TOP 5: THE DARKEST HOUR, Simon Pegg and Greg Mottola Interview, Original FRIGHT NIGHT Screening, Bryan Cranston, FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION

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I hope you’ll pardon the “Top 5′s” lack of punctuality this week. I just returned from a set visit in Louisiana and WiFi was at a premium throughout most of my travels. Although I can say almost nothing about the visit as of now, just know that I arrived there just a touch on the cynical douche side and left really looking forward to the next entry in an iconic horror franchise.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the reason we’re all here: the stories. In this week’s installment, you’ll find fifteen things to know about Summit Entertainment’s upcoming alien invasion pic The Darkest Hour, a dinner/interview with Paul‘s Simon Pegg and Greg Mottola, a recap of the Alamo Drafthouse’s screening of the original Fright Night featuring a Q&A with director Tom Holland, Bryan Cranston talking Breaking Bad, Drive, his near appearance in X-Men: First Class among other things, and the latest iteration of our video/audio podcast For Your Consideration. You’ll find brief recaps and links to all of the above after the jump.

Collider Goes to Dinner with Simon Pegg and Director Greg Mottola to Talk About the PAUL DVD/Blu-ray

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Writing for a film website is a pretty nerdy hobby and not nearly as much fun as it seems most of the time, but occasionally it affords one great fringe benefits. Weirdly, 2011 has for me been dominated by cool fringe benefits involving Simon Pegg and Paul. Earlier this year I got to interview Pegg, Nick Frost and Greg Motolla at Area 51. Pegg even tweeted a photograph of me standing next to him in a full body Tuskin Raider costume. More recently, I got to go to a swanky dinner with Pegg and director Greg Mottola to chat about the Blu-Ray release of the film.

Over the course of the evening, Pegg talked about the origins of the film, his love of different sci-fi, philosophy, the writing process, Mission: Impossible III and IV (Ghost Protocol), Star Trek 2, sequels to Paul, the importance of a good title, the state of geek culture, and much more. I even out-nerded Pegg for the second time; he’d never heard of Harlan Ellison!

Hit the jump for some of the highlights of the evening.

PAUL Blu-ray Review

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Paul-movie-image-Simon-Pegg-Nick-Frost-comic-con slice 2

Greg Mottola’s Paul is like a nerd’s version of Ocean’s 11. Written and starring Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, the duo play sci-fi fans who run across an alien named Paul (voiced by Seth Rogen), and have to get him to his ship. There are government agents after him – played by Bill Hader, Justin Bateman, Sigourney Weaver and Joe Lo Truglio – and the boys meet a love interest (Kristen Wiig) along the way. Part wish-fulfillment science-fiction, part road movie, Paul works best if you – like the characters – are well versed in nerdom. Our review of the Blu-ray of Paul after the jump.


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Last Thursday Universal Pictures held a dinner with Simon Pegg and director Greg Mottola  to help promote the DVD and Blu-Ray release of Paul, which hits stores on August 9.  Pegg was very tired but remained in high spirits as he chatted about everything from the basics of story structure to his favorite Dr. Who iteration.  We’ll have the full story closer to the disc’s street date, but we have some choice cuts for you today.

Between courses Pegg dropped some interesting crumbs about a sequel to Paul that could be called Pauls, his work on Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and how Star Trek 2 is going to affect The World’s End.  Hit the jump for the quotes.


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Ouch.  Though it seemed likely after Friday’s figures were announced, the fact that Fox’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules so easily topped the flashier Sucker Punch has still got to hurt the folks at Warners this morning.

Title Weekend Total
1 Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 $24,400,000 $24.4
2 Sucker Punch $19,000,000 $19
3 Limitless $15,225,000 $41.2
4 The Lincoln Lawyer $11,000,000 $28.9
5 Rango $9,800,000 $106.3
6 Battle: Los Angeles $7,600,000 $72.5
7 Paul $7,500,000 $24.6
8 Red Riding Hood $4,340,000 $32.4
9 The Adjustment Bureau $4,240,000 $54.8
10 Mars Needs Moms $2,186,000 $19.1


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The fine folks over at Mondo commissioned some sweet posters for films playing at this year’s SXSW Film Festival.  If you attended SXSW, you had a chance to buy these great posters.  If, however, you were like me, you were at home cursing the heavens and crying into a pint of Häagen-Dazs.  But now for poor folks like you and me, Mondo is putting these posters up for sale online.

