn’t seem likely to happen anyway).  The pic will square off at the box office against Disney’s live-action Cinderella and Ron Howard’s sea-set drama In the Heart of the Sea with Chris Hemsworth.  This latest chapter in the supernatural franchise marks the directorial debut of Gregory Plotkin, who produced the last three installments in the series.

This is the next proper sequel after Paramount went the spinoff route earlier this year with Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones.  As always, plot details are non-existent, but given the Blumhouse Productions model, it’s possible the film’s story is still in flux—Blumhouse movies are prone to significant reshoots not unlike the Pixar approach.  More after the jump.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 Release Date Pushed to October 2015, New TEXAS CHAINSAW About Leatherface’s Teen Years in the Works?

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Hopefully you got your Paranormal Activity fix from the spin-off, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, because even though Paranormal Activity 5 was originally set to hit theaters on October 25, 2013 and then October 24, 2014, Paramount Pictures is now gunning for an October 2015 release instead.  At least that’s better than the 2016 date Paramount Pictures International teased at CineEurope last month.

On top of that, it also looks as though Millennium Films and Lionsgate might be giving the Texas Chainsaw franchise another go and possibly even nix plans to run with the cliffhanger from Texas Chainsaw 3D and go with a prequel idea instead.  Hit the jump for more on both stories.

Paramount Announces Big 2016 with TRANSFORMERS 5, G.I. JOE 3, HANSEL & GRETEL 2, BEN-HUR, STAR TREK 3, and More

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I’m currently dreading the summer onslaught of 2015, but it looks like there will be no rest for the wicked as 2016 is already setting up for more blockbuster mayhem.  Having Captain America 3 and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set for the same release date was already an ill-omen (although I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them moves), and running down the scheduled list of 2016 movies is already nerve-wracking.

Paramount has now stepped into remind us that they have plenty of films set for 2016 as well.  Looking ahead to the now-quaint summer 2014 they still have Transformers: Age of Extinction, Hercules, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  In 2015, they’re set to release The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge out of Water, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, Terminator: Genesis, a new Friday the 13th, and Mission: Impossible 5.  So what’s on tap for 2016?  Hit the jump for more.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 Lands Writing Team of Jason Pagan and Andrew Deutschman, and Debut Director Gregory Plotkin

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The Paranormal Activity franchise won’t screen a new installment in 2013, but it will make up for the absence with two films next year.  While Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones spin-off is due for a January 3, 2014 debut, Paranormal Activity 5 will hit theaters in time for the Halloween market on October 24, 2014.  Screenwriters Jason Pagan and Andrew Deutschman were recently tapped to pen the new horror film; they also penned the Michael Bay-produced Almanac, which will open February 28, 2014.  In the director’s chair for PA5 will be Gregory Plotkin, who contributed as editor and co-producer on four of the franchise’s other films and will now get his shot at a feature debut. (Via Heat Vision/Deadline)


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While the Paranormal Activity franchise won’t be fielding a 2013 release, they will be doubling down in 2014.  Leading off the new year will be the Latino-centric spin-off, now titled Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, which will open on January 3, 2014.  The fifth installment in the Paranormal Activity franchise will once again occupy its lucrative Halloween spot with an October 24, 2014 release.  There is no official confirmation of reshoots pushing back the release of Paranormal Activity 5 or even an announcement of the film’s director, but the notice of the release dates come as good news to fans of the low-budget/high-grossing horror series.  Release date info comes courtesy of Exhibitor Relations.

Paramount May Delay PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 Until 2014

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2013 may well end up being the first year without a Paranormal Activity film since 2010′s Paranormal Activity 2 kicked off the yearly trend.  With an October 25th release date looming for Paranormal Activity 5, the folks over at The Wrap report that Paramount is considering pushing the release of the low-budget sequel to sometime in 2014 instead.  Sources tell the outlet that the film has tested with good numbers and the studio likes the director, “but they are second guessing themselves.”  It’s unclear specifically what the issue is, but the director has yet to be officially announced and we still have no idea who’s actually in the movie.  All of the previous Paranormal Activity films have been filmed relatively quickly in the months before release, but it sounds like Paramount’s luck may finally have run out.  If the studio really is considering moving the film  outside of the Halloween season, one imagines reshoots are a possibility.

Apparently the studio has its eye on a possible January release date, but further details are unknown.  Given that October is not too far away, we should hear firm word regarding Paranormal Activity 5’s fate soon.

Jason Blum Talks STRANDED, Scouting Haunted Locations and His Love for Horror, Plus PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5, INSIDIOUS 2, AREA 51 and More

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From Jason Blum (Insidious, Sinister) and Josh Gates (Destination Truth), Stranded is the new Syfy reality series that uses the same stripped-down first-person method from Paranormal Activity to document an unconventional and terrifying paranormal and psychological experiment, in which participants are stranded at haunted location for a week and must record the entire experience themselves.  Each of the six hour-long episodes features the self-recorded footage of a group of everyday paranormal enthusiasts, combined with strategically-placed security cameras at each location.

During this recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, executive producer Jason Blum talked about how Stranded came about and why he thought it was a great fit for what he’d already done on the narrative side, the process of selecting the individuals and locations for the show, how he got some fun ideas for future movies while they were scouting possible haunted locations, and where his love for genre and horror started.  He also talked about how he expects Paranormal Activity 5 to go into production in middle to late Spring for an October release, why he and the film’s partners thought there was further story to be explored for Insidious 2, what made him want to collaborate with Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story, Glee) on a modern-day remake of The Town that Dreaded Sundown, that he hopes Area 51 will be released soon, and that he’s not currently juggling quite as many projects as IMDB would lead you to believe.  Check out what he had to say after the jump. 


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The new Syfy reality series Stranded, which debuted on February 27th, documents an unconventional and often terrifying paranormal and psychological experiment.  Each episode features the self-recorded footage of a diverse group of every-day paranormal enthusiasts who are left stranded at one of the most haunted locations in America and record the entire experience with hand-held cameras creating an unscripted first-hand account of their stay.

While we will share what executive producer Jason Blum had to say about the new show next week, we did want to share his updates on some of his current and upcoming feature films.  Blum told Collider that he expect Paranormal Activity 5 to go into production in middle to late Spring for an October release and that he hopes that franchise will remain ongoing, why he and the film’s partners thought there was further story to be explored for Insidious 2, what made him want to collaborate with Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story, Glee) on a modern-day remake of The Town that Dreaded Sundown and why he thinks that will appeal to audiences, that he hopes Area 51 will be released soon, and that he’s not currently juggling quite as many projects as IMDB would lead you to believe.  Check out what he had to say after the jump.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 Set for October 25th 2013 Release, STAR WARS: EPISODE II and STAR WARS: EPISODE III Scheduled for 3D Re-Releases Next Fall

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Previously mentioned today was the shelving of Independence Day 3D, a re-release that was intended to open on July 3rd of 2013. Here are some other new releases and release date shuffles:

Hit the jump for posters, synopses and more information on each film. 

Surprise! PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 Set for Halloween 2013 Release

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The fourth installment in the Paranormal Activity franchise literally opened in theaters three days ago, but Paramount has already given a greenlight and a Halloween 2013 release date for Paranormal Activity 5.  Though the decision isn’t exactly a shock, many expected Paramount to take a bit more time to figure out how to move forward with the series in the wake of Paranormal Activity 4’s relatively disappointing box office numbers.  The found footage horror pic scored only $30 million domestically this weekend, falling short of the opening weekend takes of PA 2 and PA 3.  Hit the jump for more.

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