Universal Developing SAFE HOUSE Sequel (or Prequel?) with Writer David Guggenheim

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Safe House grossed $200 million worldwide once it was released in February.  This fact surprised me, but that’s on me, because the natural result of an action movie that co-stars Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds is $200 million.  And the natural result of $200 million is Safe House 2.  According to Heat Vision, Universal has commissioned Safe House writer David Guggenheim to write that follow-up to the winter hit.  Neither Washington nor Reynolds is signed for another movie, and Heat Vision could not get their sources to confirm whether Guggenheim is writing a prequel or a sequel.

To go into more detail, we will need to get into spoilers for Safe House.  At Collider, we our spoiler safe house is after the jump.

SAFE HOUSE Blu-ray Review

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Safe House is the kind of movie that you might run across on cable a couple years down the line and forgot that you had ever seen it.  Sure, it’s got a good cast (Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds, Vera Farmiga, Brendan Gleeson, and Sam Shepard), but it’s so routine and by the numbers that by the end the film it almost completely evaporates from memory.  Our review of the Blu-ray of Safe House follows after the jump.

Weekend Box Office – THE HUNGER GAMES Remains Victorious While Nostalgia-Fueled AMERICAN REUNION and TITANIC 3D Follow

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May the box office be ever in your favor! The Hunger Games outlasted competition from newcomers American Reunion and not-so-new Titanic 3D to top the box office for the third weekend in a row.  Hunger Games pulled in an estimated $33.5 million, a drop of about 43% from last week’s numbers, but still managed to cross a $400 million worldwide mark.   Second-week showings of Wrath of the Titans and Mirror Mirror rounded out the top five respectively. Hit the jump for the analysis, including a big mover who almost cracked the top ten.

Title Weekend Total
1 The Hunger Games $33,500,000 $302M
2 American Reunion $21,500,000 $21.5M
3 Titanic (3D) $17,350,000 $25.7M
4 Wrath of the Titans $15,010,000 $58.9M
5 Mirror Mirror $11,000,000 $36.4M
6 21 Jump Street $10,200,000 $110M
7 Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax $5,000,000 $198M
8 Salmon Fishing in the Yemen $975,000 $4.64M
9 John Carter $820,000 $67.9M
10 Safe House $581,000 $125M

Weekend Box Office – SAFE HOUSE Barely Tops THE VOW in Competitive President’s Day Race

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Those of you who like a side of certainty with your box office entrée may want to dine elsewhere this morning. That’s because we’re witnessing an extremely close race between Safe House and The Vow for number one. As estimates currently stand, Safe House seems to have the edge – $23.9 million to The Vow’s $23.6 million. But the real news is how none of the new President’s Day releases – including the 3D sequel Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance – could threaten the holdovers in their fight for first.

Title Weekend Total
1 Safe House $23,900,000 $78.2
2 The Vow $23,600,000 $85.5
3 Ghost Rider 2 $22,000,000 $22
4 Journey 2 $20,085,000 $53.2
5 This Means War $17,550,000 $19.1
6 Phantom Menace $7,865,000 $33.7
7 Chronicle $7,500,000 $50.9
8 Woman in Black $6,645,000 $45.2
9 Secret World Arrietty $6,375,000 $6.3
10 The Grey $3,000,000 $47.9

Friday Box Office – THE VOW, SAFE HOUSE and GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE in Tight Race Entering President’s Day Weekend

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Another Friday, another surprisingly competitive box office race. According to estimates, three films were within one million dollars of claiming first place; though that is expected to change as the long holiday weekend progresses. In first place yesterday with $7.4 million was Sony/Screen Gems’ The Vow.  Even considering the film’s victory last weekend and its impressive seven day cume, analysts expected The Vow to fall to third in its sophomore frame.  Instead, the romantic-drama is making a play for another weekend on top, with a projected take of at least $25 million. On Friday, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance debuted with $7 million – just shy of The Vow’s first place finish. By Monday, however, the sequel should succumb to Nic Cage’s curse and drop to third behind holdover drama Safe House. The lingering success of The Vow proved a curse for the new romantic-comedy This Means War.  The would-be Valentine’s hit debuted in fourth place and is not expected to reach $20 million by Monday.  Finally, The Secret World of Arrietty may not have made the top five, but its projected four-day take of $7.5 million would double the highest debut of a Disney/Studio Ghibli animated film. Details and analysis tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 The Vow $7,400,000 $69.3
2 Ghost Rider 2 $7,000,000 $7
3 Safe House $6,500,000 $67.2
4 This Means War $5,600,000 $5.6
5 Journey 2 $4,500,000 $37.6

