First ROCK THE KASBAH Image From The Film’s Set Shows Off All-Star cast

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It looks like we now have our first image from the set of director Barry Levinson’s new movie Rock the Kasbah.  In the film Bill Murray stars a music manager who goes on the USO tour to Afghanistan with his last remaining client.  Once there, “he finds himself abandoned, penniless and without his passport and discovers a young girl with an extraordinary voice who stows away with him back to Kabul to compete on the popular television show The Afghan Star, Afghanistan’s equivalent of American Idol.”

Rock the Kasbah also stars Kate Hudson, Bruce Willis, Danny McBride, Zooey Deschanel and Scott CaanMitch Glazer (The Recruit) wrote the script.  I really like the idea of a $20 Million budget comedy with an original scenario and a cast like that.  It feels like the kind of mid-budget comedies Hollywood made up until 2008 or so.  It’s sort of a shame that the kind of material that used to be considered a mainstream “popcorn flick” would practically be considered limited-release/VOD film in this current climate.  I’m glad this film is getting better treatment (at least on the budget side of things).  Hit the jump for a better look at the Rock the Kasbah image.  Here’s hoping we hear more from Open Road on this one soon.

Topher Grace Joins AMERICAN ULTRA; Scott Caan Replacing Shia LaBeouf in ROCK THE KASBAH; Soairse Ronan to Lead BROOKLYN

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  • Topher Grace will join Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Walton Goggins, and Uma Thurman in Nima Nourizadeh‘s American Ultra
  • Scott Caan is replacing Shia LaBeouf in Barry Levinson‘s comedy Rock the Kasbah starring Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Zooey Deschanel, Kate Hudson, and Danny McBride
  • Saoirse Ronan will star in John Crowley‘s Brooklyn alongside Domhnall Gleeson, Jim Broadbent, Emory Cohen, and Julie Walters

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ENTOURAGE Movie Gets Production Start Date

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Although we previously knew that the Entourage movie was set to begin production this coming January, creator Doug Ellin confirmed the specific start date with a recent tweet.  Looks like the gang will officially get back together for the feature treatment on January 16th.  Ellin also tweeted a behind-the-scenes cast image with the news, but as he’s been feeling a little nostalgic with his Entourage image tweets lately so it might have been from the end of season eight.  Still nice to see everyone together.  Hit the jump to check it out. 

HAWAII FIVE-0 Viewers to Choose Upcoming Episode’s Ending Live Online

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CBS is taking a “Choose Your Own Adventure” approach to an upcoming episode of Hawaii Five-0.  The series has filmed three endings for the episode airing on January 14th, and are allowing viewers to vote for who they think is the most likely candidate for murder.  The most popular choice will air live while the other two endings will be available on

Is this the ultimate in mob justice?  And isn’t the purpose of a Whodunit the whole thing about not knowing who did it and trying to guess?  Or is there something satisfying in sending the most unlikeable to their doom?  For more on what the the show’s producer has to say about the special episode, hit the jump.

HAWAII FIVE-0: Season One Blu-ray Review

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It’s been more than thirty years since Jack Lord last uttered the famous words, “Book ‘em, Danno.” Fans of Detective Steve McGarrett and the original Hawaii Five-0 should be pleased that the new iteration pays homage to series creator Leonard Freeman and provides plenty of nostalgia along the way. What writers Alex Kurtzman, Peter Lenkov and Roberto Orci bring in addition to the police procedural format is robust character development for each member of the team and a willingness to explore moral ambiguity in their characters’ actions.

Starring Alex O’Loughlin (The Shield), Scott Caan (Ocean’s Eleven), Daniel Dae Kim (Lost) and Grace Park (Battlestar Galactica), the first season of Hawaii Five-O is simultaneously a nostalgic reboot, an engaging mystery and a high-octane action series that’s one of the most entertaining on television today. Hit the jump for my review.

Alex O’Loughlin Interview HAWAII FIVE-0

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On the new re-imagining of Hawaii Five-0, Aussie actor Alex O’Loughlin is playing Detective Steve McGarrett, a decorated Naval officer-turned-cop who returns to Oahu to investigate his father’s murder and decides to stay after Hawaii’s Governor persuades him to head up a new team to rid the Island of its worst criminals.

First brought to the attention of audiences when he starred as Mick St. John on the vampire series Moonlight, and then again as an organ transplant doctor on the medical drama Three Rivers, this highly-anticipated series marks the actor’s third try with CBS and he certainly has his fingers crossed that this one makes it past 13 episodes. But, with a stellar cast that includes Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park, and executive producers Peter Lenkov, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci behind the camera, it seems as though it’s as close to a sure thing as you can get in Hollywood.

During a recent interview, Alex O’Loughlin talked about paying homage to the original while still making a modern version, the pressure that comes with taking on such an iconic role and what it’s been like adapting to life in Hawaii. Check out what he had to say after the jump.

HAWAII FIVE-0 Series Premiere Review

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I’ve never seen an episode of the original Hawaii Five-0, which is actually kind of impressive given that there are twelve seasons in existence.  The tropical police procedural aired from 1968-1980 on CBS, and the network hopes to capitalize on the brand name as a vehicle for their beloved Alex O’Loughlin with a remake this fall.

The Australian actor has a pair of failed CBS efforts to his name in the vampire-centric Moonlight and last season’s Three Rivers, but the third time may very well be a charm.  This type of police drama is what CBS does best, and with a colorful setting and a strong supporting cast, O’Loughlin has never entered the fall season with better odds of success.  My review after the jump.

Director Len Wiseman and Executive Producer Peter Lenkov Interview HAWAII FIVE-0

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The new CBS drama Hawaii Five-0 is a contemporary take on the classic series about a new elite federalized task force whose mission it is to wipe out the crime that washes up on the Islands’ sun-drenched beaches. Led by Detective Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin), a decorated Naval officer turned cop, the team, which includes Detective Danny “Danno” Williams (Scott Caan), ex-Police Detective Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) and recent Police Academy graduate Kono (Grace Park), work together to eliminate the seedy elements from the beautiful and serene state.

In a recent interview, executive producer Peter Lenkov and pilot director Len Wiseman talked about how they’re setting this version of Hawaii Five-0 apart from the original, what they went through in determining the perfect cast, developing the shooting style and look for the show, and what viewers can expect in episodes to come. Check out what they had to say after the jump:

HAWAII FIVE-O 2010 Opening Credit Sequence

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HAWAII FIVE-O 2010 slice

CBS has released the opening credit sequence to the remake of Hawaii Five-O.  Starring Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park and produced by Peter Lenkov, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, it’s no surprise the remake got picked-up.  Hit the jump to watch the new credit sequence and I’ve also posted the original so you can compare the two.  Hawaii Five-O will be airing Monday’s at 10pm.

Tricia Helfer, J.K. Simmons, Scott Caan, and Dennis Hopper Provide A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO ENDINGS

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Okay, so, an easy rider, a casino thief, a Cylon, and Juno’s dad enter a bar.  When they come out they realize they signed on to star in a film called “A Beginner’s Guide to Endings,” says The Hollywood Reporter.  Actually, they said that Dennis Hopper, Scott Caan, Tricia Helfer, and J.K. Simmons agreed to roles for the dark comedy from newcomer Jonathan Sobol – but my story involves a bar.  Click the jump to hear more about the project and fewer bad jokes.

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