Eight Amazing Retro Posters for Pixar’s UP

by     Posted 5 years, 45 days ago


To celebrate the release of Pixar’s “Up” on DVD and Blu-ray on November 10th, eight gorgeous retro-style posters for the film have been released.  Your wall space and my wall space crave them.  I’m assuming these posters were also done by Eric Tan (who did these retro-style posters for “Wall-E” as well as other movies which you can see on his site), since I know he did the one featuring Muntz’ evil pups.

While the one I want the most is not included in this set, I still want all eight of these.  Sadly, I have no idea where you and I can buy them.  You can check out the full set after the jump. [UPDATE! You can buy the posters here.  Also--they're signed.  I'm going to dig through my couch cushions to see if there's the $145 I need to get the Dug poster.] [2nd UPDATE! It's been brought to my attention that Eric Tan did "Journey into the Wild", Craig Foster Did "SAA: South American Air", Erik Evans did "Paradise Falls", and the other five are by Paul Conrad.  Only Eric Tan's posters (including ones not in this set) are available at Acme Archives Direct]

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