Matthew McConaughey Eyed for GOLD and THE STAND

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Matthew McConaughey’s got an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for True Detective, he’s the star of one of the most anticipated movies of the fall, Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, and now, on top of that, it looks as though he might be lining up three more projects.

About a month ago we told you that McConaughey was in talks for The Company Man and now it’s being reported that he’s also wanted for the adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand and Stephen Gaghan’s Gold as well.  Hit the jump for more on both films. [UpdateThe Stand director Josh Boone has taken to Twitter to clarify that he's actually be writing the film with McConaughey in mind for the role of Stu Redman and Christian Bale in mind for Randall Flagg.  More after the jump.]

HBO Greenlights David Simon Miniseries SHOW ME A HERO Starring Oscar Isaac and Catherine Keener; Paul Haggis to Direct

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HBO is back in business with The Wire and Treme creator David Simon.  Though the insanely smart and wonderfully talented writer is currently developing a Martin Luther King Jr. miniseries America: In the King Years at the network, it appears that a miniseries of a different sort will materialize first.  HBO has now given the greenlight to Show Me a Hero, which is based on the non-fiction book by Lisa Belkin and tells the story of Nick Wasicsko, the youngest big-city mayor in the country in the 1960s who was forced by a federal court to build a number of low-income housing units in white neighborhoods of his town, Yonkers, New York.  The result of the effort was the eruption of tensions in the city and the destruction of his political future.  Oscar Isaac and Catherine Keener are poised to lead the six-hour drama.

So we’ve got David Simon writing a racially charged miniseries with Oscar Isaac and Catherine Keener starring.  Sounds fantastic right?  Well then we have the director: Paul Haggis.  More after the jump.

Director Paul Haggis Talks THIRD PERSON, Putting the Cast Together, How He’d Like to Do an Extended Version, and More

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From writer/director Paul Haggis (Crash), Third Person tells three stories of love, passion, trust and betrayal, and plays out in New York, Paris and Rome, across three couples.  A prize-winning fiction author named Michael (Liam Neeson) has left his wife (Kim Basinger) because of an affair with an ambitious young journalist named Anna (Olivia Wilde).  Meanwhile, Scott (Adrien Brody) meets a beautiful and mysterious Roma woman named Monika (Moran Atias), who needs money to be reunited with her young daughter.  And ex-soap opera actress Julia (Mila Kunis) is caught in a custody battle for her son with her famous ex-husband (James Franco).

At the film’s press day, director Paul Haggis spoke to Collider for this exclusive interview about where the idea for this film started, why he wanted to tell this story with multiple characters, how he put this cast together, the most challenging locations to shoot in, why the editing process was so difficult, that his first cut was three hours long, how he’d like to do an extended version someday, who he screens his films for, and that he’s searching for an idea for the next thing to do.  Check out what he had to say after the jump.

First THIRD PERSON Trailer and New Images Featuring Liam Neeson, Olivia Wilde, James Franco, Mila Kunis, Adrian Brody, and Moran Atias

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Writer-director Paul Haggis’ Third Person trailer is now available online.  As a treat, we’ve also got a look at the film’s international trailer, a bunch of character images, and the film’s poster.  All of the varied media give looks at stars Liam Neeson, Olivia Wilde, James Franco, Mila Kunis, Adrien Brody, Moran Atias, and Maria Bello.  That’s quite the cast that Haggis has assembled for his romantic drama that tells the tale of three interlocking stories of couples in Rome, Paris, and New York, familiar territory for the Oscar-winning writer of Crash.

Also starring Kim Basinger, the film will make its U.S. debut on April 24th at the Tribeca Film Festival.  Watch the first Third Person trailer after the jump, plus a bonus international trailer and a host of new images.

Maria Bello and Adrien Brody Join Paul Haggis’ THIRD PERSON; Woody Harrelson and Martin Sheen to Star in 9/11 Film SEPTEMBER MORN

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Writer/director Paul Haggis (Crash) has made a couple of last minute casting additions to his next project, Third PersonMaria Bello and Adrien Brody are the latest to join a cast that now includes Liam Neeson, Olivia Wilde, James Franco, Kim Basinger, Mila Kunis, and Moran Atias.  In the vein of Haggis’ Oscar-winning 2004 drama Crash, the film follows three intersecting stories set in Paris, New York, and Rome, “with each storyline following a different stage of a love relationship from the beginning, middle, and the end.”

