DRIVE ANGRY Blu-ray Review

     February 6, 2015

There is an art to camp.  It’s not enough to simply have the director wink to the audience and say “Yeah, we know this is terrible, but we’re having dumb fun so laugh god-dammit.”  Just because you’re making something trashy, …

DRIVE ANGRY 3D Motion Poster

     January 28, 2011

With director Patrick Lussier’s (My Bloody Valentine) 3D revenge flick Drive Angry 3D getting released February 25, Summit has released a very cool motion poster to help promote the flick. Starring Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard, William Fichtner, Billy Burke, and …

New Poster for DRIVE ANGRY 3D Starring Nicolas Cage

     January 20, 2011

When he’s not busy punching women/screaming about bees, Nicolas Cage stars in movies. With each new Nicolas Cage movie, comes a new hairstyle. I’m sorry, did I say hairstyle? I meant awesome hairstyle.  Next up for Cage is Patrick Lussier’s …