First Look at Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet from BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN

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Earlier this week, director Zack Snyder revealed a peek at the Batmobile for Batman vs. Superman (unofficial title) before unveiling Ben Affleck as Batman standing next to the front of his famous vehicle.  Today, we’re getting a look at Wonder Woman’s invisible jet.  I know Snyder has his fans, but I am so sick and tired of his empty visuals.  Yet again, it’s style over substance.  And I’m not even a die-hard Wonder Woman fan, so I can only imagine how those people must feel.  It’s bullshit that that the design isn’t even close to what it looks like in the comics.  Maybe it would have been better if they had her fly under her own power so we don’t have to look at this ugly thing.

Hit the jump to get a better look at Wonder Woman’s invisible jet.  The film also stars Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Jesse Eisenberg, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter, Callan Mulvey, Tao Okamoto, and Laurence FishburneBatman vs. Superman opens May 6, 2016.

ARCHER Season 5 Promo Goes into the Danger Zone with TOP GUN Parody Video

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Archer is such a terrific show.  It’s a wonderful blend of parody, esoteric references, foul-mouthed language, and bizarre comedy.  The show will return for its fifth season this January, and they’ve finally released a promo taking advantage of one of the show’s running gags.  For those who don’t watch, characters—mostly Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin)—will occasionally exclaim “Danger Zone!” in the tone of the theme song from Top Gun.  A new promo for Season 5 is a parody of the Kenny Loggins music video, and it’s a funny as you’d think it would be.

Hit the jump to check out the video.

The Night Is Dark and Full of Couch Gags: THE SIMPSONS Parodies GAME OF THRONES Credits

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It was only a matter of time before The Simpsons set its sights on Game of Thrones.  Tonight’s episode of The Simpsons used Game of Thrones‘ stunning opening credits as the basis for the couch gag and the animation did not disappoint.  Since we’ve known since the end of Game of Thrones‘ first season that season two of would be in spring 2012, I wouldn’t be surprised if The Simpsons had this couch gag waiting and aired it to coincide with Game of Thrones‘ upcoming season premiere.

Hit the jump to check out the couch gag.  Season two of Game of Thrones premieres April 1st.

Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Star-Studded 9-Minute Trailer for MOVIE: THE MOVIE

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Like it does every year, Jimmy Kimmel Live followed the Oscars with a bit that packed in every Hollywood actor they could find.  This year, they poked fun at epic movies by creating Movie: The Movie and throwing in every genre possible.  Of course, the premise of trying to sell a movie by overloading it with famous faces is absolutely ridiculous.  Still, it’s an amusing way to try to start your Monday.

Hit the jump to check out the 9-minute trailer.  The fake film’s cast includes George Clooney, Charlize Theron, Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Alba, Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, and Bryan Cranston as the world’s unluckiest hot dog vendor. Movie: The Movie opens Thanksgiving, Christmas, and summer 2012.

Chris Bishop Draws up Some Fun GAME OF THRONES Valentine’s Day Cards

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If you’re scrambling to find a last-minute Valentine’s Day card for your sweetheart and your sweetheart can’t wait for Game of Thrones to return on April 1st, we might have just the thing for you.  Artist Chris Bishop has created some fun Valentine Day’s cards based on the popular HBO series (I know series is based on books, but these designs are based on the actors from the show), and they’re a good reminder that when it comes to Valentine’s Day, you win or you die.  Or you stay home and play the Mass Effect 3 demo that comes out tomorrow.  I choose option #3.

Hit the jump to check out the cards, which contain minor spoilers.

Press Start, Bitch: Check out This BREAKING BAD 16-Bit RPG

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If we get ultra-violent video games and shovelware TV and movie tie-ins, is it too much to ask that we combine the two (without the crap, rushed video game programming)?  College Humor came up with a nice alternate universe where we still made 16-bit RPGs and then tied one to Breaking Bad.  It’s not only fun, but a great way to sum up every season!  If you’re opposed to any kind of Breaking Bad parody, you should A) lighten up; and B) remember that the show has a sense of humor.  It’s a ridiculously dark sense of humor, but that’s part of what makes the show so amazing.

Hit the jump to check out Breaking Bad in 16-bit RPG form.

Don Cheadle Is CAPTAIN PLANET in New Funny or Die Spoof

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Hey, remember that live-action Captain Planet movie we reported on last month?  Remember how stupid the idea sounded?  It still is!  But that doesn’t mean it isn’t ripe for parody and Funny or Die has done just that.  When Captain Planet (played by Don Cheadle) is summoned by the Planeteers (whose ranks include Community‘s Gillian Jacobs and Napoleon Dynamite‘s Efren Ramirez), he goes a little overboard with his superpowers.  They say that absolute power corrupts absolutely and that saying still applies to environmentally-conscious superheroes.

Hit the jump to check out the video.