Weekend Box Office – Big Debuts for THE VOW and SAFE HOUSE Continue 2012′s Box Office Bonanza

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There was good news to go around this weekend as each of the four major studio releases opened to over $20 million.  That is an almost unheard of feat on any weekend, let alone a non-holiday-enhanced weekend in February. Overall, the box office looks to finish up 25% from last year’s post-Super Bowl frame to provide 2012 its sixth win in a row.

Title Weekend Total
1 The Vow $41,700,000 $41.7
2 Safe House $39,330,000 $39.3
3 Journey 2 $27,550,000 $27.5
4 Phantom Menace 3D $23,000,000 $23
5 Chronicle $12,300,000 $40.1
6 The Woman in Black $10,300,000 $35.4
7 The Grey $5,080,000 $42.8
8 Big Miracle $3,860,000 $13.1
9 The Descendants $3,500,000 $70.7
10 Underworld Awakening $2,500,000 $58.9

Director Daniel Espinosa SAFE HOUSE Interview

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Director Daniel Espinosa SAFE HOUSE Interview slice

In the action thriller Safe House, directed by Swedish filmmaker Daniel Espinosa (Snabba Cash), Oscar winner Denzel Washington plays legendary spy Tobin Frost, the CIA’s most dangerous traitor who suddenly surfaces in South Africa after eluding capture for almost a decade. When the safe house to which he’s remanded is attacked by brutal mercenaries, rookie Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds) is forced to help him escape and the two men must stay alive long enough to uncover who wants them dead.

During this recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, Daniel Espinosa talked about the appeal of applying his approach to character work to such a fast-paced story, his desire to work with talent that he could never work with in Europe, the importance of getting audiences to invest in both of the lead characters, feeling empathetic pain when Denzel Washington had to get water-boarded, and how nerve-wracking it is to make any movie, no matter the scale. He also talked about wanting to chill out for a bit before reading the stack of scripts he’s promised his agent and manager that he’d take a look at, never doing anything just for money, and what led him down the career path to director. Check out what he had to say after the jump.

Friday Box Office – THE VOW in First with $15.4 Million; SAFE HOUSE a Close Second; Overall Box Office on Track for Record-Breaking February Frame

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Far from ending 2012’s winning streak, this weekend is on track to become the biggest February frame of all time as each of Hollywood’s three new releases outstrip their financial forecasts by astonishing margins. Meanwhile, the 3D reissue of The Phantom Menace did not embarrass itself on Friday but it didn’t blow away early expectations either. Details after the jump.

Title Friday Total
1 The Vow $15,400,000 $15.4
2 Safe House $13,800,000 $13.8
3 Phantom Menace 3D $8,700,000 $8.7
4 Journey 2 $6,600,000 $6.6
5 Chronicle $3,500,000 $31.3


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There’s no problem with delivering a solid action thriller that doesn’t reinvent the genre, but Safe House goes through the motions without an ounce of creativity or flavor.  It’s the bare minimum of what an action movie should be and marches through gunfights and car chases because that’s what the genre requires, not what makes the film exciting.  Denzel Washington doesn’t add much by doing a tamer retread of his Training Day performance, and Ryan Reynolds is the film’s redeeming aspect as he tries to bring a little nuance and shading to his character.  But the main fault lays with director Daniel Espinosa, who knows how to make Safe House loud, but not much else.

4 Movie Clips and 18 Images from SAFE HOUSE Starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds

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With director Daniel Espinosa‘s action-thriller Safe House opening February 10, Universal has provided us with four clips and 18 images from the film.  The story centers on a young CIA agent (Ryan Reyonlds) who’s tasked with transporting a dangerous criminal (Denzel Washington) to a new location after their safe house is attacked by assassins.  Safe House also stars Brendan Gleeson, Sam Shepard, Vera Farmiga, Fares Fares, Robert Patrick, Nora Arnezeder, Liam Cunningham, Joel Kinnaman, and Ruben Blades.  Hit the jump to check out the clips and images and let me know what you think in the comments below.

