RAMBO V: The Return or Retirement of Sylvester Stallone’s Title Character?

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In the 1982 action-thriller First Blood, Sylvester Stallone made John Rambo into a household name.  Then, in 2008, Stallone returned to reprise the role in the aptly titled picture Rambo, which many thought would be the actor’s farewell to the character since it quite literally is a homecoming of sorts.  However, Stallone’s been mulling a fifth picture in the years since the last film, and if a press release from a German media company is to be believed, then Stallone is back for Rambo V.  Hit the jump for more.

RAMBO TV Series in the Works [UPDATED]

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While Sylvester Stallone resurrected the Rambo franchise in 2008 with a new film, movement on a fifth Rambo feature has been fairly slow.  Stallone has teased that the next feature would either be in the vein of Unforgiven or a “passing of the torch” to a new lead character, but now it appears that Rambo might live on in a different medium.  THR reports that Entertainment One and Nu Image are developing a TV series iteration of Rambo, and Stallone is currently in negotiations to be involved with the project “on a creative level.”  Moreover, Stallone might potentially star in the show in a reprisal of his Rambo role.  Hit the jump for more.

[Update: Stallone's reps have reached out to strongly deny that the actor would be involved with the TV series.  Read the full comment after the jump.]

Producer Randall Emmett Talks 2 GUNS, EVEREST, Martin Scorsese’s SILENCE, WITCH HUNTER with Vin Diesel, MONOPOLY, LONE SURVIVOR, and Much More

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While you might not know the name Randall Emmett, it’s likely you’ve seen at least one of the eighty films he’s produced.  And with his company now funding higher profile movies like 2 Guns, Lone Survivor, Escape Plan, and many others, he’s definitely making a name for himself in Hollywood.  A few days ago in New York City, I sat down with him for an extended interview.  Here are a few things I learned about some of his upcoming projects:

  • Baltasar Kormákur‘s Everest is in pre-production.  Filming will begin in November and will take place in the Italian Alps, Nepal, and on stages in London.  Cast is in final negotiations.
  • Martin Scorsese’s Silence starts filming next June.  Scorsese has already been on location scouts.
  • Witch Hunter with Vin Diesel starts production in February, directly after Diesel finishes Fast & Furious 7.
  • They just secured writers for Monopoly, which centers on a father and son.
  • Hungry Hungry Hippos will be a blend of 2D and CG animation.
  • What happened to Red Sonja?  Casting was always a big issue, the script was never right, and they had a bunch of different directors coming in and out.

Hit the jump for how 2 Guns came together, working with director Peter Berg on Lone Survivor, how he’s able to finance movies, how he started as Wahlberg’s assistant many years ago, what happened with Buck Rogers, the status of another Rambo, how Escape Plan is a contemporary version of an 80s film, and so much more.  Hit the jump to watch.


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For our final Toy Fair image article, we’re doing a huge roundup of NECA toy images.  While they’re making figures/toys for all the regular movies and TV shows you’d expect, the highlight of NECA’s 2013 lineup is the 60′s Batman featuring Adam West!  The reason it’s taken so long to get an Adam West Batman is lawyers.  From what I’ve been told, Warner Bros. owns Batman, while 20th Century Fox owns the show.  For years the two companies have been trying to work out an agreement to release DVDs/Blu-rays and new merchandise with little success.  However, late last year, the two companies finally worked out a deal and 2013 should see a lot of new toys and hopefully a home video release.  Which is great news for the fans.

In addition to checking out the first 60′s Batman toy in quite some time, you can also see new toys for Aliens, A Christmas Story, Captain America, Michael Keaton’s Batman, Carrie, Gremlins, E.T., Harry Potter, Hulk, Iron Man, Pacific Rim, Predator, Prometheus, Scarface, Rambo, The Hobbit, The Hunger Games, Thor, and a lot more.

Toy Fair 2013: Images of Mezco’s BREAKING BAD and NECA’s Upcoming Toy Lines for CARRIE, ALIENS, KICK-ASS 2, PACIFIC RIM, PROMETHUES and More

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As you’ve probably noticed, over the past 48 hours, we’ve posted a ton of toy articles.  The reason is every February in New York City, the toy industry holds its yearly convention (Toy Fair) and it’s where every toy manufacturer shows off their upcoming products.  If you’re a fan of movie related toys, Lego, or just cool stuff, Toy Fair is basically a huge preview of what you’ll be spending your money on this year.

