Robert Zemeckis, Matthew Vaughn, Edgar Wright and Peter Jackson Also Top Choices for READY PLAYER ONE

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Christopher Nolan might not be the only director in the running for Ready Player One.  It’s being reported that Robert Zemeckis, Matthew Vaughn, Edgar Wright and Peter Jackson are all being considered as well.  (Looks like you got your wish, Brendan!)

The film is based on Ernest Cline’s award-winning book of the same name.  It takes place in the year 2044. The world isn’t in great shape thanks to the exhaustion of Earth’s fossil fuels, but at least people can escape the energy crisis and overpopulation by logging in to OASIS, a video game getaway.  Hit the jump for more on the directors who are supposedly in the running to bring OASIS to the big screen.

First THE WALK Images Reveal Joseph Gordon-Levitt as High-Wire Walker Philippe Petit in Robert Zemeckis’ 3D Drama

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Sony Pictures has released the first The Walk images from director Robert Zemeckis’ 3D film about high-wire walker Philippe Petit.  You may be familiar with Petit from the universally acclaimed documentary Man on Wire (currently available on Netflix), which recounted his daring, illegal 1974 tightrope walk between the twin towers of the World Trade Center.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Petit in Zemeckis’ film, which dramatically recounts Petit’s act in what producer Tom Rothman describes to USA Today as “Gravity meets Ocean’s Eleven.”  Indeed, the heist aspect of Petit’s story is quite thrilling, and I’m eager to see what Zemeckis’ trademark blend of boundary-pushing visuals and human-centric storytelling brings to Petit’s beautiful piece.

Hit the jump to check out the first The Walk images, now in high-resolution.  The film also stars Charlotte Le Bon, Ben Kingsley, James Badge Dale, Ben Schwartz, Clément Sibony and César DomboyThe Walk opens in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D on October 2, 2015.

Charlotte Le Bon Talks THE HUNDRED FOOT JOURNEY, Robert Zemeckis’ THE WALK, How She Got Into Acting, and More

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Opening this weekend is director Lasse Hallström’s (Chocolat) adaptation of the Richard C. Morais novel, The Hundred-Foot Journey.  The story centers on the Kadam family, who set up an Indian restaurant in a small village in the south of France, unknowingly beginning a rivalry with the nearby classical French restaurant run by Madame Mallory (Helen Mirren).  However, this rivalry eventually turns into friendship as the two establishments begin to learn and appreciate the other’s cuisine.  Produced by Oprah and Steven Spielberg, the film also stars Manish DayalOm Puri, and Charlotte Le Bon.  For more on the film, watch the trailer.

At the Los Angeles press day for the film, I landed an extended video interview with Charlotte Le Bon.  She talked about how she got into acting, the experience of making The Hundred Foot Journey, the differences between an American set versus a French set, Lasse Hallström’s directing style, Robert Zemeckis’ The Walk (which used to be called To Reach the Clouds), her parents’ acting careers, and so much more.  Hit the jump to watch.


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Release dates for a number of upcoming films have been released.  Briefly:

  • James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge 3D – The documentary feature that focuses on James Cameron’s boyhood dream of becoming an explorer and subsequent dive to the Mariana Trench will open in theaters on August 8th of this year.
  • Untitled Robert Zemeckis 3D – Director Robert Zemeckis’ next film, a drama about tightrope walker Philippe Petit, will bow on October 2, 2015.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt leads a cast that also includes Ben Kingsley and James Badge Dale.
  • Ricki and the Flash – Director Jonathan Demme’s film about a rock star mother who returns to her abandoned children in the hopes of reassuming her role as caretaker will open on June 26, 2015.  Scripted by Diablo Cody (Juno), the film will star Meryl Streep.
  • Geostorm – Warner Bros.’ sci-fi adventure about a malfunction in climate-control satellites will drop on March 25, 2016.  Gerard Butler stars and Dean Devlin makes his directorial debut.

Hit the jump to read the full press release regarding James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge 3D.

