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A couple of acclaimed indie films have gotten new UK posters today.  The bizarre killer-tire flick Rubber has a new poster and while it may not be quite as good as the efforts by Olly Moss and Boris Vallejo, it’s still fun and eye-catching (also, I didn’t know that the Brits spelled “tire” as “tyre”; cue the “More You Know” music).  There’s also a new poster for Joe Cornish’s critically-acclaimed Attack the Block.  The film picked up rave reviews (click here to read Scott’s review) at this year’s SXSW Film Festival and I hope it picks up US distribution soon.

Hit the jump to check out both posters.  Rubber hits DVD and Blu-ray in the UK on April 11th and Attack the Block hits UK theaters on May 13th.

New Poster for RUBBER

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It’s tough to compete with Olly Moss when it comes to movie posters, but Rubber is trying by releasing a new poster by Boris Vallejo (who last did the poster for 2007′s Aqua Teen Hunger Force).  The movie is a tough sell since the protagonist is a rubber tire, but Magnet is doing a good job when it comes to their marketing.  The film was released on VOD last week and I’ve heard nothing but positive things about it.

Hit the jump to check out the poster.  Written and directed by Quentin Dupieux, the film stars  Stephen Spinella, Jack Plotnick, Wings Hauser, Roxane Mesquida, and Daniel Quinn  Rubber is available now through video-on-demand.  It hits theaters on April 1st.

Trailer for Quentin Dupieux’s RUBBER

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A trailer for the “killer-tire” horror/comedy Rubber is now available online.  Written, directed, and scored by Quentin Dupieux, Rubber tells the story of a once inanimate tire named Robert (without a birth certificate, there’s no way of knowing if that’s his given name) who discovers he has telepathic powers and soon decides to use said powers against humans.  The film stars Stephen Spinella, Roxane Mesquida, and (you guessed it) a rubber tire.

To check out the trailer for yourself, hit the jump.  Rubber played the festival circuit last year screening at Cannes and Fantastic Fest just to name a few.  It will be available on-demand on February 25th before hitting theaters April 1st.


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Mondo, which is the boutique shop of the Alamo Drafthouse, has six posters going on sale today.  Three of the posters are from artist Olly Moss and were showcased earlier as part of this year’s Fantastic Fest.  Today, you’ll be able to buy his posters for Let Me In and two versions of his poster for Rubber.  Also going on sale is a Poltergeist poster by Ken Taylor, a Metropolis poster by Rich Kelly, and a fantastic Aguirre: The Wrath of God poster by Jay Ryan.

Hit the jump to check out all of the posters along with their size, price, and number of prints.  Follow @MondoNews for the announcement of when these great posters will be available for purchase at Mondo’s official website.


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Friday at Fantastic Fest 2010 featured a movie about a tire that makes people’s heads explode. Then, two other movies almost made MY head explode: one out of sheer awesomeness and the other out of bored frustration. And that’s just part of how day two at the world’s largest genre film festival based in Austin, Texas went. Click here to read about day one, then hit the jump to find out which film did what out of Clement Sze-Kit Cheng & Chi-kin Kwok’s Gallants, Dante Lam’s Fire of Conscience, Quentin Dupleux’s Rubber and Mark Hartley’s Machete Maidens Unleashed.

Fantastic Fest Posters for LET ME IN, Roger Corman, RED WHITE & BLUE, NEVERMORE, RUBBER, and X: THE MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES

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If everything I’ve heard about Fantastic Fest is even half-true, then people attending this year’s festival are going to have a blast.  There’s a killer line-up which includes Let Me In, Red, Stone, and tributes to Roger Corman and Bill Pullman.  The festival has also announced that Alamo Drafthouse CEO and Fantastic Fest co-founder Tim League will debate/box Michelle Rodriguez over whether or not Avatar deserved to win the Oscar for Best Picture.  It’s worth noting that Rodriguez’ breakthrough role was as a female boxer in the 2000 film Girlfight.

Additionally, there are going to be some incredible posters created specifically for Fantastic Fest and Mondo, the Alamo Drafthouse’s collectible art botique.  Hit the jump to check out the incredible posters for Let Me In, Roger Corman, Red White & Blue, Nevermore, Rubber, and X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes .  Fantastic Fest starts tomorrow and runs to September 30th.

FANTASTIC FEST 2010 Announces First Wave of Films; Info and Images Here

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Multiple zombie apocalypses, mutilation with farm animals, a killer tire, musical terrorists, live pornographic theater: and that’s just the movies! There’s only one place where crazy, mind-bending contemporary genre films from all over the world come to play, and that’s Fantastic Fest. The sixth annual film festival takes places September 23-30 in Austin, Texas, and the first wave of films was announced Tuesday.  Among the highlights are the new Takeshi Kitano flick Outrage, the Cannes film Rubber, and Ip Man 2, which topped Iron Man 2 at the Hong Kong box office.

Hit the jump for descriptions of the first batch of films as well as brand new images.

Magnet Releasing Takes US Rights to RUBBER

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A few weeks ago we posted the trailer to one of the most unusual movies we’ve covered on Collider: Rubber.  While most movies feature a person as the protagonist, Rubber is the story of a murderous tire with telepathic powers.  The film premiered a few days ago at the Cannes Film Festival to mixed reviews, but that hasn’t stopped Magnet Releasing from picking up the US rights.  No word yet on when they plan on releasing the film, but I’d imagine it will be in the near future.  For more on the film, including some reviews from around the web, hit the jump:

Teaser Trailer for RUBBER: The Story of a Psychic Killer Tire

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Every now and then a truly inspirational film comes along that you just know will win the hearts of audiences everywhere.  I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I say Rubber probably won’t make that list.  Rubber is the story of a killer tire named Roberto who goes out for revenge against humans after discovering a pile of burning tires. I’ll give you a moment to finish laughing…

/Film reports that the 2nd film from director Quentin Dupieux (aka as Mr. Oizo in the electronic music community) is set to premiere as a special screening in the International Critic Week’s competition at the Cannes Film Festival on May 15th. Dupieux also explains why he made the film, “I like the idea of doing a film on a living tire, with no narrative structure nor dramatic stakes. It’s possible! Also, The budget was very limited: I conceived the script, taking into account our means, and I like working like that a lot.”

Word on the street is Freddie Prinze Jr. has already contacted Roberto the tire for some tips on how to be a believable actor.  Check out the teaser trailer for Rubber after the jump:

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