Rhys Ifans and Lucy Punch Take Like SQUIRRELS TO THE NUTS; Drew Barrymore’s ANIMAL Sets Cast; Thomas Mann Joins Indie Comedy WELCOME TO ME

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Here’s the latest casting news:

  • Rhys Ifans (The Amazing Spider-Man) and Lucy Punch (Ben and Kate) will join Peter Bogdanovich’s ensemble comedy Squirrels to the Nuts, along with Ahna O’Reilly (The Help) and Jake Hoffman (Click).
  • Eve (Barbershop), Amaury Nolasco (Prison Break), Parker Young (Enlisted), Joey Lauren Adams (Chasing Amy), Elizabeth Gillies (Victorious), Paul Iacono (The Hard Times of R.J. Berger), Thorsten Kaye (Smash) and Jeremy Sumpter (Friday Night Lights) join the Drew Barrymore-produced horror film, Animal.
  • Thomas Mann (Project X) will join Shira Piven’s Welcome to Me, starring Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids), Will Ferrell (Anchorman), Tim Robbins (The Shawshank Redemption) and Linda Cardellini (Freaks and Geeks).

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The weirdest part about the release of The Amazing Spider-Man was finding out that a lot of people didn’t like the Sam Raimi films. Not just the third film, which is – for the most part – reviled, but all of them. Marc Webb had the hard job of rebooting a franchise that was still fresh in audience’s minds, and did so with Andrew Garfield as the titular web-slinger, and Emma Stone as his girl Gwen Stacy. The approach mostly fails by trying to avoid being too much like the Raimi version. Our review of the Blu-ray of The Amazing Spider-Man follows after the jump.

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Honest Trailer Pokes Fun at Marc Webb’s Origin Story

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With Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man set to release on DVD/Blu-ray next week (it’s currently available on VOD), a new Honest Trailer has debuted just in time.  The trailer takes shots at Webb’s origin story and hilariously points out the film’s shortcomings, all in good fun.  We’ve had a wealth of news on The Amazing Spider-Man sequel as of late, with Jamie Foxx in talks to play the villain Electro, Shailene Woodley’s role as Mary Jane Watson and Steve’s recent interview with Webb, which revealed quite a bit about the upcoming film.

The Amazing Spider-Man stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, Sally Field and Denis Leary.  Hit the jump to see the new honest trailer.

All of the Deleted Scenes from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN

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A couple weeks ago, a couple of deleted scenes from The Amazing Spider-Man went online.  The scenes helped to better understand Peter Parker’s origin and clear up some of the ambiguities of the original film.  Now, with the Blu-ray/DVD set to be released on November 9th, all of the deleted scenes have leaked out.  Most of the deleted scenes focus on Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans), so if you were looking for more explanation of the movie’s inconsistencies and plot holes, you won’t find them here.  However, they do make Connors a more sympathetic character, so I can understand why these scenes were shot but later cut.

Hit the jump to check out the deleted and extended scenes, and click here to pre-order The Amazing Spider-Man on Blu-ray/DVD.

Bradley Cooper in Talks to Star Opposite Emma Stone in Cameron Crowe’s Untitled Film; Rhys Ifans Joins MADAME BOVARY; Nat Wolff Moves to PALO ALTO

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Check out the latest casting developments at a glance below:

  • Bradley Cooper (Limitless) is in talks to star opposite Emma Stone (The Amazing Spider-Man) in writer/director Cameron Crowe’s untitled adventure rom-com.
  • Rhys Ifans (The Amazing Spider-Man) joins the cast of Madame Bovary, directed by Sophie Barthes (Cold Souls) from a script by Rose Barreneche who adapted the original Gustave Flaubert story.
  • Up-and-comer Nat Wolff (The Naked Brothers Band) will join the dark indie pic Palo Alto, written and directed by Gia Coppola and based off of a series of short stories by James Franco.

Hit the jump for much more on each project.