SAVED BY THE BELL Meets FINAL DESTINATION 5 in Miles Fisher’s “New Romance” Music Video

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Final Destination 5 star Miles Fisher’s is also a musician and creator of viral parodies.  He’s blended both for his single “New Romance” where he and his fellow Final Destination 5 stars take on a Saved by the Bell look and promptly get slaughtered in a variety of hilarious ways.  It’s yet another acknowledgement that these movies may not be intended to scare as much as they’re designed for grotesque laughs.  Also, if you ever wanted to see Jessie Spano get destroyed by her own locker, this is the video for you.

Hit the jump to check out the parody.  The film and music video also stars Nicholas D’Agosto, Emma Bell, Arlen Escarpeta, P.J. Byrne, Ellen Wroe, Jacqueline MacInnes-Wood, and David Koechner in the Mr. Belding role.  Final Destination 5 opens in 3D on August 12th.

Popular Video Game Characters Audition Their Fatalities for MORTAL KOMBAT Series

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Earlier today, Steve interviewed Mortal Kombat: Legacy director Kevin Tancharoen.  While we’ll have the full interview for you soon, Tancharoen shared an amusing Mortal Kombat parody video that wonders what would happen if popular video game characters crossed over into the MK frachise.  Fans of the series already know that Kratos from God of War will be in the upcoming game, but what if Mario, Pacman, or Link got to throw down some fatalities?

Hit the jump to check out the video.

College Humor’s STAR WARS Parody TROOPERS Featuring Aubrey Plaza

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The reliable folks at College Humor have launched a new web series called Troopers.  While it parodies Star Wars, it has the courtesy not to directly pull the costumes and hair-styles from the famous films.  The new episode, “Forcefield”, focuses on the tricky problem of invisible forcefields and a couple of hapless troopers trying to convince their prisoner (played by the lovely and hilarious Aubrey Plaza of Parks and Recreation and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World fame) that the forcefield keeping her captive is in no way malfunctioning.

While I’m slightly bored to death by Star Wars parodies, this one manages to be pretty funny by using *gasp* clever dialogue and comic timing rather than recycling 30-year-old jokes.  Hit the jump to check out the episode.

Funny “Alternate Ending” to RETURN OF THE JEDI

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Return of the Jedi could have been a much darker movie.  No, I’m not talking about killing off Han Solo or Luke walking off alone like a wandering samurai.  I’m saying it’s a good thing the rebels calculated the blast radius of destroying the second Death Star.  Otherwise, teddy bear celebration would have been replaced with awkward-yet-glorious silence.

Hit the jump to check out an “alternate ending” to Return of the Jedi.

Shipping Company Parodies David Fincher’s THE SOCIAL NETWORK

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While The Social Network has been accumulating critics’ awards here, there and everywhere, including the top prize at the National Board of Review, David Fincher’s biopic of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has also been a source of inspiration, and in particular to online shipping company uShip.

That’s because the company made a spoof for their holiday party and its an almost exact replica of The Social Network.  Check it out after the jump.

Funny Or Die Presents 1982 TRON Holiday Special

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All Star Wars geeks know about the embarrassing 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special.  It’s something George Lucas would like to pretend never existed, which is odd because it’s a rare moment of Lucas saying, “This is crap.  I shouldn’t sell it to people.” Of course, the Holiday Special exists in the so-bad-it’s-good realm of entertainment.  If you haven’t seen it, I don’t know how much enjoyment you’ll get out of a new Funny Or Die parody that gives the “Holiday Special” treatment to the original TRON.  But even if you haven’t seen the Star Wars special, I think we can all take joy in seeing the Master Control Program get into the Christmas cyber-spirit.

Hit the jump to check out the video.

Hilarious “Alternate Ending” to YOGI BEAR

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If Yogi Bear actually ended with this fake “alternate ending”, I would declare it the best film of 2010.  It could have every lame slapstick joke in the book but as long as it ends with a reference to The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, I’m happy.  Hit the jump to check out this brilliant alternate ending from animator Edmund Earle who put this together in his spare time over the last two months.

Cookie Monster Audition Tape for SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Spawns Online Campaign

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Sure it was pretty great to have Betty White snag an Emmy winning hosting gig on Saturday Night Live thanks to an online campaign, but that’s so last season. The new hotness comes straight from a place where the air is sweet, a little place called Sesame Street. The clever minds behind the long-running children’s program are trying to give Cookie Monster the opportunity of a lifetime by crafting an audition tape featuring the furry, blur glutton lampooning the staple sketch comedy series with the help of some cookie humor. The audition tape (which you can see in its entirety below) has quickly spawned an online campaign via Facebook for the favorite muppet character to actually host Saturday Night Live.

While the thought itself is ripe with opportunities, I’m not sure the Children’s Television Workshop would be too keen on one of their iconic characters appearing on a late night sketch show more accustomed to adult humor (although he did make an appearance on The Colbert Report in 2008). However, it would be great if something could be arranged to have a special primetime episode with Cookie Monster that the whole family can enjoy. In the meantime, enjoy Cookie Monster’s entertaining audition tape for SNL after the jump.

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