January 22, 2014

If the words “true story” precedes a movie, it’s always misleading.  To tell an audience that something is based on a true story is to provide it with greater authenticity; it’s a short cut to making the fictional feel more …

New UK Trailer for 47 RONIN Has a Dragon

     October 8, 2013

Universal Pictures has released a new trailer for director Carl Rinsch’s upcoming epic 47 Ronin, proving that The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug isn’t this year’s only holiday film with a giant dragon.  The story stars Keanu Reeves and centers on a …

New International Trailer for 47 RONIN Starring Keanu Reeves

     September 3, 2013

A new international trailer has been released for the upcoming action-adventure film, 47 Ronin.  The story stars Keanu Reeves and centers on a troupe of banished samurai who long to restore their honor and find vengeance against the treacherous Lord Kira (played …

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