Ben Kingsley, James Badge Dale, and Charlotte Le Bon in Talks for Robert Zemeckis’ Untitled Tightrope Tale; Cara Delevingne to Join PAN & TULIP FEVER

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Here’s today’s latest casting news:

  • Ben Kingsley, James Badge Dale, and Charlotte Le Bon are in talks for Robert Zemeckis’ untitled drama based on Philippe Petit’s memoirs, and starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
  • Cara Delevingne is in talks for roles in both Joe Wright’s Pan at Warner Bros., and Justin Chadwick’s period romance, Tulip Fever, for The Weinstein Company.

Hit the jump for more on each picture and casting story.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Set for Robert Zemeckis’ 3D High-Wire Picture TO REACH THE CLOUDS

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About a month ago, we reported that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was circling a lead in Robert Zemeckis’ high-wire act, To Reach the Clouds.  Now, it looks as if JGL has indeed committed to playing the role of French tightrope walker and high-wire artist, Philippe Petit.  The film’s working title is shared with Petit’s memoir, which was adapted by Zemeckis and Christopher Browne.  The film will build to a third-act climax which recreates Petit’s “artistic crime of the century” in which he and his co-conspirators snuck to the top of the World Trade Center in 1974 in order to make his famous attempt at crossing between the two towers.  In addition to the thrilling caper aspects of the plot, Zemeckis is planning to shoot the movie as a 3D spectacle in the vein of Avatar, Life of Pi and Gravity.  Production is scheduled to start this May.  (Via Deadline)

BACK TO THE FUTURE – THE MUSICAL Coming to London in 2015

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Rumors of a Back to the Future stage musical popped up about a year ago, and now it’s official.  Back to the Future – The Musical will premiere in London’s West End in 2015—the 30th anniversary of the 1985 movie—with hopes of a Broadway run if successful.  Director Robert Zemeckis and his Back to the Future co-writer Bob Gale will write the book with Jamie Lloyd, who will direct the production.  Original composer Alan Silvestri and Glen Ballard will pen additional music and lyrics alongside songs from the movie like “The Power of Love” and “Johnny B. Goode.”

Hit the jump for quotes from Gale and Lloyd.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt May Lead Zemeckis’ TO REACH THE CLOUDS, Emile Hirsch Joins TEN THOUSAND SAINTS, and Sarah Paulson Set for CAROL

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We’ve got a few interesting casting stories to get to this afternoon.  Briefly:

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt may be leading the next live-action feature from director Robert Zemeckis, the biopic To Reach the Clouds.
  • Emile Hirsch has joined the young ensemble cast of American Splendor directors Bob Pulcini and Shari Berman’s coming-of-age indie Ten Thousand Saints.
  • Sarah Paulson (12 Years a Slave) has joined the impressive cast of Todd Haynes’ latest film Carol.

Hit the jump for more on the aforementioned films and casting.

Robert Zemeckis to Direct Childrens Book Adaptation THE MIRACULOUS JOURNEY OF EDWARD TULANE

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Filmmaker Robert Zemeckis is adding another project to his to-do list, and it may find him returning to the world of animation.  Variety reports that the Forrest Gump director will helm an adaptation of the Kate DiCamillo childrens book The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, which follows the exploits of a porcelain rabbit.  Zemeckis will direct the pic for New Line Cinema with Jeff Stockwell penning the script, but it’s unclear if the film will be entirely animated or if the pic will involve live-action elements.  Zemeckis spent a decade toying with motion-capture technology on films ranging from Beowulf to A Christmas Carol before returning to live-action with last year’s Flight.

This news comes on the heels of word that Zemeckis is also attached to direct a live-action adaptation of the documentary Marwencol, which is a drama involving mental illness.  That project is apparently being earmarked as Zemeckis’ next film.