New Poster for SAFE HOUSE Starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds

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Universal has released a new and dull poster for the thriller Safe House.  As you can see from the image, Denzel Washington has sprouted a Ryan Reynolds.  No one is safe from Face Reynolds.

Hit the jump to check out the poster.  The film also stars Brendan Gleeson, Sam Shepard, Vera Farmiga, Robert Patrick, Nora Arnezeder, Liam Cunningham, Joel Kinnaman, and Ruben BladesSafe House opens February 10th.

New Trailer and Images for SAFE HOUSE Starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds

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Universal has released the first trailer for the thriller Safe House starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds.  The story centers on a young CIA agent (Reynolds) who must team up with the dangerous criminal in order to survive when their safe house is destroyed by mercenaries.  The trailer goes heavy on the action, but it looks like director Daniel Espinosa (Snabba Cash) has done a great job.  But the biggest hook is the dynamic between Washington and Reynolds.  Few actors have as much fun playing the bad guy as Washington and he clearly relishes flipping between charm and malevolence on a dime.  My only complaint with the trailer is that it shows a little too much, but overall I like what I’m seeing.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer and the larger version of the poster and image released yesterday, plus two new images.  The film also stars Brendan Gleeson, Sam Shepard, Vera Farmiga, Fares Fares, Robert Patrick, Nora Arnezeder, Liam Cunningham, Joel Kinnaman, and Ruben BladesSafe House opens February 10, 2012.

First Official Image and Poster from SAFE HOUSE Starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds

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The first official image and poster from Daniel Espinosa‘s thriller Safe House have gone online.  The story centers on a young CIA agent (Ryan Reyonlds) who’s tasked with transporting a dangerous criminal (Denzel Washington) to a new location after their safe house is attacked by assassins.  As you can see from the image slice above, Denzel is wearing his finely-crafted bad-ass face, and when you hit the jump to check out the full image, you’ll see that his character is holding a gun.  So the whole “transport the dangerous criminal” thing may have hit a bit of a snag.

Hit the jump to check out the image and the bland poster.  The film also stars Vera Farmiga, Nora Arnezeder, Ruben Blades, Brendan Gleeson, Liam Cunningham, Tim McGraw, Joel Kinnaman, Robert Patrick, and Sam ShepardSafe House is due out February 10, 2012.

Brendan Gleeson Talks THE GUARD, SAFE HOUSE, AT SWIM-TWO-BIRDS and More

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Brendan Gleeson turns in another memorable, must-see performance in The Guard as Sergeant Gerry Boyle, an eccentric small-town cop with a confrontational and crass personality who reluctantly partners with FBI agent Wendell Everett (Don Cheadle) to track down elusive drug traffickers. A longtime policeman in County Galway, Boyle’s a maverick with his own moral code, a jaundiced outlook and a subversive sense of humor. He’s indifferent to what others think of him and he enjoys keeping them guessing as to his intelligence.

We sat down with Gleeson at a roundtable interview to talk about his new comedy crime film, a darkly funny fish-out-of-water tale of murder, blackmail, drug trafficking and rural police corruption written and directed by John Michael McDonagh. Gleeson also discussed his upcoming projects including the recently completed CIA thriller Safe House starring Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington and At Swim-Two-Birds, a project he’s adapted from Flann O’Brien’s acclaimed 1938 novel and hopes to direct next Spring.  Hit the jump for more.

THE KILLING Star Joel Kinnaman Joins Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds in SAFE HOUSE

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The new AMC series The Killing is host to fine some acting — too fine to be confined to television.  Tonight, it was reported Mireille Enos is in talks to join Brad Pitt in World War Z; now Heat Vision adds that her Killing co-star Joel Kinnaman will star opposite Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds, Tim McGraw, Brendan Gleeson, Ruben Blades and the recently announced Vera Farmiga in Safe House.  The story follows “the only surviving agent of an attack on a CIA safe house (Reynolds) as he tries to transport a lethal prisoner (Washington) to a second destination before being taken out by violent forces that want them both dead.”  Kinnaman will play a man who operates the safe house in what Heat Vision calls “a key role.”

The Swedish actor first gained international attention last year in Snabba CashSafe House just so happens to be the Hollywood debut of director Daniel Espinosa.  Kinnaman will first be seen in The Darkest Hour, an alien invasion thriller due December 23.  Safe House follows on February 10, 2012.  Filming is currently underway in South Africa.

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