Paul Schrader, Nicolas Cage, Anton Yelchin and Nicholas Winding Refn Fight Against This DYING OF THE LIGHT Trailer

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Interesting story with this one.  Paul Schrader, who wrote Taxi Driver (a classic) and recently conspired with Bret Easton Ellis to bring us The Canyons (by most counts not a classic) has a new movie coming out called Dying of the Light.  Only he’s not too thrilled about the way it turned out. Nor are his stars Nicolas Cage and Anton Yelchin.  Nor is executive producer Nicolas Winding Refn (who was supposed to direct this a few years back with Harrison Ford in the lead role).

Apparently Schrader was locked out of the editing room on the film and the movie that’s being prepped for release is not his vision.  Contractually he is forbidden to trash the movie given a non-disparagement clause in his contract, but he found a nifty way out of that and a way to get his message across.  Hit the jump for the Dying of the Light trailer and to learn more about the controversy at hand.  The film gets a limited release on December 5th. 

Full Trailer for Paul Schrader’s THE CANYONS Starring Lindsay Lohan and James Deen; Plus New NSFW Images

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IFC Films has released the first official trailer for director Paul Schrader’s (American Gigolo) new film The Canyons.  Written by Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho), the film centers on the relationship between a wealthy movie producer and his girlfriend, who’s having an affair with an actor from her past.  Lindsay Lohan plays the girlfriend, while porn actor James Deen is the film’s male lead.  The trailer is pretty much what you’d expect from a Lindsay Lohan movie written by Bret Easton Ellis, as we see glimpses of sex, barely-clothed men, and, of course, a cameo by Gus Van Sant.  While Lohan showed promise all those years ago, her performance appears to be DOA in The Canyons.  I’m not really sure who the audience for this movie is, but I assume one exists.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer for yourself and to check out some NSFW images from the pic.  The film also stars Nolan Gerard Funk and Amanda Brooks. The Canyons will be available in limited release and on VOD and iTunes on August 2nd.

IFC Picks Up THE CANYONS for Summer Release

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Those looking forward to the train wreck that is The Canyons will get their chance to see the film this summer.  IFC Films has announced that it has acquired director Paul Schreader’s erotic drama for release sometime this summer.  The controversial film was written by Bret Easton Ellis and picked up considerable notice for its troubled production, mostly due to star Lindsay Lohan.  The actress appears opposite porn star James Deen in the pic, which centers on the relationship between a scheming and wealthy movie producer (Deen) and his girlfriend (Lohan), who’s having an affair with an actor from her past.  IFC will release the film day-and-date sometime this summer on digital platforms and in theaters.  Hit the jump to read the press release.

Lindsay Lohan Gets Assaulted by James Deen in First Clip from THE CANYONS

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If you’ve ever been frustrated with Lindsay Lohan (Mean Girls) to the point that you just wished someone would scare some sense into her, James Deen is about to become your hero (if he wasn’t already).  We’d previously seen a series of parody trailers for director Paul Schrader’s erotic LA drama The Canyons, but now the first clip is available. In it, Lohan wanders about the apartment for a few minutes while Deen is sleeping peacefully.  Two guesses on who acts their part the best.  Hit the jump to watch the clip.

New CANYONS Trailer Reveals a Terrible Movie with Lindsay Lohan and Porn Star James Deen

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I was willing to give indie sexual thriller The Canyons after its first trailer promised a gritty, grindhouse feel, but the follow-up trailer for director Paul Schrader’s picture takes a whole new spin on things by playing up a 1950s melodramatic tone. Both trailers are clearly poking fun at the film itself with the first being more successful because it didn’t show any actual scenes of dialogue. They should have stuck with that plan. Principal actors Lindsay Lohan and porn star James Deen are unbearable for even this ninety-second trailer, so I can just imagine what sort of torture is in store for audiences when the indie film debuts “on an internet server of your choice.” Hit the jump to see for yourself.

First Trailer for THE CANYONS Starring Lindsay Lohan, Porn Star James Deen and Gus Van Sant

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The first trailer has gone online for director Paul Schrader’s sexualized indie thriller, The Canyons.  Starring Lindsay Lohan, porn star James Deen and Gus Van Sant (really), The Canyons spins a tale on the dangers of sexual obsession and ambition among a group of twenty-somethings and a chance event that unravels all of their lives.  The trailer, presented in a grindhouse aesthetic with appropriate music and filters applied, introduces us to the characters and a sense of danger in the film, but gives little in the way of plot.  The Canyons, written by Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho) also stars Nolan Funk and Amanda Brooks.  Hit the jump to check out the trailer.

Lance Reddick in Talks for WHITE HOUSE DOWN, Gus Van Sant Appears in THE CANYONS and Could Dolph Lundgren Appear in MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE?

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This may be the strangest casting article ever written, but here it goes:

Hit the jump to get this sorted out.

Casting Call: Lindsay Lohan to Star Opposite Porn Star in Bret Easton Ellis’ THE CANYONS; Debbie Reynolds Joins Liberace Movie BEHIND THE CANDLEABRA

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We’ve got a couple of casting stories to share this afternoon.  First up, Lindsay Lohan has joined director Paul Schrader’s indie sexual thriller The Canyons.  The script was written by American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis and the early logline states that the film centers on a group of students who are trapped in shark-infested waters by a lunatic.  Ellis broke the news of Lohan’s involvement via Twitter, and THR confirms that she’s in talks to star opposite porn star James Deen.