Robert Zemeckis to Direct Adaptation of Documentary MARWENCOL

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robert zemeckis marwencol

Filmmaker Robert Zemeckis made a much-welcomed return to the world of live-action last year with Flight, and it appears that the director has now settled on his follow-up project.  Heat Vision reports that Zemeckis is developing a feature film adaptation of director Jeff Malmberg’s 2010 documentary Marwencol for Universal as his next picture.  The doc tells the story of Mark Hogancamp, a man who was assaulted by five teens and sent into a nine-day coma.  When he awoke, he had no memory of his life, family, or friends.  In an effort to cope with the trauma, he began building a 1/6 scale model of a WWII-era Belgian village in his backyard.  The figures were made in the image of him, his friends, and surprisingly his attackers, and “allowed him to escape into a fantasy world in which he creates his various scenarios with the dolls.”

Hit the jump for more, including the trailer for the documentary.

Robert Zemeckis in Talks to Helm CHAOS WALKING

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robert zemeckis flight

When last we reported on the adaptation of Patrick Ness’ futuristic young-adult trilogy Chaos Walking, Charlie Kaufman (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) was set to script the film for Lionsgate.  Now, it looks as if Robert Zemeckis (Flight) is in talks to direct.  No official deal is in place, but Lionsgate is likely planning ahead with the lucrative The Hunger Games film series concluding in 2015.  A pairing of the Oscar-winning director and screenwriter is a great way to interest critics, just as the dystopian coming-of-age story is likely to engage younger audiences.

Hit the jump for more.

FLIGHT Blu-ray Review

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Airline pilots, for the most part, are like the mysterious man behind the curtain.  Passengers only get a glimpse of them when exiting the plane and hear their voices  once in a while over the intercom.  These guys have hundreds of lives in their hands and we just take it for granted that they are not drunk out of their minds.  Robert ZemeckisFlight is about a very talented alcoholic pilot who averts a major disaster and winds up nosediving right into his dark inner-demons.  More on Paramount’s Flight Blu-ray after the jump.

The Road to Oscar: Best Director

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For proof that 2012 was a nutty year for awards contenders, look no further than the Best Director category.  Over the past few days, we’ve been looking back how the ebbs and flows of the past 12 months have shaped the awards race in a number of categories, and one of the most dynamic shifts came with Best Director.  After the jump, we run down how the race for Oscar glory progressed over the past few months to give us the five nominees who will be vying for the gold on Oscar Sunday.  Hit the jump to read on.

Robert Zemeckis Q&A at FLIGHT Screening for Zemeckis Retrospective Series; Explains His Love of Aviation and Why He Hates Being on Set

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robert zemeckis flight

Last night at The Aero in Santa Monica, Robert Zemeckis hosted a screening of his newest film: the awards-bait Flight.  All weekend The Aero has been hosting a retrospective of Zemeckis and his classic films: Romancing the Stone, Used Cars, Back to the Future, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Castaway.  Last night – the final night of the retrospective – Zemeckis was on hand to discuss the Denzel Washington starring ‘adult’ picture.  Much has been made of Zemeckis’ return to live action and how this is his most serious film — perhaps in part due to the subject matter: alcoholism, drug abuse, sins of the father, etc… But Flight feels at one with the rest of Zemeckis’ filmography — in that all his films tend to focus on overconfident people (Marty Mcfly, Ellie Arroway, Whip Whitaker) whose resolves are challenged by extraordinary circumstances (an impromptu trip to the past, aliens, a plane crash).

The Q&A with Zemeckis veered from topic to topic – covering Zemeckis’ own love of aviation to how he approaches actors to why he hates being on set.  For highlights from the conversation, click through to the jump.

Robert Zemeckis Talks WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT Sequel, a Possible 3D Re-Release, 3D Post-Conversions and Possible Remakes of His Other Films

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With his latest film, Flight, now in theaters, director Robert Zemeckis reflected on his past movies in a recent interview. Among the pictures discussed was Who Framed Roger Rabbit, a 1988 classic that starred Bob Hoskins and Christopher Lloyd opposite a cavalcade of cartoon critters. Not only did Zemeckis entertain the idea of re-releasing Who Framed Roger Rabbit in post-converted 3D, but he also gave an update on the state of the sequel. Penned by the original writers Jeffrey Price and Peter S. Seaman, Zemeckis said he was happy with the script and that it was quite good. Hit the jump for more, including whether or not Zemeckis thinks any of his other films are due for the 3D treatment or a reboot.

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