Variety’s report doesn’t provide details on Bello’s character, but Brody plays the love interest of Atias.  We also know that Neeson and Wilde play a journalist and a gossip columnist, respectively, in the New York storyline.  Production begins this week in Rome.  Hit the jump for casting news concerning the 9/11 drama September Morn.

Mila Kunis Joins Paul Haggis’ THIRD PERSON; James Franco and Casey Affleck in Talks

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third person james franco mila kunis casey affleck

Crash writer/director Paul Haggis is setting up his next project, Third Person, and as always is assembling a nice ensemble.  Liam Neeson and Olivia Wilde signed on to star, and The Wrap reports that Mila Kunis has come on board.  Moreover, James Franco and Casey Affleck are in negotiations to join the cast.  Haggis says the story is “about three story lines, three love stories, three relationships in three different cities that combine in a very odd way: New York, Paris, Rome.”  Neeson is a journalist and Wilde is a New York gossip columnist, but details have yet to surface for the other roles.  Haggis and Co. are gearing up to shoot Third Person starting in mid-October with a budget of $28 million financed by Corsan Films.

Kunis and Franco teamed up for Disney’s March 2013 tentpole Oz the Great And Powerful, which you can see a brief glimpse of in the trailer.  Or if you prefer, a longer look at their on-screen chemistry in this parody of The Hills.

Liam Neeson and Olivia Wilde to Team Up for Paul Haggis’ THIRD PERSON

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Writer/director Paul Haggis has confirmed two of the stars for his upcoming film Third Person. Though the Crash director certainly has his plate full with scripting gigs at the moment, he’s been busy penning another ensemble piece that he plans to direct. The film will take place in three different cities centering on three different couples, and the director confirmed that one of the couples will be played by resident bad ass Liam Neeson and the lovely Olivia Wilde.  Hit the jump for more on the project.

Martin Campbell to Direct Conspiracy Drama UMBRA; Paul Haggis Rewriting Screenplay

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Just as director Joe Carnahan (The A-Team) exits the drama Umbra, the project gains a new director and screenwriter. Deadline reports that Casino Royale director Martin Campbell has been set to helm the pic, which centers on “a business man who gets a mysterious package in the mail and gets caught up in a government conspiracy.” In addition to Campbell jumping onboard, Paul Haggis (Crash) has been brought on to rewrite the screenplay. Haggis previously did rewrite work for Campbell on Royale, so the two have a rapport. Deadline’s report says Carnahan’s exit from the project was amicable, as The Grey director dropped out for personal reasons.

The original draft of the script was written by Steven Karczynski and Carnahan had done some rewriting before he left. There’s no word on the extent to which Haggis will rework the script, but production is set to begin in the spring so I presume it’s fairly minimal. Campbell is coming off of the less-than-stellar Green Lantern, and was recently tapped to helm the pilot for ABC’s thriller series The Last Resort. While Green Lantern was a giant misstep, I’m usually a fan of Campbell’s work so I’m excited to see him move back to more dramatic material.

Paul Haggis in Talks to Pen Spy Film Based on Author Daniel Silva’s Character Gabriel Allon

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Two-time Oscar-winner Paul Haggis (Crash) is in talks to script a spy film for Universal based on Daniel Silva’s popular character, Gabriel Allon. While possible, it’s unclear whether or not the writer/director would also helm the film given that the project is still in the very early stages of development. For those unfamiliar with the character (a.k.a myself just 30 minutes ago), Allon has appeared in ten of Silva’s novels and is described as a fortysomething Mossad agent who restores art as part of his “quiet job” and covertly investigates terrorist activities as part of his “slightly less quiet job.”

24 Frames reports that the exact details of Haggis’ script are unknown but that Universal is hoping to turn the property into a franchise (surprise, surprise). Former NBC head Jeff Zucker will produce the pic which joins the Bourne franchise as the second spy property in active development at the studio. For a taste of what could be coming in Haggis’ script, hit the jump for a synopsis of Gabriel Allon’s first appearance, the Daniel Silva novel The Kill Artist.

Michael Mann and Paul Haggis Team Up for GOLD

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Director Michael Mann is eyeing Gold as his next directing vehicle with Paul Haggis onboard as a producing partner. Said to be in the vein of Treasure of the Sierra Madre, the contemporary thriller centers on a search for, naturally, gold. Written on spec by Patrick Massett and John Zinman (TV’s Friday Night Lights), Heat Vision reports that Haggis was initially looking towards directing the film himself before deciding his plate was too full. He then brought the script to Mann, who took quite a liking to it.