The report has a slightly different synopsis than the shark-centered one, as THR says it follows sex and crime among a group of young twentysomethings in Los Angeles.  Deen will be playing “a manipulative trust-fund kid with dreams of making a movie” and Lohan plays his materialist girlfriend.  Hit the jump for news concerning Steven Soderbergh’s Liberace biopic Behind the Candleabra.

Clive Owen to Star in Action Drama RECALL

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Clive Owen has come on board to star in the action drama Recall.  Per Variety, “Owen will play an NSA agent trying to piece together the events of a botched hostage rescue operation. As he begins to recall events and unearth the truth, he finds he can trust neither his fellow soldiers nor his own mind.”  That sounds like it could be a great movie, especially since Paul Schrader (Taxi Driver) wrote the script.  The only question mark is director Harold Becker, who hasn’t directed a movie since 2001′s Domestic Disturbance. The production is eying a March start date and plans to shoot in Bulgaria and Washington, D.C.

Owen will be seen in theaters next year in the spy thriller Shadow Dancer, and he’s playing Ernest Hemingway opposite Nicole Kidman in the TV movie Hemingway & Gellhorn.  I’m curious to see how Owen’s Hemingway performance compares to Corey Stoll’s memorable work from Midnight in Paris.

Synopses and Info on 2012 Lionsgate Films Including the EVIL DEAD Remake, Spike Lee’s OLD BOY, MURDER OF A CAT, FLIGHT 7500, and More

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Each year, a number of films are presented and sold at the American Film Market in Santa Monica. The 2011 AFM takes place this week, and in preparation for the AFM, Lionsgate has compiled production information and synopses for the properties that they plan to sell at the convention to both domestic and international buyers (for the territories that they have the rights). Lucky for us, that info is now public, and we’ve pulled together cast, director, and writer information as well as official synopses for some high profile 2012 Lionsgate films. We’ve got info on the Evil Dead remake, Spike Lee’s English-language adaptation of the now classic Park Chan-wook film Old Boy, Diablo Cody’s directorial debut, the comedy Murder of a Cat starring Jay Baruchel, Alison Pill, and Rob Lowe, and much more. Hit the jump for all the details.

Paul Schrader to Direct BAIT Written by Bret Easton Ellis

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Taxi Driver scribe Paul Schrader has signed on to direct the indie thriller Bait. Variety reports that Schrader will direct the film, and is currently polishing the script written by American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis. The story centers on a group of students who are trapped in shark-infested waters by a lunatic. In case the name doesn’t ring a bell, Schrader’s most noted films came out of his collaboration with Martin Scorsese, as he wrote the scripts for Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, The Last Temptation of Christ and Bringing Out the Dead.

Schrader has also directed a number of films on his own, and has most recently been developing The Jesuit with Willem Dafoe and Oscar Issac attached to star. Bait is definitely an unexpected project, but with Ellis writing the initial draft it’s safe to assume that this isn’t your typical “teens in peril” gorefest.

Maya Entertainment Picks Up Paul Schrader’s THE JESUIT; Official Synopsis Released

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Latino-themed production house Maya Entertainment has revealed that they have acquired both production and distribution rights for Paul Schrader’s “south-of-the-border” revenge-thriller The Jesuit. Schrader-the scribe responsible for Taxi Driver and director of American Gigolo-will fill both chairs for The Jesuit. Willem Dafoe, Michelle Rodriguez, Paz Vega and Manolo Cardona are set to star. In the press release, there was no mention of the previously-rumored Oscar Isaac (Robin Hood), so that’s up in the air as of now. Maya Entertainment and partner Open Window Films are praying for an early March 2011 start date.

Hit the jump for the official synopsis and a reassuring quote from Schrader.

Casting Call: Jamie Foxx in HORRIBLE BOSSES; Vega, Dafoe, Isaac, and Rodriguez Join THE JESUIT; McGregor, Blunt, and Thomas Go SALMON FISHING IN YEMEN

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We have three pieces of casting news for you (and likely more on the way because of the deals being made at the Cannes Film Festival right now).  Leading off, Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt, and Kristen Scott Thomas will star in Lasse Hallstrom’s Salmon Fishing in Yemen, written by Oscar-winning screenwriter Simon Beaufoy (Slumdog Millionaire).  Since THR doesn’t say what the movie’s about, I’ll move on to the casting on films where we can give you something more substantial.

First up, Jamie Foxx has signed on to Seth Gordon’s dark comedy Horrible Bosses.  Also, Paz Vega will star in Paul Schrader’s The Jesuit with Willem Dafoe, Oscar Isaac, and Michelle Rodriguez in final negotiations to join.  For more on both of these projects, hit the jump.

Paul Schrader Gets XTREME

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The man who gave the world Travis Bickle and the most bad-ass Jesus ever, is set to return to theaters, as writer-director Paul Schrader has set his sights on “Xtreme City” a bilingual film set in the bustling streets of Mumbai. The film, which will see Schrader collaborating with Bollywood writer, Mushtaq Shiekh, will be financed independently by sports agent Dwight Manley, which makes sense considering Schrader’s “go to hell” attitude toward Hollywood. Hit the jump for a quick plot synopsis and a few musings on Paul Schrader.

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