AMC Orders PREACHER Pilot from Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Sam Catlin, and Neal Moritz; Series Would Air in 2016

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AMC has been developing a series based on the Garth Ennis comic Preacher with Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Sam Catlin, and Neal Moritz for about a year now.  Tonight, the network officially ordered a Preacher pilot.  Rogen and Goldberg remarked:

Preacher has been our favorite comic since it first came out.  Garth Ennis is one of our idols and it’s an incredible honor to be working on this.  We promise we won’t make too many dick jokes and ruin it.”

Rogen and Goldberg wrote the script and plan to direct the pilot.  Catlin is the showrunner.  They will shoot the pilot in 2015 for series consideration in 2016.  For more on Preacher, check out Evan’s primer on the story, the characters, and the controversy and our interviews with Rogen and Goldberg.  Hit the jump for the press release.

Producers Evan Goldberg and James Weaver Talk TV vs. Movies When It Comes to PREACHER and Y: THE LAST MAN

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In college, the comic that made me interested in comics was Y: The Last Man.  I had never read anything like it.  I didn’t know comics could be anything other than superhero stories, and certainly nothing as compelling and addictive as what writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Pia Guerra cooked up.  Later that freshman year, my roommate handed me Preacher, and I was once again blown away (although not to the same extent as Y).  Over ten years later it’s interesting to see how these two properties have moved through various attempts at being adapted with Preacher finally moving towards being a television series and Y: The Last Man still stuck in development hell after years of trying to turn it into a movie.

Steve recently interviewed producers Evan Goldberg and James Weaver at the press day for their new movie Neighbors, and during their conversation, they talked about adapting comic books into television series versus movies.  Hit the jump for what they had to say, and click here for Goldberg and Weaver going in depth for what they have planned for Preacher.

Seth Rogen Talks NEIGHBORS, Expanding Rose Byrne’s Role, the R-Rated Animated Comedy SAUSAGE PARTY, THE INTERVIEW, PREACHER, and More

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All week I’ve said it and I’ll say it again: Nicholas Stoller’s Neighbors is an extremely funny movie filled with laugh out loud sequences.  You should definitely see it this weekend in a crowded theater.  If you haven’t seen the trailers or read our previous coverage, the film stars Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne as a married couple with a newborn baby who must deal with a fraternity—fronted by Zac Efron—when it moves in next door.  Neighbors also stars Dave FrancoChristopher Mintz-PlasseJake JohnsonIke Barinholtz, Carla Gallo, Jerrod Carmichael, and Lisa Kudrow.

A few days ago at the New York City press day, I landed an exclusive interview with Seth Rogen.  During our wide ranging conversation he talked about transitioning from a struggling actor to being able to get movies made, how Neighbors changed from its inception to the final release, how and why they cast Rose Byrne, the status of The Interview and when we’ll see the first trailer, what’s going on with their adaptation of Preacher for AMC, the R-rated animated movie Sausage Party, how he really wants to be on an episode of Better Call Saul, Stoller’s Black and White that would star Rogen and Kevin Hart, director Jonathan Levine’s Christmas movie that would star Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and a lot more.  Hit the jump for what he had to say.

Seth Rogen Talks PREACHER, Directing the Pilot, Mapping out the Entire Series, Making It Unpredictable for Comic Fans, and More

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With Breaking Bad over and Mad Men coming to a close next year, AMC is about to be without the two shows that helped build the network into what it is today.  As such, they’re currently looking for “the next big thing” that they hope will fill the void left by those two juggernauts.  One of their big gambles is on a television adaptation of the acclaimed comic series Preacher.  The show is being developed by Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Breaking Bad alum Sam Catlin, and we recently spoke with Goldberg about where the show fits into their schedule and their visual approach to the series.

In addition to speaking with Goldberg, though, Steve also sat down with Rogen in anticipation of the release of Neighbors, and he also touched on their plans for Preacher.  Rogen said that he and Goldberg—his co-director on This Is the End—are currently signing on to direct the pilot as they work on the script.  However, he added that they’re also working towards mapping out the entire series before they really dig into the pilot script, noting that they hope to make enough changes so that the show is still surprising for fans of the comic.  Hit the jump for more.

Producers Evan Goldberg and James Weaver talk Adapting PREACHER for TV, the Look of the Series, Where It Fits in Their Schedule, and More

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A few months ago, we reported that Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Sam Catlin (Breaking Bad) would be bringing the acclaimed comic series Preacher to television.  For years, various filmmakers tried to fit Preacher for the big screen, but I think it will work much better on television since it’s a sprawling, epic story with loads of characters.  Because of their background in comedy, Rogen and Goldberg may seem like unlikely choices to adapt such dark material, but it turns out that the comic was a huge influence on their lives.

Steve recently spoke with Goldberg and co-producer James Weaver at the press day for Neighbors, and they also talked about Preacher.  During their conversation, they talked about the look of the series, mapping out the budget, where it fits in their schedule, the support from AMC, and more.  Hit the jump for what they had to say.

