Earl Lynn Nelson and Paul Eenhorn Talk LAND HO!, the Physical Demands of Shooting on Unpredictable Geysers, Their Sundance Experience, and More,

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Land Ho!’s unconventional and likeable stars, Earl Lynn Nelson and Paul Eenhoorn, take audiences on a bawdy and adventurous road trip across Iceland playing a pair of aging ex-brothers-in-law who rekindle their friendship and joie de vivre while on holiday.  Opening July 11th, the quirky comedy written and directed by indie filmmakers Martha Stephens and Aaron Katz embraces life as a never-ending adventure where you’re never too old to reconnect, make new acquaintances, and explore the world around you.

During an entertaining roundtable interview, Nelson and Eenhoorn talked about their filmmaking journey, the appeal of their characters, the grueling production schedule, their odd couple dynamic, setting the story against a stunning Icelandic landscape, the physical demands of shooting on moonless moors and unpredictable geysers, their Star Wars reference, what it was like on set working with two directors, their Sundance experience, what Robert Redford had to say about their film, and what’s next including the possibility of a second movie or a TV series together. Hit the jump for our Land Ho interview.

Sundance 2013: THIS IS MARTIN BONNER Review

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As I said in my review of Price Check, a relatable situation does not create relatable or compelling characters.  It’s important to have an emotional connection to a character, but it’s also important to transport us to a place or a situation we don’t normally experience.  I don’t need to spend time seeing someone order food at Denny’s or read a book while eating dinner.  Chad Hartigan‘s This Is Martin Bonner attempts to connect us into our lead protagonists by showing the loneliness of their mundane lives, but their situations are so crushingly dull that we can never create a bond despite the solid performances of lead actors Paul Eenhoorn and Richmond Arquette.

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