Starting at a random time tomorrow, Mondo will be selling their SXSW posters for Hobo with a Shotgun, The FP, Source Code, Moon, Hesher, and Paul.  Hit the jump for pricing and details on the posters.  Be sure you’re following @MondoNews for the official announcement of when the posters go on sale.

Weekend Box Office – LIMITLESS Takes Number One with $19 Million

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After pulling ahead of the pack on the traffic jam that was this Friday’s box office, Relativity’s Limitless stayed on top with an estimated $19 million from its 2,756 locations.  Fellow newcomers Paul and The Lincoln Lawyer had more modest starts, making this one more in 2011’s long line of down weekends.

Title Weekend Total
1 Limitless $19,000,000 $19
2 Rango $15,300,000 $92.6
3 Battle: Los Angeles $14,600,000 $60.6
4 The Lincoln Lawyer $13,400,000 $13.4
5 Paul $13,200,000 $13.2
6 Red Riding Hood $7,255,000 $25.9
7 The Adjustment Bureau $5,930,000 $48.7
8 Mars Needs Moms $5,310,000 $15.4
9 Beastly $3,260,000 $22.2
10 Hall Pass $3,600,000 $39.6

Friday Box Office – LIMITLESS Number One with $6.5 Million; PAUL in Third for Now with $4.4 Million

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Estimates for Friday’s top five are in, though I’d caution you to not make too much of those positions.  Aside from a clear number one in Relativity’s Limitless, less than one million dollars separates the remaining four films – meaning these numbers are almost meaningless!  Analysis with extra ambiguity when you check back tomorrow!

Title Friday Total
1 Limitless $6,500,000 $6.5
2 Battle: Los Angeles $4,500,000 $50.5
3 Paul $4,400,000 $4.4
4 Rango $4,200,000 $81.4
5 The Lincoln Lawyer $4,000,000 $4

PAUL Review

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Paul-movie-image-Simon-Pegg-Nick-Frost-comic-con slice 2

This year, passes to the geek Mecca known as Comic-Con sold out almost instantly.  Movies based on geek-centric properties like superhero movies and sci-fi sequels are worth hundreds of millions of dollars.  With so much money and attention already being paid, does geek culture need a tribute?  I’m not sure, but Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Greg Mottola have made one anyway with their new film, Paul.  The film is a giant road-trip movie that travels not between destinations, but from one geek reference to the next.  The jokes are mostly clever and inventive, but as the film wears on into its third act, the references become predictable and unworthy of the comic talents of everyone involved.  Additionally, despite the great performances of the entire cast, there’s hardly any character development and the only reason we care about the leads is due to the charisma and delivery of the actors.  Paul may be a film for geeks by geeks, but geeks shouldn’t expect a film at the level of Pegg and Frost’s previous collaborations.

Now Showing: March 18, 2011 – PAUL, THE LINCOLN LAWYER, LIMITLESS

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This coming weekend will feature three new releases starring some of Hollywood’s hottest hunks. First up, Bradley Cooper, in Limitless, will portray a man who has reached the apex of the human condition with a little pharmaceutical assistance. Next, Matthew McConaughey plays The Lincoln Lawyer, a defense attorney who lands the case of the lifetime, only to find it might be more than he bargained for. And for the sexiest of the bunch, we have the highly anticipated Paul, the dirty-talking alien (voiced by Seth Rogen) who accompanies Simon Pegg and Nick Frost on a cross-country trip. Two out of three ain’t bad, ladies.

Hit the jump for all our coverage, including trailers and synopses, on these headliners as well as limited releases Cracks, The Music Never Stopped, and Win Win.

