First POWERS Trailer; Plus New York Comic-Con Panel Recap Including New Footage for the Upcoming PlayStation Series

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PlayStation’s Powers is right in the middle of shooting, but that didn’t stop the creator of the comic books, Brian Michael Bendis, as well as show stars Susan Heyward (Deena Pilgrim), Eddie Izzard (Wolfe), Noah Taylor (Johnny Royalle), Olesya Rulin (Calista) and Logan Browning (Zora) from hitting the Empire Stage at the Javits Center to discuss the show and unveil some new footage.

Not only do we have some Q&A highlights and a description of the scene screened featuring Heyward and Sharlto Copley as Christian Walker, but we’ve also got some material that you can watch yourself because PlayStation just released the very first Powers trailer.  Hit the jump to check it all out.

New POWERS Images Featuring Sharlto Copley, Susan Heyward, Noah Taylor, Oleysa Rulin, and Logan Browning; Trailer Debuts at New York Comic-Con

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PlayStation has released four new images from its first original series Powers.  Based on the Brian Michael Bendis comic, Powers “follows the lives of two homicide detectives, Christian Walker (Sharlto Copley) and Deena Pilgrim (Susan Heyward), who are assigned to investigate cases involving people with extraordinary abilities.”

PlayStation announced they will debut the first Powers trailer at the New York Comic-Con panel on October 11 with Bendis, Heyward, Noah Taylor, Olesya Rulin, Logan Browning, and Eddie Izzard on hand.  Hit the jump for the Powers images.

First POWERS Image Featuring Sharlto Copley and Susan Heyward

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The Powers TV show never panned out over at FX, but Sony is giving the Brian Michael Bendis comic book another go.  The new rendition is currently in its fourth week of filming in Atlanta and is set to premiere on the Sony PlayStation Network, making it the gaming platform’s very first original series.

The comic centers on Christian Walker (Sharlto Copley) and Deena Pilgrim (Susan Heyward), two homicide detectives who focus on cases involving individuals with superpowers and now we’ve got our very first look at the show’s version of them.  Hit the jump to check out the new Powers image.

Sharlto Copley and Michelle Forbes to Lead PlayStation’s POWERS

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The TV adaptation of the comic book Powers has cast its two lead roles.  THR reports that Sharlto Copley (District 9) and Michelle Forbes (True Blood, Battlestar Galactica) have been tapped to star in the series for PlayStation, which is producing the adaptation of the Brian Michael Bendis comic.  Copley will play Christian Walker, a cop who works in the Powers division of the police force, dealing specifically with crimes involving those who have special abilities.  Forbes will play Retro Girl, a character who is the “superstar” of the Powers community.  FX was previously developing a Powers TV show adaptation that never went forward, with Jason Patric and Carly Foulkes filling the roles of Christian and Retro Girl, respectively.

30 Days of Night helmer and Hannibal principal director David Slade will direct the first two episodes of Powers, with Charlie Huston serving as executive producer.  The series will debut exclusively on the PlayStation Network this December.

SCREAM TV Show Swaps Amy Forsyth for Bex Taylor-Klaus; SHOW ME A HERO Adds Jim Belushi; Eddie Izzard Joins POWERS

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We’ve got some TV casting news worth sharing.  Here’s what’s coming at a glance:

  • MTV’s Scream added Connor Weil, Bobby Campo and Joel Gretsch, and swapped Amy Forsyth for Bex Taylor-Klaus.
  • HBO’s Show Me A Hero added Jim Belushi, Terry Kinney and Michael Stahl-David to the cast.
  • Sony PlayStation Network’s Powers just picked up Eddie Izzard, Noah Taylor and Olesya Rulin.

Hit the jump for more.

PlayStation Network Developing Comic Adaptation POWERS as First Original Series

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Sony Pictures Television developed a pilot for a series adaptation of the Brian Michael Bendis comic book Powers for FX, but FX declined to pick up the series.  Sony could not place this property on a traditional network, so the studio decided to try a new outlet.  Variety reports Sony Pictures Television will produce 10 episodes of Powers with a new cast to premiere on Sony’s PlayStation Network.  Gamers can currently rent and buy movies and TV shows on their console, but this will be PlayStation’s first original series.  Sony claims 150 million registered accounts on PlayStation Network, so I am curious to see if PlayStation—not to mention Amazon and Hulu—can become the next major home for original content on the heels of Netflix’s evolution into an Emmy contender.

Charlie Huston scripted the new pilot for PlayStation.  Bendis and Huston are the showrunners, producing alongside Powers artist Michael Avon Oeming, Michael Dinner (Justified), and Remi Aubuchon (Falling Skies).  Hit the jump for background on the comics.

John Landgraf (President of FX) Talks POWERS, ANGER MANAGEMENT, AMERICAN HORROR STORY Season 2 and Beyond, and More

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As part of the network’s TCA Press Tour presentation, President and General Manager of FX Networks, John Landgraf, took some time to talk about the creative direction for Season 2 of American Horror Story, the fact that Ryan Murphy is currently assembling a new cast with the addition of two or three previous cast members, and the shelf-life that he sees for the series. He also talked about the appeal of Anger Management and what made them want to work with Charlie Sheen, as well as the status of Powers, an adaptation of the comic book series about homicide detectives who investigate cases involving superheroes and super-villains with superhuman powers, which are common in their world. Check out what he had to say after the jump.

