RIDDICK Director David Twohy to Helm Time Travel Thriller REPLAY

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Filmmaker David Twohy is poised to tackle time travel in his next film.  Deadline reports that the director behind the Riddick trilogy will helm the thriller Replay for Relativity.  The story follows a test subject in an experiment who is sent four days into the future, only to discover that his son has been killed and he’s being accused of committing the crime.  When the day is over, he wakes up to find it’s now the previous day, thus beginning a murder mystery in reverse as he must solve the murder before he reaches the day of the initial experiment, which is when the killing occurred.  The project was penned by Joe Gazzam, who is writing the upcoming Cliffhanger remake.  This is not to be confused with the other time travel movie called Replay, which is based on Ken Grimwood’s novel and previously had Robert Zemeckis in line to direct.

Twohy’s directorial credits have veered into dark tones with movies like Below and Pitch Black, but he has plenty of experience in the sci-fi realm and also co-wrote The Fugitive.  Production on Replay is expected to begin in early 2015.

Ben Affleck to Direct JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie? [UPDATE: Probably Not.]

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You read the headline right: Warner Bros. is reportedly eying Ben Affleck (Gone Baby Gone) to helm Justice League, DC and WB’s answer to Marvel/Disney’s The Avengers.  Affleck is expected to enter discussion with the studio higher-ups within the next few days.  So far, he’s the only candidate who has received the script from Gangster Squad scribe, Will Beall.  Affleck has also set a recent  precedent of directing films he also stars in, which may mean that we’ll be seeing him on screen in some capacity, whether super-suited or not.  Hit the jump for much more on this developing story, along with a possible role for Affleck in an upcoming film which has long been in development at Warner Bros. [Update: We've added more information regarding Affleck's likely decision]

Robert Zemeckis in Talks to Direct Time-Travel Film REPLAY

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Could Robert Zemeckis finally be returning to live-action? And with a time-travel film to boot? It appears so, as Vulture reports that the director is in ”serious talks” to helm the adaptation of Ken Grimwood’s novel Replay. The thrilling premise centers on a radio journalist in his forties who dies, but awakes back in 1963 in his 18-year-old body with all of his previous memories intact. The kicker? He always dies in 1988, but returns to 1963 to start the whole 25 years over again with every single memory intact and the ability to make different life choices (spouse, kids, etc.)

This sounds like a fantastic concept, and a return to form for the Back to the Future director. Following the demise of his motion-capture Yellow Submarine remake, Zemeckis has been tooling around with a couple of live-action flicks. Most recently, he entered early negotiations to helm Flight with Denzel Washington. Hit the jump for more on both projects, as well which one Zemeckis might film first, and a synopsis of the novel Replay.

Ben Affleck May Star in and Direct REPLAY

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Ben Affleck is reportedly circling the director’s chair and may star in the drama Replay.  According to Deadline, the drama, which has been in development since 1989, is based on the Ken Grimwood novel about “a 43-year old radio journalist who dies, wakes up in his 18-year old body, and gets to relive his life over and over, getting the opportunity to take roads he passed up the first time around.”

Affleck’s been on fire ever since The Town opened to strong box office and critical acclaim.  He actually turned down Warner Bros. blockbuster projects Superman: The Man of Steel and Tales from the Gangster Squad.  It’s looking like Affleck is interested in a smaller, more character-driven drama as the other project he’s considering is The Trade.  That film is about 1973 wife-swapping Yankees pitchers Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekrich.  While we previously reported that Matt Damon was interested in directing The Trade, Deadline is reporting that Affleck is choosing between that film and Replay as his next project.  Whatever he chooses, I know I’ll be interested.

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