Watch Deleted Scenes from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN That Tease More of Peter Parker’s True Origin

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When Sony’s reboot The Amazing Spider-Man opened this summer, much was made about the fact that the finished film left out plenty of footage that was teased in the trailers.  It wasn’t simply that the theatrical release was missing a few scenes here and there, but it was pretty obvious that a good chunk of the background on Peter Parker’s parents and Parker’s true origin (ie. “The Untold Story”) had been excised in favor of letting that storyline play out over a trilogy of films.

Director Marc Webb, Andrew Garfield, and Emma Stone are all poised to return for the sequel, with Shailene Woodley possibly playing Mary Jane Watson, and now the first film is getting ready to hit Blu-ray and DVD.  The home video release will include a number of deleted scenes, and a few of them have popped up online a bit early, revealing some of Parker’s origin story that was cut.  Hit the jump to take a look.


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As much as I enjoy film, my first entertainment love will always be music. As such, this weekend finds me in Chicago in anticipation of what could be my final Warped Tour appearance. That’s right, I’m a 26 year-old man (I use the term “man” lightly, of course) who still finds immense joy in the pop-punk genre. Nevertheless, it’s becoming harder and harder for my oldness to blend in with a predominantly sub-18 crowd without looking like a total creep and, therefore, today may very well be my last Warped experience. On the bright side, I still have XBox Live to remind me that I’ve never completely grown up.

Maturity issues aside, on tap in this week’s version of the Top 5 is a slew of interviews for The Amazing Spider-Man, the first trailer and new images for Tom Cruise‘s Jack Reacher, our most anticipated movies from July to September, Savages interviews with Oliver Stone, Blake Lively, etc., and more The Dark Knight Rises coverage than most humans are capable of comprehending. Links and brief recaps for each reside after the break.

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Confirmed as First in Trilogy; Plus Was Spidey’s True Origin Edited Out of the Film?

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Amongst the massive amount of unbridled enthusiasm for The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, it seemed for a bit that Sony’s reboot The Amazing Spider-Man might hit theaters with little fanfare.  The pic finally premiered this past Tuesday to a record-setting $35 million and fairly positive reviews, and though we won’t know the full box office impact until later this weekend, the film is certainly off to a promising start.  With a healthy box office take, a sequel for The Amazing Spider-Man is all but guaranteed (writers were recently hired to perform a rewrite of James Vanderbilt’s follow-up screenplay).  Now an official message from Sony confirms what we already knew: The Amazing Spider-Man is the first in a planned trilogy.

Hit the jump for much more, including evidence that a great deal of Spidey’s origin was cut out of The Amazing Spider-Man at the last minute, and the possible inclusion of the Sinister Six in further films.  Beware, MAJOR SPOILERS for The Amazing Spider-Man follow.

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Director Marc Webb Talks Sequels and His Original Villain Creation: The Mime; Plus, Two New Posters

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Director Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man is primed for a big Fourth of July weekend opening, but that doesn’t stop him from thinking ahead.  In a recent interview, Webb talked about potential sequels for the superhero film, saying that he departed from canon just enough to allow successive iterations to “withstand…[and] anticipate future storylines.”  Who does Webb think would be a good villain for Spidey in the future?  Well, he does stress that Spider-Man already has an impressive rogues gallery, but also suggested an original villain of his own creation.  You can find out who that would be after the jump.

The Amazing Spider-Man, starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, Sally Field and Denis Leary opens July 3rd.


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The Amazing Spider-Man is intended to be a new origin story about a powerless kid who got superpowers and became hero.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t know which origin story to tell, nor does it understand what it means to be “powerless”.  Wrapped up in the notion of being “grittier” and “realistic”, Marc Webb‘s reboot attempts to spin a fresh new vision for the wall-crawler, but it constantly forgets the story its trying to tell by getting tangled up in lazy coincidences and idiotic character motivations.  The film’s problems are further compounded by the woefully miscast Andrew Garfield, who carries the sweet, good-hearted nature of Peter Parker, but none of the powerlessness that makes us root for him.  What works in the film—the visuals, set pieces, the performances, and the score—work wonderfully, but everything else in the movie is far from amazing.