Mann and Haggis will produce the film alongside Michael Nozik, with Mann looking at it as a possible directing vehicle. The three plan on developing the package before going out to studios. While no actors are attached as of yet, Mann sent the script to Leonardo DiCaprio. Mann himself has quite a few projects on the horizon as well, including an adaptation of the Bernard Cornwell novel Agincourt which centers on the 15th century battle between the English and the French.


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Paul Haggis seems to have two gears as a filmmaker: thoughtful or sanctimonious. There’s no denying that he was one of the ingredients that made the Daniel Craig Bond films a step above the works that came before, and his In the Valley of Elah wasn’t a great film, but it was definitely an advance on Crash. Sanctimonious Haggis is the guy who made Crash, a very self-important film about how people relate in Los Angeles. Also in the “S” category is the writer of Million Dollar Baby. This is a guy who can’t help but dot the I’s and cross his T’s when it comes to spelling things out.

The most appealing thing about The Next Three Days was that Haggis was no longer making award bait, but a thriller with Russell Crowe playing the determined husband of Elizabeth Banks. Banks is convicted of murder and after all their appeals are denied, he figures the only way to get her out of jail is to break her out. This puts Haggis in more Bond mode, and with a great cast that also includes Olivia Wilde, Liam Neeson and Brian Dennehy. What better way for Haggis to not be weighed down with heady issues? And yet The Next Three Days bombed, and home video does it no favors. The review of The Next Three Days on Blu-ray follows after the jump.

Paul Haggis to Write Expose on Scientology

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Not too long ago, Paul Haggis wrote a rather scathing indictment against The Church of Scientology. Haggis, a one-time member, took issue with the church’s advocation of Proposition 8 and some of the church’s more controversial methods — namely the policy of “disconnection,” wherein one must cut all ties from negative influences in their lives whether they be friends or family. All this is merely a preamble to say that the prolific writer/director may not yet be done bashing the oft-derided religion/cult (you choose).

Haggis is now teaming up with author Lawrence Wright to write an expose on Scientology. The book follows Haggis’s three-decade love affair and subsequent public break-up with the church. The Heretic of Hollywood: Paul Haggis vs. The Church of Scientology is set for release this June. Guesswork: it will most likely paint Scientology in a negative manner. Hit the jump for the official description.


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If he’s not trying to cram a heavy-handed message about Important Things down his audience’s throat, it turns out that writer/director Paul Haggis can make a decent thriller.  The Next Three Days is a welcome departure for Haggis, who instead of preaching about race (Crash) or the Iraq War (In the Valley of Elah), crafts an exciting, prison-break film with a strong central performance from Russell Crowe.  While some may love it when a plan comes together, The Next Three Days shows how it can be far more exciting when a plan falls apart.

Paul Haggis in Talks to Write/Direct a Remake of the Spanish Action-Thriller CELL 211

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Paul Haggis (Crash) is in talks to write and direct a remake of the Spanish action-thriller, Celda 211 (aka Cell 211) for CBS Films.  The 2009 Daniel Monzón-directed film swept the Goya Awards (basically the Spanish Oscars) — it won such awards as Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay.  The film tells the story of a prison guard who is knocked unconscious during his first day at work and wakes up to find himself stuck inside the prison during a riot.

Hit the jump to check out the Spanish trailer for Celda 211 and a full plot synopsis for the film, plus a look at where Cell 211 fits in the trend of foreign remakes.

Russell Crowe and Paul Haggis May Reteam for THE EQUALIZER

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Russell Crowe may reunite with his The Next Three Days writer-director Paul Haggis for The EqualizerHeat Vision reports that Haggis is in negotiations to pen the script which is based on the 1980s CBS crime series.  In the original series, Edward Woodward played private detective Robert McCall, “a sophisticated former government agent atoning for the sins of his past by righting the wrongs of a flawed legal system.”  As we reported back in June, Crowe is attached to star and produce.  Haggis is not attached to direct at this point, but that could easily change since his only other project, Ranger’s Apprentice, was at United Artists and UA’s parent company MGM is stuck in a seemingly never-ending financial meltdown.

The Next Three Days also stars Liam Neeson, Elizabeth Banks, and Olivia Wilde.  It opens November 19th.

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