Bill Hader Exclusive Interview PAUL; Updates on Future Projects, SNL, SOUTH PARK, and a Lot More

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Over the last week, we’ve been posting parts of my exclusive interview with Bill Hader (how he’s a writer on South Park, updates on The Hand Job and other future projects, and SNL).  The reason I got to speak with this very talented comedian is that he has a supporting role in director Greg Mottola’s Paul – which stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.  In the film, Hader plays a Federal Agent who is tasked with helping to locate Paul.

During our extended interview, Hader talked about working with Pegg and Frost, how much was in the script and how much was improv, how Mottola told him to prepare for the film, filming on a very famous street in New Mexico, and a lot more on making Paul.  Hit the jump for the interview and remember to see Paul this weekend!

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Re-Enact a Scene from STAR WARS in New College Humor Video

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If you’re going to make a short film that parodies Star Wars, you need to do something that stands out from all the other fan parodies that are floating around the Internet.  Getting Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to play low-budget versions of C-3PO and R2D2, respectively, is a good way to stand out.  Of course, it’s easy to get nerdy on the minutiae of such re-enactments and Pegg and Frost have some difficulty getting on the same geek-page.

Hit the jump to check out the amusing video and if you liked this little love letter to geek cinema, then you’ll love their Pegg and Frost’s new movie Paul, which opens this Friday.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Exclusive Video Interview at Area 51 for PAUL

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Simon Pegg Nick Frost Video Interview PAUL slice

Hitting theaters Friday is Paul, the new film from Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, who previously starred in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. In the film, the comedy duo plays British nerds road tripping across the US after attending Comic-Con. But, when they come across a wisecracking, chain-smoking, dirty-talking alien named Paul, their cross-country trek becomes a run from government operatives who want to dissect their new friend. To promote the film Universal Pictures flew journalists out to Nevada to visit the infamous Area 51 and talk to Pegg, Frost, and director Greg Mottola about their raucous, geeky comedy.

Today we have a video of our visit to Area 51 and a 10-minute video interview with Frost and Pegg where they give us additional details on Collider editor Steve Weintraub’s cameo in the film, Xenu’s thoughts on the production, discuss atheism as it relates to cursing, give us a quick tidbit on the sexual preferences of their characters in Spielberg’s upcoming Tintin movie, and much more.  Hit the jump for the video and more of my adventures in the desert.

LOST Co-Creator Damon Lindelof Gives PAUL Some Tips about Alien Comedies

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It’s tough out there for an alien in a sci-fi comedy, but thankfully, Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof has some tips for the titular star of the upcoming Greg Mottola film Paul.  Lindelof sent an open letter to Paul with a few tips on how to avoid the pitfalls of other sci-fi comedies with aliens.  For instance:

1. The camera is always rolling. Seen those ALF outtakes where he seems to think the N-word can be amusing in the proper context? Yeah, it’s not. And where is ALF now?

5. Mac and Me is a distillation of everything risky about this genre: It is simultaneously the fifth-best alien comedy ever made and the worst movie of all time. Just do the opposite of everything they did, and do not, under any circumstances, change your name to facilitate a fast-food tie-in.

Since Paul is coming out on Friday and the promotional materials haven’t been changed to read “Subway”, I think we’re okay on that last one.  Head over to GQ to read Lindelof’s other tips for Paul.

Director Greg Mottola Exclusive Area 51 Video Interview for PAUL

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Director Greg Mottola Area 51 Interview for PAUL slice

Hitting theaters Friday is Paul, the new film from Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, who previously starred in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. In the film, the comedy duo plays British nerds road tripping across the US after attending Comic-Con. But, when they come across a wisecracking, chain-smoking, dirty-talking alien named Paul, their cross-country trek becomes a run from government operatives who want to dissect their new friend. To promote the film Universal Pictures flew journalists out to Nevada to visit the infamous Area 51 and talk to Pegg, Frost, and director Greg Mottola about their raucous, geeky comedy.

Today we have our interview with Greg Mottola where he tells us about how difficult it was to work with editor Steve Weintraub (who was an extra in the film), discusses his fear of inter-dimensional lizard people, describes how Woody Allen introduced him to his wife, and much more.  Hit the jump to watch:

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