Rhys Ifans Talks THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, The Uniqueness of The Lizard, If He Feels the Character Is an Inner-Monster Unleashed, and More

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Several weeks ago, Sony Pictures invited us to attend the press junket The Amazing Spider-Man.  The reboot takes a grittier, more realistic approach to Peter Parker’s journey to becoming your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, and sees the wall-crawler struggling to come to grips with the mysterious of disappearance of his parents.  For more on the film, click here for all of our previous coverage.

During my on-camera interview with Rhys Ifans, who plays Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard, we talked about why the Lizard stands out from other supervillains, if he feels that the Lizard is a monster from within or forced upon Curt Connors, and how the finished film compared to what he envisioned when he first read the script.  Hit the jump to check out the interview, and click on the corresponding links for my interviews with co-stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. The Amazing Spider-Man opens in 3D on July 3rd.

Watch 25 Minutes of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Plus a New Clip, Featurette and TV Spot

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With The Amazing Spider-Man opening next week on July 3rd, you may feel like you’ve seen the entire movie through the recent marketing barrage.  Well, you have seen about twenty-five minutes of it, because someone’s gone through the trouble of editing all the footage together into a mini-film for your viewing pleasure.  Add to it a new clip, TV spot and featurette and you can watch nearly a third of The Amazing Spider-Man without paying a dime.  Check out all of our previous coverage for The Amazing Spider-Man here.

Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man, starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, Sally Field and Denis Leary, opens in 3D on July 3rd.  Hit the jump to check out the new clip, TV spot, featurette and 25 minutes of footage.

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Early Overseas Reviews Mostly Positive

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Early reviews are in for the overseas release of The Amazing Spider-Man and so far they are generally positive.  The common theme seems to be broad support for Andrew Garfield’s performance as Peter Parker, lending a nervier version to the highschooler than Tobey Maguire’s character.  Reviewers also praised Emma Stone, Martin Sheen, Sally Field, Denis Leary and, to an extent, Rhys Ifans for their performances, but decried the narrative for being a bit thin and lacking dimension.  Interestingly, The Amazing Spider-Man is coming across as more of a romantic drama with action elements than an action movie with a love interest thrown in; this observation was taken to the extreme with one reviewer calling it, “the superhero film for the Twilight generation.”  Hit the jump for much more from the early reviews.

Two New TV Spots and a Lizard Featurette for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN

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A few new bits of marketing from The Amazing Spider-Man have now gone online.  Two TV spots highlight the “vigilante” aspect of Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man as well as the web-swinging action, while a new featurette focuses on Rhys Ifans’s villain The Lizard.  The latter is interesting in that it gives us our first taste of what it looks/sounds like when The Lizard speaks.  I’m still wary of the villain being made up entirely of CGI, and this featurette doesn’t exactly ease my concerns.  It’s possible that The Lizard plays better in context, but there still seems to be a disconnect in this featurette with the antagonist; he looks like a computer animated character, therefore he doesn’t feel very threatening.

Hit the jump to take a look at the TV spots and featurette.  The film also stars Emma Stone, Denis Leary, Martin Sheen and Sally FieldThe Amazing Spider-Man opens in 3D on July 3rd.

Watch Over 20 Minutes of Behind-the-Scenes Footage from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN

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Andrew Garfield is set to swing into action in Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man when it debuts July 3rd, but how did they make all that web-swinging action come to life?  Sony has released about 25 minutes of B-roll footage that shows the behind-the-scenes workings of the production.  Sure, this clip of Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) being all heroic is nice and it’s fun to watch Spidey swing away from pursuing cops with the greatest of ease, but the impressive “making of” footage really shows off the physical demand that was required.  It’s definitely worth a watch for you web-heads who just can’t get enough.  The B-roll also features Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Sally Field, Martin Sheen, Chris Zylka and some awesome stunt performers.  Hit the jump to check it out.

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