Anyway, while walking around the show yesterday, Samantha Cheirif took a number of pictures and this batch covers Mezco Toyz Breaking Bad and NECA’s Carrie, Kick-Ass 2, Pacific Rim, Prometheus, Aliens, Rambo, The Lone Ranger, The Hobbit, Gremlins and more.  Hit the jump to check out the images.

RAMBO 5 On Hold as Sylvester Stallone Finishes EXPENDABLES 2; Isn’t Sure if Film Will Be UNFORGIVEN or “Passing of the Torch”

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While another entry in the Rambo franchise has been on Sylvester Stallone’s to-do list for quite some time, we haven’t heard much about the film in a while. It appears there’s a reason for that, as screenwriter Sean Hood recently took to Twitter to give a brief status update:

Rambo 5 on hold as Sly finishes Expendables 2. He hasn’t decided if R5 will be an Unforgiven or a “passing of the torch.”

Beyond Expendables 2, Stallone also has the highly anticipated Arnold Schwarzenegger team-up The Tomb on the docket, which is certainly a priority project. It’s nice to know that Rambo 5 isn’t dead, and I like the idea of an Unforgiven take. Maybe Stallone could blend a “passing of the torch” aspect in with the Unforgiven tone in order to kill two birds with one stone. Whatever the case, it appears we’ll all just have to sit tight a while longer for another Rambo. Hit the jump for more, including a recent photo of Stallone and Schwarzenegger in the hospital (yup).


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You’ve got to give Lionsgate points for chutzpah. The Rambo movies are all already available on Blu-ray, but with The Expendables heading to theaters and a vault full of action flicks to exploit, the studio is fearlessly shotgunning genre fans with a stack of reissues. And since it would be kind of lame if all they had to show for their catalog holdings was a hi-def version of Lock Up, here’s Rambo: The Complete Collector’s Set, which bundles all four chapters in the John Rambo saga into a bloody, brick-shaped chunk of righteous fury.

As examples of egregious double-dipping go, The Complete Collector’s Set isn’t so bad. Lionsgate is clearly trying to take advantage of heightened interest in all things Stallone, but to the studio’s credit, no exclusive content has been added to any of the movies in the box — if you already own any of these titles on Blu-ray, you don’t need to worry about missing some new featurette or commentary track. In fact, this set doesn’t include the extended cut of the fourth film that you get with the standalone disc. What you’re left with, in essence, is a cheaper way to own the series, so even if it doesn’t exactly live up to its name, it’s tough to quibble too much with The Complete Collector’s Set.  More after the jump:

RAMBO Blu-ray Box Set for $22

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If you’re a fan of the first three Rambo movies, Amazon’s Gold Box deal today features the box set for $22 dollars.  That’s $7 dollars a movie!  And if you spend $25 dollars, you get free shipping.  It’s a great deal.  Included in the set are First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II, and Rambo III. Here’s the link:

RAMBO V Goes Hunting in a New Direction and Leaves His Previous Plotline to Someone Else

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As we reported last September, Sylvester Stallone was ready and able to take his aging Vietnam vet John Rambo out for another mission.  The film would have Rambo fighting down some man-beast-abomination-type deal in a snowy terrain of some kind.  Now it appears that Rambo will find other ways to pass the time in between playing bridge and trying to ward off osteoporosis.  Hit the jump to see which group of people will be having a less-than-pleasant encounter with a man who will rain down their murder.

Sylvester Stallone Says RAMBO 5 Will Be Set In The Jungles of… Seattle?

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Sylvester Stallone Rambo movie image - slice (1).jpg

As you may know by now Sylvester Stallone is currently in pre-production on “Rambo 5″ – yet another blood-soaked chapter in the life of Vietnam-vet turned soldier-of-fortune, John Rambo.  What you may not know is how Stallone plans to make Rambo’s latest onscreen mission different from all of his previous outings.  Though we reported last week that “Rambo 5″ would feature Stallone interfacing with Mexican drug lords on the US border, according to the man himself, this is not the case.  Find out where Rambo’s really headed after the jump.

Sylvester Stallone suits up for RAMBO 5

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Sylvester Stallone Rambo movie image - slice (1).jpg

Critics shit all over the last “Rambo” film, criticizing its gratuitous use of gore and a lack of depth that made “First Blood” such an endearing character study.  I am not one of those people.  I thought, whether intentional or not, the almost comical level of violence and retread of the 80s “one vs. a million” genre of action films made it a rocking diversion that brought back what action junkies loved about the original trilogy (but obviously shared more of a resemblance to its sequels).  Well Rambos back, baby, and Stallone will again suit up for a fifth film in the series.  Synopsis and more after the jump.

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