Evan Goldberg Talks PREACHER, THE INTERVIEW, and CONSOLE WARS; Explains Why PREACHER Works Better as a TV Series

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Though it was clear from his days on Freaks and Geeks that Seth Rogen was a comedy talent to watch, few could have predicted that he would go on to become one of the most successful comedy writers—and burgeoning directors—working today.  Rogen and his longtime friend Evan Goldberg made their feature screenwriting debut with the 2007 future comedy classic Superbad and followed that up with Pineapple Express in 2008 and The Green Hornet in 2011.  The two made the move to directing to enormous success with last year’s excellent This Is the End, and now they have a number of exciting projects in the works as writers, directors, and producers.

While attending SXSW in support of the Seth Rogen/Zac Efron comedy Neighbors, which he produced, Goldberg took some time to speak with us about a few of his upcoming projects.  He talked about the editing process of his and Rogen’s next directorial effort The Interview, the status of the video game project Console Wars, and also provided some insightful comments on their take on Preacher, which he and Rogen are adapting as an AMC TV series.  You can watch the interview and read his full comments after the jump.

An Introduction to PREACHER: the Story, the Characters, and the Controversy

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AMC has recently announced that they have begun development on a TV series adaptation of the graphic novel, Preacher, to executive produced by the team that brought us This Is the End, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.  Preacher has had a long and frustrating history with attempts at jumping to both the silver and small screens, coming extremely close thanks to directors and producers who loved the source material, but couldn’t quite push it to fruition.  With The Walking Dead being the television juggernaut that it is, along with Mad Men and Breaking Bad to name a few, AMC has become a great platform for cutting edge shows that can push the envelope, and Preacher should fit right in.  With a glowing endorsement from the original creator, Garth Ennis, on the upcoming series, I am very excited to see the show begin to develop and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce readers to the story, its characters, and what may make this the next big television success.  Hit the jump for more.

TOP 5: THE LEGO MOVIE, The Science of ROBOCOP, Paul Bettany in THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, PREACHER TV Series, 2014 Super Bowl Movie Spots

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I typically try and use the opening paragraph to talk about something not already covered in the Top 5 list itself. I’m making an exception this week because The LEGO Movie is good enough to warrant it. Writers/directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have crafted an outstanding family comedy that’s sharp, funny, and as imaginative as the product it expertly seeks to promote. For all of the laughs it provides (of which there are many), I think its greatest achievement is how precisely it balances the weight of story and self-promotion. Make no mistake, its primary goals are to drive sales and promote the LEGO brand. Lord and Miller’s script is smart enough, though, to achieve these by genuinely capturing the spirit of creativity and inventiveness that makes LEGO so unique. I can only wish that all product placement strategies were this inspired and on point.

Moving on to the list portion of this week’s installment, today’s Top 5 will tackle more things pertaining to The LEGO Movie, the science of RoboCop, Paul Bettany‘s casting in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg bringing Preacher to AMC, and a recap of the movie spots that aired during the trouncing also known as the 2014 Super Bowl. Keep reading for a brief recap and link to each of the above.

Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and BREAKING BAD Writer Sam Catlin to Adapt Garth Ennis’ Comic PREACHER into a TV Series for AMC

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Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon‘s comic Preacher has been on a long and winding road to reach either a big or a small screen.  The 75-issue series begins with small town preacher Jesse Custer receiving the power to speak with the “Word of God” and command others to do his bidding, but the story then expands far beyond to include an Irish vampire, sadistic cousins who will fuck anything with a hole, a relentless and perverted operative, the “Saint of Killers” who can kill anything, and a character who, in a failed suicide attempt, blows his face off and takes on the name, “Arseface.”  When the project was being developed by Mark Steven Johnson (Daredevil) in 2006 for HBO, the network passed because it was deemed “too dark and too violent and too controversial.”  So now, in 2014, it will go to AMC with Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Sam Catlin (Breaking Bad) at the helm.

Hit the jump for more.

PREACHER Graphic Novel Goes to Pilot at AMC; Seth Rogen on Board to Produce?

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AMC is looking to fill the void left by departing dramas Breaking Bad and Mad Men with an adaptation of the graphic novel, Preacher.  The network has apparently ordered the show to pilot, based on Garth Ennis’ story of a Texas preacher who becomes disillusioned with his belief system after accidentally merging with a supernatural force known as Genesis.  The source material isn’t afraid to tackle themes of a religious nature alongside other mature elements, making it a potentially controversial addition to AMC’s programming, which currently boasts The Walking Dead as its biggest draw.  In related news, it seems as if none other than Seth Rogen may be involved with bringing Preacher to the small screen in some capacity.  Hit the jump for more.