Bailee Madison Talks DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK and FX’s POWERS

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Bailee Madison DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK interview slice

A few weeks ago, I was able to speak with Bailee Madison about starring in director Troy Nixey’s Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.  The story centers on an architect (Guy Pearce), his new girlfriend (Katie Holmes), and his daughter (Madison) during the restoration of Blackwood Manor, a Gothic mansion infested by “an army of beady-eyed, sharp-clawed monsters emerge, small in size but endless in number: the homunculi.”

During the interview, Madison talked about filming in Australia and the process of getting into character, the rehearsal process, her favorite scene, working with Holmes and Pearce and the offset experience, the opening scene of the movie, and her character in FX’s Powers.  Hit the jump to watch.

Set Photo Roundup: PROMETHEUS, POWERS, and Vanessa Hudgens in GIMME SHELTER

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We have some set photos to bring you from three different projects this afternoon. First up, we have a look at some props from director Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. Starring Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Ben Foster, Guy Pearce, and Noomi Rapace, the film is set in outer space and, per the synopsis, promises to provide answers for “our most profound questions and to life’s ultimate mystery.” Next, we have some tweeted pics from the set of the pilot episode of FX’s Powers. Starring Lucy Punch (Bad Teacher), Bailee Madison (Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark), and Jason Patric (The Losers), the series adapts the Brian Michael Bendis comic of the same name and focuses on two homicide detectives who specialize in investigating murders involving people with superpowers.

After the jump, you’ll also find images of Vanessa Hudgens on set of writer/director Ron Krauss’ drama Gimme Shelter. Also starring Rosario Dawson and Brendan Fraser, the film centers on a pregnant teen who, after being turned away by her business-savvy father, is forced to take to the streets and, you guessed it, dumpster dive. Hit the jump to check out all of the pics. Prometheus hits theaters on June 8th, 2012 while Powers will look to make it to series this fall. Gimme Shelter is currently eyeing a 2012 release. [Update: We have removed the images from Prometheus at the request of the studio]

Jason Patric and Lucy Punch to Star in FX’s Comic Adaptation POWERS [UPDATED]

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TV wants Kyle Chandler.  He passed on Terra Nova, and the talks between Chandler and FX to star in the series adaptation of the Brian Michael Bendis comic Powers unfortunately led to nothing.  He’ll find a new home where he can be my TV dad soon enough.  In the meantime, let’s talk about Powers, an exciting prospect even independent of Chandler.

Powers centers on two homicide detectives who investigate murders that involve those gifted with superpowers.  Deadline reported last night that Lucy Punch (Bad Teacher) will play rookie detective Deena Pilgrim, and tonight follows up with the news that Jason Patric (The Losers) is set as Deena’s partner Christian Walker.  The casting (particularly Punch) is out there, just enough for me to give the benefit of the doubt to FX.  I love everything the network has produced in the past couple years.  The folks behind the camera are solid.  Charles Eglee (The Walking Dead) scripted the pilot, which Michael Dinner (Justified) will direct.  Plus, Bendis and Powers artist Michael Avon Oeming are on board as producers — always a nice touch.

Read the synopsis for Powers Vol. 1: Who Killed Retro Girl?, a collection of the first six issues, after the jump.

[Update: We've been sent the full press release on the film, which includes the additional casting of Charles S. Dutton and Bailee Madison. Full release included after the jump]

FX Courting Kyle Chandler for POWERS; Jonathan Groff Returns to GLEE

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In February we learned that Brian Michael Bendis’ comic book Powers would get the TV series treatment at FX. Written by Charles H. Eglee (The Shield) and to be directed by Michael Dinner (director of pilots for Justified and Sons of Anarchy), the series is a police produral set in a world where superpowers are relatively common. It centers on two detectives, Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim, in a Homicide department that deals with cases involving “powers” (people with superpowers). Now Deadline reports Kyle Chandler of Friday Night Lights is being courted to lead the new drama series. Apparently he won’t actually decided on the role until he reads a new draft of the script (from the actor’s own notes). Sounds like it definitely has some potential.

For news on Jonathan Groff going back to Glee (and the spoilerish details on his return), hit the jump.

FX Orders Series Pilot for Brian Michael Bendis Comic POWERS

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I don’t know too much about comics, but I know enough to take notice when I hear “Brian Michael Bendis.”  As a TV geek, I trust the FX development process, which has produced Archer, Justified, Louie, Terriers (RIP), and Lights Out — a murderer’s row — over the last 18 months.  And so it is cause for celebration when Bendis tweets:

Powers pilot was just greenlit by FX!  It’s official!  Your window of reading Powers while it was still cool is running out.”

Amazon is processing my order for Powers Vol. 1: Who Killed Retro Girl? as we speak.  Hit the jump for details on the series.

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