Producer Neal Moritz Provides Updates on BATTLE: L.A. 2, PREACHER, THE BOYS, and D.J. Caruso’s Disaster Film INVERTIGO

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Over the past few days, we’ve been sharing a number of updates from Neal Moritz that were gleaned in Steve’s recent lengthy interview with the producer.  Moritz talked extensively about Fast & Furious 6, 7, and the future of the franchise, he provided revealing updates on the 21 Jump Street sequel, he talked quite a bit about the upcoming supernatural actioner R.I.P.D., and he also provided a promising update on director Shane Black’s developing Doc Savage movie.

While we’ll be providing the full interview here on Collider soon, we wanted to share one last batch of updates on a number of projects.  Hit the jump for news concerning the Battle: Los Angeles sequel, the graphic novel adaptations of Preacher and The Boys, and director D.J. Caruso’s disaster film Invertigo.

Director Sam Mendes Talks SKYFALL, Deleted Scenes, Creating His Own JAMES BOND Story, Roger Deakins, Comic Book Movies, PREACHER, and More

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At the recent Los Angeles press day for Skyfall, I was able to speak with director Sam Mendes.  During our extended conversation we talked about fan reaction to Skyfall, whether it was tough to land cinematographer Roger Deakins, deleted scenes, what will be on the eventual Blu-ray, whether he will direct another James Bond film, Javier Bardem’s character’s sexuality, crafting his own version of a Bond story rather than being beholden to the Bond mythos, and a lot more.  In addition, we talked about his Preacher adaptation, whether he would direct a comic book movie like Justice League (and his thoughts on the comic book movie genre), his vampire hunter TV series featuring Van Helsing with John Logan (which he will produce and possibly direct the pilot), and more.

I absolutely loved SkyfallSam Mendes has crafted one of the best James Bond movies ever made.  While the Bond franchise is now 50 years old, Mendes has shown the best might be yet to come.  I really can’t recommend this film enough.  For all our Skyfall coverage including our review, clips, posters, my set visit and more, click hereSkyfall also stars Judi Dench, Javier Bardem, Helen McCrory, Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Berenice Marlohe and Ben Whishaw.  Hit the jump to watch the interview.

Director Sam Mendes Discusses Why He Never Got PREACHER Off the Ground; Says It Would Make a Great Cable TV Series

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The 23rd James Bond film, Skyfall, is finally set to hit U.S. theaters this Friday, and given the immense positive buzz surrounding the film, director Sam Mendes is poised to become very much in-demand for a number of studios’ large-scale projects.  He’s already proven his talent at drama—he won the Best Directing Oscar for his feature debut American Beauty—but early word is that he’s crafted one hell of an action thriller with Skyfall.  Mendes was actually set to make his genre debut a few years ago with an adaptation of the graphic novel series Preacher scripted by John Logan, but he eventually left that project to tackle Bond.

Steve recently sat down with Mendes for an extended video interview for Skyfall, but during the course of their conversation the director also talked a bit about Preacher.  He discussed how Skyfall flexed the muscle he was trying stretch with Preacher, why the project never took off, the difficulty of adapting the story for the big screen, and the possibility of doing a serialized adaptation on television.  Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

Screenwriter John August Talks FRANKENWEENIE, His Collaborations with Tim Burton, the BIG FISH Musical, PREACHER, and More

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Frankenweenie, from director Tim Burton and screenwriter John August, is a charming, macabre and heartwarming tale, about Victor (voiced by Charlie Tahan), a young boy who, after unexpectedly losing his beloved dog Sparky, harnesses the power of science to bring his best friend back to life, but quickly faces unintended and sometimes monstrous consequences for his actions.  The voice cast also includes Catherine O’Hara, Martin Short, Martin Landau, Winona Ryder and Atticus Shaffer.

During this recent exclusive interview with Collider, John August talked about how his collaboration with Tim Burton originally started, expanding the original Frankenweenie short into a full-length feature, how amazing Weird Girl and her cat are, and his reaction to seeing the finished product put together.  He also talked about the challenge of actually getting a script made into a film, how many unproduced scripts he has sitting around collecting dust, what made Big Fish right for a Broadway musical, how he came to be collaborating with Josh Friedman (The Sarah Connor Chronicles) on a potential TV show called Chosen, that he plans to direct again after Big Fish makes it to the stage, the status of Preacher, and more.  Check out what he had to say after the jump.

D.J. Caruso Doesn’t Understand PREACHER; Drops Names for Major Characters

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Throughout the day, movie news sites have been picking up a quote from director D.J. Caruso (I Am Number Four) about various actors he sees for major characters in his adaptation of Preacher.  But this is just Caruso dropping names.  While I’m sure actors have been approaching him, the fact that he wants Chris Pine for Jesse Custer or that Shia LaBeouf wants to play Arseface (and I assume Caruso is joking when he says Alex Pettyfer is interested in The Saint of Killers), those are just empty conversations.  There are no serious negotiations going on and who knows if the scheduling would pan out.  We’re so far away from casting at this point that a director dropping names of famous actors off the top of his head in the middle of an interview shouldn’t be newsworthy.

What is newsworthy is Caruso revealation that he doesn’t understand what makes Preacher work.  Hit the jump for more.

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